The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Well if you’re looking for someone of erratic availability to test all the male mc x Adam permutations. :wink:
On a more serious note I hope you’ve got some good gay and lesbian testers among your batch of testers too as that can be really helpful in making true, fulfilling gay romances, instead of straight relationship dynamics with the usual gender (roles) flipped.


Wow! It’s finished! I don’t even remember how many times I played the demo haha. Kudos to you! Really looking forward to playing the entire thing, yayyy~


Caught a misgendered variable during the speak with the witness scene.

"“Do you know know her?” Nat asks, “It’s a small town.”

I’d like to contradict him but it’s true…"


Sorry if you’ve already answered this…but now that Book 1 is done, can you tell us if it will end on a cliffhanger?


I would say that is very much likely considering there will be multiple “books.”


I gotta agree with you there. I rather wait to get the best results then a rush game. :>


@idonotlikeusernames - I’m really hoping to get a good range of beta testers, which should really help for things like those kind of dynamics :slight_smile:

@silent15 - Thank you for the catch!

@Andromache - Yeah, @TheMeek is kind of right. I don’t want to spoil the end in anyway, but there will obviously be more books after this one. But I will say that I’m not a fan of cliffhangers at the ends of books, which will play a part, lol.

Thank you again everyone for your support during this! It’s getting excitingly closer to the finish :smiley:


Well, if you think you need me, contact me. Of course I can’t promise much as to availability.


That’s a relief. There are few worse feelings that having a good book end on a cliffhanger and needing to wait for an entire year for the next installment. :sunglasses:


…or more, as books often gets more complex down the line. :scream: I know I wait for a certain third part to come out for something, and it may happen, eventually. :no_mouth:

But I’m with you, I rather have a, say Star Wars (the original, name and all) than Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and then wait for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which is one story told in two parts - you can watch the Star Wars alone, not so with Empire without Return. But maybe that’s just me. :sweat_smile:

So, good on you, @Seraphinite! Looking forward to playing this full release and the following games - loved your The Lady’s Choice, by the way, in case I have not said so before (I play very few of those games).


yay, congratulations :smile:


My attention span is so bad that if I wait for the next installment for more than a year, I tend to ignore the series altogether haha


Will you be accepting people for beta testing through the forum? I saw that you put up a post about it on tumblr and I was just wondering what the UK time was


I may not ignore it, but I sure forget about the characters I played therein. Kind of like TV shows who broadcast a ‘season’ in a short time, then it takes a year for the next to come along. Maybe that’s why I prefer waiting and buying it on disc later… Then I watch an episode daily. :grin:

Aaaand time to steer this little mini-train back on track again! Now, where’s the steering wheel? :thinking:


@MonochromesInColour - Yes, I will. Hope the below post helps :smiley:

So yeah… I’m looking for vounteers willing to beta-test Book One of The Wayhaven Chronicles! :smiley:

I’m looking for people who:

  • Can commit to the time frame (2 weeks, starting 20th November until 4th December).

  • Are willing to go through the game multiple times in a variety of ways to catch as many bugs/errors as possible in different variations.

  • Will be discreet. Please don’t spoil the game for others by discussing it with others or post spoilers/screenshots before the game’s release. One of the most important factors.

  • Can communicate through email or direct message on a regular basis.

  • Have a good grasp of grammar, spelling, etc.

  • Are willing to provide positive feedback as well as fixes or criticisms. I’m hoping to work with people who are willing to point out aspects about the games they liked (certain moments, maybe, or choices), as well as bugs/fixes- which is also very important to polish the game.

If you’re interested in working with me on this, then please send me a message here on the forums or leave a message in this forum thread. If you also could just let me know why you’re interested, if you have beta-tested before, and also the romance you’re interested in the most (or no romance at all).

Then, on Monday 20th November, if you’ve been chosen, I’ll send you a direct message back with the more specific requirements and access to the private testing so as we can get started! (Exciting :D)

I am really hoping for a range of testers of different genders and sexualities to make sure to get opinions on those intricate romance dynamics between different people so if you’re willing if you could add in when you tell me of your most interested romance about what type as well eg Male MC gay romance, Adam. Female MC, Bi sexual romance, Nat.
You don’t have to do the above! Please don’t think you have to reveal anything like that if you don’t want to- it’s only if you’re willing, so as I can get a more rounded range of testers :slight_smile: I will be asking everyone to play through multiple romances anyway!

The story is pretty much set now, so things won’t be changing with the plot or characters, so the feedback I’m looking for is more technical, coding, or spelling error kind of thing. Obviously, I would still love to get your opinion on it! Or if you think a choice could be added, or if there’s any continuity errors, or parts that aren’t explained well, etc.

I will be honest- I am INTENSELY nervous about people playing this :smiley: Like, I haven’t managed to get a good night’s sleep since finishing the writing and realising people are going to be actually playing through it, lol.

So yeah, your kind support would be very, very appreciated during this time :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon!

(Please be aware I won’t be able to accept everyone who volunteers if I get a large number of people! It’s not that I wouldn’t love to work with you, it’s just an issue of organisation :D).



You don’t know how interesting it sounds to beta-test Wayhaven. I would have volunteered in a heartbeat to do so.

But I have to be realistic about the matter and simply leave that job to the others; my lack of a home computer means I would be far from an ideal beta-tester in general. :sweat_smile:

So to those who will be beta-testing for @Seraphinite: Have fun with the testing adventure! :grinning:


Oh I’m so excited! I’ve already sent my little message to @Seraphinite and I’ll be rooting for everyone else who volunteers to be selected! <3 I’m going to be gripped with anticipation all weekend wondering if I’m going to be selected! It’s bad for mah heart ;^;


I would be willing to give it a go. I can be snarky all day long so that’s a plus. I have beta tested before and I’m mostly interested in the love triangle between my MC, Ava and Natalie. Also supernatural stuff is my thing.


I’ll offer my help for beta testing. You really captured my attention with the Demo, and I wouldn’t mind attempting to help you find issues or ways to improve, if that would even be needed considering how well done that Demo was!


@Seraphinite you know I’m game for Beta testing ;-}

I love all the characters and I would love to catch a glimpse behind the curtain as to where you’re going with this series. I have a very acute attention to detail when it comes to spelling and grammar, and practice writing in my free time. I do have a full-time occupation, but frequently get lapses in customers long enough to check into the game and give feedback.