The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Curse you Ava you already owe me half of the Office…
I really enjoyed playing tbough the demo great job on sarcastic options now i just want options when you learn they are vamps to thow garlic at em…you know to see if its truly their weakness
Also no detective story is complete without Private-Eye Monologue action


Been lurking around but finally made an account just to say congrats! Loved the demo and couldn’t get enough; sucker for romance haha! I’m surprised at how fast you work. If there’s still room I would love to help beta test. I’m a pretty quick reader so am able to do multiple reads but grammar/spelling mistakes won’t escape me! :smiley: Preferably Female MC with A or N but honestly they all pique my interest.


Can I beta test the game


My name is jashan .I read your story and experienced the demo and I want to say its fascinating and the things you say about romance are good so i really would like to beta test your game.


Uhhh mildly important question: In what year does the game take place?


What you look for in beta test


I’m down to clown with this wonderful beta


Gratz on the big beta, cant wait to buy the finished product :slight_smile:


You can find more information on her tumblr! :smiley:


I would love to beta


I’ve just read this and it’s November 20 where I live… hope I can still make the cut. I’ve beta read several games of different genres on this site, write stories on archive of our own and, I also write copy and content for businesses as a living, so… writing and reading are both my work and hobby. :smiley:

I’d honestly love to be a part of the Wayhaven Beta since this is one of the best WIPs I have seen here with a romance focus. (Guenevere is the other and it is also a blast.) I am also an avid fan of the early Bioware games, especially ME 1&2, and Dragon Age Origins, and what I really liked about them were the character development and the thought that went into integrating the characters within the game. They felt so alive.

Which is why I wholeheartedly support your efforts. There need to be more games like this. :slight_smile: So, even if I don’t get chosen, please accept my thanks for writing such a wonderful game.


Is there a specific time you’ll be letting people know if they’ve “made the cut” or not? Or is it just kinda throughout the day? And will you let the majority of us know if you’ve chosen your Beta-testers or not? Just asking for clarification.


There’s probably a ton of people she’s gotta go through, so I’m betting by the end of the day everyone will know o:


Just popping on super quick to say I will be messaging people who got through today, and I will be messaging those who didn’t probably tomorrow. I will make sure to message everyone who applied though to let them know either way!
I’m currently going through the messages now, so hopefully won’t be too long to wait for those to find out who got through.

Thank you so much to everyone who applied! It’s been such an incredible response, and I am seriously touched by the amount of people who want to help me make this story the best it can be :slight_smile:

I’ll put up a proper post tomorrow- got to get back to it now :smiley: Hope everyone is doing well!

EDIT: Sorry @Aleksa100 only just saw your question! It’s set in modern times :slight_smile:


Whhoo so excited totes autorefreshing til I get the msg i love all is games (>•<)


I have sent messages to everyone who got through to the testing! Congrats to all of those people :smiley:

Tomorrow I will start sending messages to those who didn’t, just so as you know :slight_smile: I really did not want to turn anyone down as everyone was so amazingly supportive in their messages! Hopefully, for the next book I will be more experienced and able to accomodate more people!

Once again I just want to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank you to everyone who volunteered! The response was so amazing, and I was overwhelmed by your lovely messages wanting to make my work the best it can be, and just giving me positive vibes- it has given me such a boost for getting Wayhaven finished, you have no idea!


Congratulations to all who made it. XD

I’ll look forward to the finish product, hopefully soon. ;D


Congrats to those who made it in the beta! :sparkler::tada:


Just so as people are aware- I am messaging everyone who applied to let them know- but it may take a couple/few days to get a reply. I’m trying to only send out a handful a day on the forum because I don’t want to get pulled up for spamming lots of direct messages to lots of people :smiley:

But in more exciting news!

Beta-testing is now in progress. I’ve heard back from all the testers I contacted and everyone is willing, and some have even given their first bits of feedback.

It’s getting exciting (and very, very nerve-wracking!) now. Really hoping to keep a steady pace to see this through to submission hopefully this year!

Hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile:


Weeps, I can’t wait, I’ve been following this wip for months now and I’m so excited that we’re this close to getting to play it. Congratulations everyone who got into Beta! Hope you guys have fun. <3