The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



And water takes the form of ice as well, which is hard, cold, and unyielding unless warmed. :wink:


Make 'em melt in your hot arms… :heart_eyes:



Exactly! Perfect gif! :laughing:


Or boil them and use them to sterilize wounds. That works too.


Omg! Yes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


So Nate has the earth element?!?! :astonished::smile::cry::sob::sneezing_face::disappointed_relieved::heart_eyes::heart:


Earth bender N. Breaking rocks, societal norms, technology…and your heart. <3 naaaw


I thought the forum would be more intense and all hell break lose given that it is only two more days before we get our hands on this exceptionally magnificient world of vampires.


I think they are just trying to lessen the expectation in case it get delayed but most people here are optimist so they might be just sleeping right now. :joy:


@MonochromesInColour - Aah, they’re so awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile: I love seeing how people view the characters.

@impeccably-stressed - Yeah, A is water. I kinda liked the idea of the ocean being all serene, but when it’s stirred it can be this overpowering force that crashes against anything it comes across. So yeah, what you said, haha :smiley:

@kekexterror - Yep, N is Earth element. F is Air. M is fire. (Finally got those elements nailed down after flaffing about and not being able to decide which represented who the best, lol).

Here’s today’s aesthetic board. Unsurprisingly, it’s Adam/Ava :smiley:

Commanding Agent Adam/Ava du Mortain

“…stay with me.”

I’ll post the last one tomorrow! It’s been so exciting posting these and giving those quote snippets, hehe :smiley:


I will Adam! I will!

@Seraphinite Could I share this at Discord? XD


Of course :slight_smile:

Glad you like it! A was one of the more difficult to put together, though that shouldn’t be a surprise I guess. They’re difficult in everything, haha!


I really love it so much! I felt A’s quiet strength from that board.


Can’t help it, this kicked this into my head:

All good. :grin:


My MC: After I finish romancing Nate and Felix, then yes.


I was going for M first. After that board I think I’m going for A. The quiet ones that hold a lot inside them are my weakness.


I like that the picture with back muscles was used with Ava. I’d imagine A is pretty muscled whether it’s Adam or Ava.


After staring at all the moodboards for a long time, I conclude that the only possible option is to have them all. Come on. Vampire sandwich time.


I like the way ya think! :wink:


Omgggggggg I’m so gay for Ava. … Gayva