The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Are you sure? :thinking:


Right back at you. Don’t overwork that hand, though. :relaxed:


aww @Seraphinite i did miss the beta :cry:, oh well, im sure those guys are doing a good job with the feedback, (if you need a hand :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: be sure to pm me, i will gladly beta)


don,t be sad i miss the beta to


Yeah, the beta-testing is already in progress. Sorry to those who missed it! I hope you can enjoy the full polished game when it’s released though :slight_smile:


That’s like hoping up will remain that direction while standing on rock solid ground. :grin:


Levitation is a possibility


After few readings im starting to get Grimm(Real good series fully recommend watching it) vibes
Countinue doing your amazing work


ok love see what story will look like


This game is so freakin’ good! I cannot wait for the continuation!


Progress Update

Things have been going amazingly well with the beta-testing. Seriously, guys, I’m getting so excited to share it with you all (hopefully, soon)!

The beta-testing ends on Monday, and then I’ll be really pushing to submit the game pretty quickly after that. No point in putting it off forever, lol. Gonna have to let it go some time!

So yeah, just a quick one today to say how great things are moving along.

I’ll be busy working on my own edits and polishing over the weekend, so I’ll speak to you all on Monday!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:

(Also, Samurai of Hyuga 3 is out! Aaaahhhhh! I seriously have to avoid playing it to concentrate on my own book…We’ll see how that goes >.>)


So excited to hear that beta testing is doing good! I’m looking forward to it.

P.S. I am going to wait for the playstore to release of SoH 3. XD I don’t want to put all my SoH series in Amazon but the wait is killing me.


Oh man, I’m waiting for the Google Play release myself. It’s torture!


Hello there! I was wondering one thing. I wrote a fanfic of Wayhaven, but is +18, so I’m not sure if I can put a link to it in here? I have been following several topics, but I have never really participate here, so I’m not very familiar with the limits and rules of the site. Thanks :slight_smile:


@Meira_Litch I think it’s fine, you just gotta tag it as such(if a thread of it’s own) and maybe give a warning about the kind of content. If they still click it, then it’s on them, since there was a warning.


Oh thank you for the advice!
Well then, as said before this is the link for my +18 fanfic, featuring Mason/FemMC ->
Enjoy! :wink:


[Sweats nevously as the realization of not updating my Adam x MC fic in ages]



Probably a testament to that the skill of the authors of “Keeper of the Sun and Moon” and “Villains” that I’m waiting till Sunday to gobble that one up. Though this also has to do with the fact that SH3 is not a WIP and I cannot really provide potentially useful feedback on that one any longer, or at least it is much harder to do so for something already published.


How am i just now hearing about this, i really need to check the site more. Anyway good luck staying focused :blue_heart:.


Wayhaven will honestly be the best Christmas present. I can’t wait to play the final product. And then play through it again like a million times.


We’re going to heaven, Clarence.