The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



If you want beta-testers, it means it’s FINISHED (or close to be) YAY!


I won’t be on over the weekend as usual, but I am just quickly popping on (before getting back to my long night of editing and testing :D) to say that if anyone does message me with their preference of romance or sexuality that you can be totally assured I would never share that information or anything in our conversations with anyone-I’ve had a couple of people request not to, and I had completely forgotten to specify that I wouldn’t as it hadn’t even entered my thoughts that I ever would! :smiley:

It is literally just so as I can get a well-rounded group of testers :slight_smile: But you don’t have to specify anyway! It’s only if you want to.

So yeah, any communications will always remain just between us! Hope that helps to put people at ease.

And now I’m popping back out to get back to it! Have a fantastic weekend everyone and I’ll talk to you all on Monday :slight_smile:


Right back at you, with little vampires on top. :grin:

Or the other way, if you prefer that. :smirk:



I’ve been invested in the story and characters from the beginning :wink: I’ve previously beta tested for Psy High, Choice of Petal Throne, Champion of the Gods, Versus (book 1), Pendragon, Diamant Rose, Aegis Saga, among others. As female MC I’ll happily test all the available male romances, but I am most curious about Adam.


Good luck to those beta testers who plan to apply. I would love to volunteer as well though. XD But I leave it to those who has much better experience.

Edit: Decided to apply. XD Have sent a PM to Sera.


First, congratulations are in order.

Secondly, do not be so nervous, Seraphinite! You have accomplished quite a feat by reaching this milestone. It is, thus, only fair to feel some pride in equal measure to your perseverance. Seeing your projects through is not always an easy thing, but you are almost there!

I’m available if you need someone to check through the game multiple times in order to iron out what needs to. Much to my chagrin, I seem to excel at triggering bugs and the likes. Might as well put this to good use. I don’t, however, really have a fixed range for romance nor gender, because I’m the kind who tries each and every combination available.

As per your wish, I promise not to reveal anything about the game. I dislike spoilers with a passion, including the “can’t wait for you guys to check the next chapter” kind, because even if they do not reveal information, they hamper the genuine surprise, or shock value, you might have felt had you not known already something was about to happen.

I have great expectations for this game following this intriguing demo. I thought offering you my help in exchange for that level of enjoyment would be a decent trade off.

In any case, I am looking forward to the game’s release and wish you success.


Hey if I need n e official beta testers is love to help


Long time lurker here on coc, I played your demo and it was fantastic!
If there is still room in the beta I’d love to help!
Looking forward to more of your work


I’m willing to help with the beta testing during that time frame (20 NOV - 4 DEC). I’m interested because I’ve played the demo and I like your writing and how you develop the characters so I think this can be a very good game. I don’t have a ton of experience beta testing (only CCH 1 - pretty thorough beta testing with multiple playthroughs pointing out bugs, grammar errors, confusing paragraphs along with likes/dislikes). But I have given a bit of feedback for a lot of other games when it has come to minor stuff in demos. I’m still undecided on the romance with what I have seen, but so far I am most interested in A but curious about all the other 3. If it matters, I’m a gay male interested in playing a gay male MC.


I would love to Beta Test your story. It really caught my attention expecially with the amount of detail you put in for the romances😁as will as the character development that you have going for the MC and the four love options and of course the story line itself is very intriguing.

I actually ended up playing your other games you created and have thoroughly enjoyed your work.

My favourite romance is Adam, but I have too admit I’m excited to see where this love triangle between the MC/ Adam and Nate will go.


Just saw this. Well, sign me up if you need more beta testers. I’ve enjoyed the demo that you posted on here and I do have plenty of free time on my hands so I’ll be more than happy to help out.


Count me in if there’s still room for it.


Lucky you with your free time.
@Seraphinite keep me in mind if you want/need an alternate tester who likely only has some spare time during the weekends.


Honestly I’m fully deaf so it’s tough for me to find a job to work so that’s the reason why I have plenty of free time.


You don’t have to explain yourself to me, though I immediately think of retired people and college kids who don’t need a second job.
I wouldn’t want to trade though the horror of not being able to experience music, I’m not sure if I could live with that.


Oh I know but there’s a bunch of people that can be quite judgemental online but I do have a cochlear implant that does help me to hear but unfortunately it’s broken so I’m working on getting a replacement at the moment. So it’s not all bad really, it just has a good side and bad side to it. Just gotta learn how to look at the bright side of it and use it to your advantage. If you’d like to learn more, just PM me, I don’t want to change the topic on this thread. Lol


can I help beta test too i have quite a bit of free time.


I’m happy to beta-test if there’s still room.


I would volunteer but I’m a terribly selfish person and I want to read your wonderful story as polished and as perfect as it can possibly be. So as much as I’d love to help I wanna have the best experience I can and wait for the finished product.

But I just want to wish the best of luck to you, @Seraphinite in the final stretch of your project and wish all the beta testers who have volunteer a great time hunting down all those nasty bugs :grinning:.

  1. You’ve done a fantastic job! I just got done playing through the demo. I’m making those agents work extra hard to keep my stubborn ass alive :p.

  2. If you still need Beta testers I’m happy to help! Seeing folks like you finally bite the bullet and get started gives me hope that I’ll get there someday :slight_smile: