The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Servent:The peasents are revolting!
King: I know right?
Servent: no my lord they have pitchforks!
King: Runaway!

Peasants 15 minutes later: did anyone remind the king today is the farming festival?

Edit:also hope you feel better @Seraphinite


LED or traditional bulb? :thinking:

The LED can be brighter and thus potentially blinding, whereas the bulb is… uh… more bulbous? :flushed:

Hear, hear! We shan’t send pitchforksises, but good luck wisherings instead! hip hip, hooraa… Not that? Oh all right. :zipper_mouth_face:


Things will get out of hand if you continue with all these puns.


Hahahaha, you know it’s a great little fandom when instead of worrying about the project’s delay, we all instead decide to have a mixed reaction of worry and puns XD

I really wish I could draw. I’m FEIGNING for some good Wayhaven fanart to tide me over and feed this excitement!


Oh god…What did I start…


Door-n’t worry about it, that was an amazing pun, you totally nailed it!! I’m glad it came in handy. A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR @Classified :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
If only I had a knuckle for every good pun I made


I’m glad you enjoyed it, it seemed like a good idea at that time. And i’m still chuckling at the thought of it
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Edit: Also excuse me, I forgot to wish @Seraphinite Well, as well (Pun really not intended this time, Please don’t put me on a stake for it) :sweat_smile:


Nothing is more terrifying than someone who uses bulbs, @Taylor_Enean my friend. Run while you still can


…That is way worse than punching it into a wall! Why did you smash it through a door, though?


Umm…Forgive me if i’m wrong…For a more theatrical effect maybe? I can totally hear the scream of pain rather the crunch of hitting a wall


Well… unless @Seraphinite have high pain tolerance… then I can imagine her just looking at her hand and say, “Oh, well if you look at that.”


NOPE, just no I can see that happening in my mind and i’m cringing at the thought of it. You’d have to be super human not to feel that.


…and her hand that have all the wooden debris on her, sticking out. To be honest… I was thinking about a glass door, that would hurt the most…

I mean… I know people who have high pain tolerance, but I agree. It look very strange to see the outcome.


What interesting stories people have come up with. LOL

But you do realize she said she got her hand caught in a door and not through a door, right?:smile:


I don’t have a extreme pain tolerance but I have done similar and went “huh that looks painful” as my pain receptors just sit off for a while. A hour later however I was in pain but just overloaded for a bit so all I can say is you want the reaction of it hurting.


I have a totally awesome idea, how about trying to smash your hand OUT a door? It will cancel the effect and reverse the injury. Trust me, I’m a doctorscienceman and my logic is flawless.


Yes, I have no idea how you sleep at night.

I mean, position, location, bed or not and so on. No idea at all! :crazy_face:

Oh yes, I hear they are called something like Beelzebulb, Lord of the Fries? 'cause the bulb gets hot and fries you?

…wonder if this minor thread derail is worse than that poor hand? :thinking: Feel better soon, @Seraphinite! :hugs:


Lol :smiley: Those puns, guys…I have to hand it to you all, they were amazing. I don’t have much firsthand experience with that level of punning, and when I tried to think of some they just slipped through my fingers

/tumbleweed whistles through/


I’m back at it today. Going to be working hard on edits. It’s all a lot slower than I was expecting as my hand hasn’t recovered as much as I was hoping, but I’m pushing on through 'cause it’s just so close to the end now :smiley: It’s getting super exciting!

Hope everyone had a brilliant weekend and here’s to a productive week! :slight_smile:


Where the beta testing cause I would love to test


Beta is closed already. Sera has already picked her testers and we’re just waiting on any news for release and what not