The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Thank you :smiley: These are the first times I’ve ever really properly made aesthetic boards, so I’m glad you like them!

The green is nice, perfect for N. I tried to put the character’s element and colour on their boards, which was surprisingly harder to do for some of them, lol.


You really made it harder to choose which RO to go after first.

I know how you feel about making aesthetic boards. I even asked for help with my sister since she is much more color coordinated than me. :joy:


You know, I would’ve never guessed you hadn’t done aesthetic boards before!

I’m actually not too big of a fan of green, but the shade you chose gives the entire piece a lovely sense of tranquility.


I’ve been loving these aesthetic boards! What a nice peek into the characters. :heart:


Wait, so A’s element is going to be water?
How very odd.
Usually an affinity to water is characterized by adaptability and a willingness to change, not…well…how do I word this nicely…um, a staunch and fixed nature?

Unless A represents the more constant and unyeilding nature of the currents, the apparent unfathomably of the deep sea, the relentless weathering of rocks until they’re naught but sand on the seafloor–is it obvious I took the desk-breaking personally? lol


This would definitely define A. Unyielding current huh… :laughing:


Coincidentally green is my favorite color and Nat is my favorite character.


Mine too, Nat is definitely my sort of gal.


I guess you could say Nat is all natural :wink:


:laughing: I see what you did there


Aw man, Nat is giving Morgan some serious competition here… WHY??? Looks like I’m going to fall in a love triangle… And I’m willing to bet it’s going to turn out pretty ugly.


Technically, the only love triangle in the game is the one involving Nat/Nate and Adam/Ava.


Yeah I knew that already. I’m just talking about myself really. First I liked Morgan… And now Nat came along. sigh decisions, decisions…



True. It’s particularly interesting to do in Wayhaven because different personalities or views from the vampires don’t lock us out of a chance to bond with them; it just changes how the bonding develops between the two characters

I’ll admit, have been enjoying see the type of dynamic my Detective Lupin develops with Nat and Manson, though I do think Lupin will more likely end up with Nat in the first playthrough.


Nat seems too kind for me, too caring if you like to say… on the other hand, Farah. She seems so easy to fall in love with—her childish acts, sarcasm and she is reckless. I am actually surprised not many choose to romance her :unamused:


Hm well if you asked me right on the spot and told me not to think about the answer, I’d probably say Morgan because of her personality. I don’t know… I just really like these type of people, ya know? But I’d probably romance Nat in my 2nd playthrough since I can tell I’m going to spend alot of time playing it once it is released.

I literally have no life at all lol

Edited: Screw it, I’m just gonna romance everyone, one at the time in a playthrough. Just to see what it would be like.


Lol! I think all of us are going to do that, after waiting for so long we’ll never want it to end so we’ll just keep replaying and replaying :joy:


Now obviously I’m gonna be romancing all of them, although Morgan and Ava are my top picks, with Nat being a close second. Farah is just a bit too light-hearted for my tastes - for now. No doubt my dear agent is gonna uncover some more about her in the (hopefully) near future.

Morgan is fun because I like the physical, closed-off type and Ava…really, who doesn’t enjoy that instant hostility between the MC and Ava?

As for Nat: If she turns out to have some hidden struggles with her instincts, she might jump up a few spots. I do love the ‘polite and gentle unless teased hard enough’ type of RO.

Push the detective up against a wall, Nat. I’m waiting for it. We’re all waiting for it.


I just remembered that I’m a day ahead of America so I’ll be waiting for a release on the 16th.

I was so excited because I fully thought we only had a couple more days to go. Eye twitch.


It’s ok, hang in there… I feel your pain. :frowning: Just keep your mind busy and before you know it, you’ll be playing the story!