The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



And with that simple sentence, you have given me the feels.


Anything for my unicorn.


can’t wait for the official release


I. AM. SO. HYPED! I played all of your games, Im in love with all of them! I cant wait! :smiley:


First SOH 3 and now Wayhaven? Im so excited this is going to be a great Christmas!


Can I still take part in the beta testing or am I too late?


The beta testing is now actually over. It ended today :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your interest though!

It’s kind of good news because-after a few more playthroughs myself (nervous procrastination never hurt anyone, right? :wink: )-I don’t really have anything holding me back from submitting, which I am hoping to do maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

Can’t believe it’s actually at this point now… :smiley:



I can’t wait to play this game.


Congratulations @Seraphinite !! Now you can finally play SoH3! :wink: And my money is ready!!




At release:

Edited to add: In a positive manner, not terror like poor Hei-hei. :blush:


You should be incredibly proud of yourself.

I have played the demo quite a few times and I have followed this thread almost daily. To see that you are a day or two away from submitting this extraordinary piece of work is…well…there isn’t one word to describe excitement, elation, shock, happiness, giddiness, love…I could go on and on…

Just thinking about those chapters you said were complicated and difficult to write and that you had a life outside of writing… Well, like I said, you should be so very proud of yourself.

You are a talented writer. I hope for the betterment of society that you continue to put your work out there.

Congratulations Seraphinite! You deserve it!


Congratulations on your book!


omg omg yay :star_struck: can’t wait !!


The actual game is finished now?!?!?!?! :astonished:


Between this, Tally Ho, Hallowford, SoH3, and actually getting gifts and buying dinner, I’m going to be very happy and very poor this Christmas.


:sob: im gonna cry. I’ve waited for this moment since i was a highschool senior. :sob::sob:


The emotions running through this thread is too much for me…
I must leave now before I too start to get these "Emotions"
I pride myself on being emotionless…:triumph::pensive::sneezing_face::cry:


I’m crying tears with joy, I didn’t think I’d get it pre-2018. I’m so excited!



I am planning to purchase it too… if it is ready by end of this year, it will be my 4th purchase of CoG within 2 months…lol

i think it is acceptable because the price is similar to a movie ticket , and non of the current movie titles appeal to my taste anyway, hence i will invest my money on interactive novel(s) instead :wink: