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I think for most Detectives, whether they were okay with being martyrs or not, it would be upsetting, at least deep down. Your SO being willing to sacrifice you for the greater good, even if it was a difficult choice, even if it haunted them, is a hard pill to swallow. That’s something you gotta figure out if you’re alright with on your own.

At the very least, I don’t think Sera was imagining a situation in which the RO had to kill the Detective in cold blood. Choosing who to save is different than choosing who to kill.

Emma definitely doesn’t want to die, but she’s romancing Morgan so it’s not going to be a real problem. Paige, who is romancing Nat wanted to be a soldier. She doesn’t want to die, she’d be scared and uncertain when the moment came, she wouldn’t be able to help feeling hurt and betrayed. I don’t think she’d beg though.

It’s definitely shifty, and I am so very sure that N hates it with a passion, being the team’s moral compass. Plus Sera says that N disagrees with Rebecca on how the Agency runs things, and Rebecca certainly views it as a necessary evil. F does too, I bet, being the team’s “heart” (according to Sera).

Ultimately, choosing to save someone they loved over thousands of innocents is selfish, and N isn’t a selfish person. They’d see their suffering as the price they paid–and a much lighter price than the Detective paid–for the fate of the world. Of everyone.

F is here for the gossip and drama. Every time anything goes down, F is just sitting there like:
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N and A’s friendship makes me so so so so happy. I love it so much.


This is getting into some serious moral questions, but does N even have the right to make that decision? We can look at as N being unselfish and virtuous for putting his selfish feelings aside for the sake of everyone but they are still deciding the fate of someone. An innocent person at that in this scenario.

It’s basically the trolley problem multiplied to 100. Where F decides to just not answer because they find the question unanswerable, N would deliberately kill the MC. And think that they were taking on the greatest amount of suffering. But while N can still go on as painful as that may be, MC doesn’t get that choice because someone took that away.

I just don’t really find utilitarianism to be the pinnacle of morality. If you are sacrificing yourself, I get it but sacrificing someone else? I think I like F’s decision the most even if that somehow makes them seem weak or indecisive, they’re the only one refusing responsibility for the lives of others.

Also, what if MC managed to stop this hypothetical scenario from playing out after N had made this choice? Would the MC be able to forgive them for that? What if it was the love triangle and the MC were in a relationship with N and therefore got to make the decision but A screams to save the MC instead? And again MC lives and the world is saved in that scenario?

…I am now thinking of some seriously angsty fan fiction. Someone stop me :fearful:


The thing is, the question specifically states that the choice is in UB’s hands. For whatever reason, in that scenario, it’s not a matter of if they have the right. The phrasing on the question was, “If they have to choose.”

If it came down to the choice, would Unit Bravo save the detective or save the world?

I love F, but they’re not refusing to choose. They’re freezing up and being unable to. F isn’t making a decision. That’s the point of what it says. F cannot decide. They don’t choose not to.

F: You know…I couldn’t actually decide for F! I’m not sure it’s a decision they could actually ever make.

The exact text. It’s not “F refuses to choose.” It’s “F can’t make the choice.”

That said, alright, here’s a question in that vein: based on the answers to the ask (found here if you don’t want to scroll back up for it), if, for whatever reason, UB was forced to make that choice late in the relationship, as described, the choice must be theirs, and they choose as the ask indicates, assuming that, by some miracle, your MC and the world are both saved, deus ex machina style, how do they feel about their RO’s choice made when the DEM seemed impossible?

The rules:

  1. The RO had to be the one to make the choice.
  2. The MC was not able to voice a position at the time.
  3. It looked like the person forcing the choice really could make good on it.
  4. No one saw the DEM coming, including the good guys.
My Answers

ILYA (Adam)
To be perfectly honest, Ilya’d be pissed at him for picking her over the world. It’s not that she’s exceptionally self-sacrificing. She’s not. It’s just that, if the choice is her or everyone, let’s be logical: it needs to be everyone. The needs of the many, etc. She’d forgive him for it, because she understands, but she’d be pissed.

Stephan would, quite honestly, be devastated. If it were anyone else, he’d be more shocked if they did save him, but he wouldn’t blink at sacrificing the world to save Nate, so to have Nate do the opposite would gut him. I think, with time, he’d get over it, but it would take a long, long time. (If the choice were given to him, ironically, he’d choose the world over himself, because the world contains everyone he loves, but it being Nate’s choice and Nate choosing the world over him is a different story.)

TADHG (Farah)
Tadhg would be so distressed at his inability to take the choice out of Farah’s hands. She’s a perfect sweet cinnamon roll angel and he’d be horrified at anyone trying to make her make that choice. I’m not sure he’d forgive himself for being unable to intercede and spare her.

AUREN (Morgan)
Auren thinks Morgan is making the right choice. She’s pretty okay with this call. I mean, she’s not happy it’s a choice that has to be made, but she’s pretty cool with how Morgan answered, and she’d have been on the same page if their roles were reversed.

My Answers

Dezh (Mason):
Given that she’d have made the same choice in his position–with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever–she’d be fine with it. She’d be glad the world was saved, too, but she’d thank him (quite properly) for his choice.

Nyx (Adam)
She would ask him, with a wry smile, what the hell he was thinking ditching the world for her, then admit she’d have very probably done the same. Then tell him not to start crap about ‘this is why emotions are bad’ because it’s done and she loves him even more for it. Then she would never want to talk about it again.

Wolfe (Nate)
Honestly, I thought she would handle it well and be fine with it because she is the type to sacrifice herself if it came to it, but the only way I could be sure was to pop into character and write it. She wasn’t happy at all, and she wasn’t fine with it. She understood it, and why saving a bunch of nameless faceless people was more important than saving her, but it pretty much put a permanent wedge between them. She wouldn’t dump him, but there would be walls he would never get through again, mainly because she knows she couldn’t have done the same to him. (it’s a good thing it wasn’t Dezh, she’d have snorted at him then walked out without a word)

Jax (Felix)
I think the best way to sum up Jax’s response is…

Jax: Seriously, sweetie? You couldn’t make up your mind?
Felix: I…
Jax, shaking her head: From now on, I make all decisions.
Felix: Well, since you’re so perfect, what would you have done??
Jax: Um… I would’ve probably saved you. I think. Let’s go get a drink…

I just had to say that I cannot stress just how much I agree with this statement.

My answers

She would be both touch and angry with Adam. She will be very happy that Adam care for her so much but angry because saving her life means losing the lives of many.

She will be very glad that Mason care for her so much. Truth to be told, she has mixed feelings about it. If she die, Mason will get hurt but she lived, many will die.

A hard truth to face… She knows that Nate has noble streak and to be honest, she will be terrified to face death. In the end, she will accept Nate’s decision but she will be worried how Nate will cope.

She will probably decide sacrifice herself. A bit selfish for Felix though. :frowning:


Still, to me that answer implies that not making a choice is an option. Also, I think there are further reasons behind why F can’t make the choice too, more than just they are too weak to do it or they freeze up. Even if it’s by accident, I think they take the best track out of all of the others. Let fate or the villain be the one responsible, no matter the consequences, it isn’t their choice to make.

As for the scenario...

Now that it’s in my head, I can’t stop myself:

Surprisingly, she’d be the most understanding of all of my detectives. She wouldn’t be pleased that Adam would sacrifice everyone because she wouldn’t be able to live with herself having that many deaths on her shoulders, but at the same time, she’d understand the utterly awful pressure behind the decision. So she’d tell him that she would’ve loved him either way. Plus she’d probably be screaming at whoever was forcing him to make this decision and telling them to give her the choice instead.

Would not be okay with it. He is a very self sacrificing sort and this would be one of the few things to actually anger him. He is a utilitarian and probably would say that even if he were saved, he would never have been happy again. I’d hate to say it but as much as it hurts I think Luca would end things.

Oh dear. The first thing Emma would do was go into a denial phase and say that Nate made the right decision. However, the thoughts would begin to cycle over and over in her head until she snapped after Nate asked to talk about it one too many times. She’s say something like “You think you have the right to decide my fate based on your narrow minded moral compass?! What happens if it’s only a dozen people next time or is that not enough for you to condemn me to death? What if it was our child in that situation? How can I ever trust you to put their safety first?” There’d be more screaming after that followed by many days and weeks of pain and tears. But would she end it? I think if Nate was truly brokenhearted beyond repair, Emma would find a way to forgive him. She would try to see the choice in a more emotional way and how gutwrenching for him it must have been rather than considering whether it was right or wrong. But he’d really have to work for their relationship. (And now I definitely need to write some fanfiction about this, so much for sleep lol)

I don’t have completely fleshed out detectives for these routes yet but:
Love triangle: Would drift towards A after what happened. Wouldn’t be able to help it.
F: Would probably be pissed more at themselves for getting into that situation and putting the person they loved through so much anguish.


Oh I remember that ask now. F was never my favourite RO… yet, F’s reaction really tugs at my heartstrings, and my heart breaks a little to see F in such anguish.

My heart breaks to an extent for N too, knowing that they will never believe in love again.

(Note: I’m using the same MC for each playthrough. It’s just easier to keep track, because I have too many different games’ MC to remember)


Adam: Henriette will be absolutely shocked that Adam would choose her over the world. She knows he is rule-abiding and has high morals; he has also never really opened up to her or expressed his undying love for her (lol!). After the DEM experience, she would probably be hugging Adam so tight that his ribs will crack (which will of course heal back quickly because he’s a vampire); she will gently weep on his shoulders, so happy to know that that her outwardly cold and unfeeling RO actually loves her so much.

Nate: Henriette really doesn’t want to die. She will definitely feel a bit hurt, a bit upset, a bit heart-broken that Nate will choose the world over her. If in Nate’s shoes, she definitely would choose Nate over the world. She has known and accepted that Nate was the noble kind when she got in a serious relationship with him, but at that time, she didn’t really give much thought about how she would feel about. After the DEM experience, she will probably just smile wistfully at Nate, trying to stop the single tear from running down her cheek. She won’t break up with him, but the relationship will be quite hollow.

Mason: She will definitely be very touched by Mason’s decision; a little surprised that the usually dispassionate man - at least when it comes to feelings - would place such importance on her life. After the DEM experience, albeit shy as she is, will be kissing Mason passionately, and probably be much more intimate with Mason in bed.

Felix: (Oh, this is a toughie!) Henriette will probably just stare at Felix with an equally confused look for a while. And then, look at Felix with downcast eyes and tenderly murmur “Felix…”; his indecisiveness distressing her even more than if he had chosen to save the world. After the DEM experience, she will probably look at Felix with a sigh and silently walk away. The relationship won’t end, but she will definitely be looking be at Felix differently.


My answer for my only MC I can remember the name of.


(N) It is the fact that N made the decision that would sting the most, because he will feel like the person he loves abandoned him like he believes his mother did. Henry would probably be upset and angry on the outside but deep down he would understand because he would ultimately do the same (He’d be destroyed if he made that choice).

He would have a hard time admitting this, and avoid N for a long time. They’d eventually patch things up after actually sitting down for hours and talking about it at length. He’d still feel pretty insecure afterwards, and probably go to get help with the problems the event would cause him.


Daily (heh) Q&A Roundup:

inb4 it turns out M was a priest or some other type of sexless nerd as a human

i need to know now
my romance with N depends on it!
ok that’s a lie, but I’m still impatient… :persevere:

Felix/Farah wouldn’t get it…until someone explained it, haha!

oh my sweet dear, F…never change.

MC: Hello, I’m the Detective.

Witness: Hello, Detective…um, who are they?

F: We’re—

MC: Mosquitoes.

M: [chuckles] That’s fair.

MC: It’s alright, they’re here to help.

Witness: [laughs nervously] Aha…won’t you come in?

[later, back at the Detective’s office]

A: That yielded little.

N: Maybe so, but the coffee cakes were delicious.

F: There’s one thing I still don’t understand though…

MC: What?

F: How are we meat flavoring?


N: You’re thinking of mesquite.

F: I mean, maybe??? I don’t know??? [shrugs wildly]



Hello Nate lovers! A present from Sera!



I must kiss his sadness away… :kissing_closed_eyes:

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“Super quick sketch”, she says! Sera is so talented. :sob: Nate looks so beautiful and handsome and melancholic here, ahh, my heart!


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So, we all talked how our MCs would feel about each RO having to pick them or the world. Now i bring you the vice-versa! Your MC has to pick between saving their RO and the world. Which option do they choose? Or they pull a F, hyperventilating and being unable to come to a decision?


All of them are selfish bastards when it comes to them, so they would all choose the RO over the world :woman_shrugging:

I actually didn't get to answer the first one, so lemme answer both for Charlotte:

She’s already got a bit of a martyr complex—I mean, I didn’t just choose the ‘No, no, take me instead!’ option when Murphy first finds you because I find Nate’s reaction hilarious in comparison to M’s heartwarming af, but because Charlotte was deadly serious.
She’s very much a self-sacrificing type of person, so she’d be totes okay with Nate totally ruining his chance at happiness if her death meant the world would survive (after all, what kind of world or life would they live if the world was gone? Frankly, she finds the possibility of M and A choosing her over the world to be ridiculous. She is not the center of the universe, her life ultimately, cosmically, doesn’t matter to such an extent that an entire planet deserves death.

Charlotte: Think of the puppies, A!
A: What puppies?? I’m thinking of you!
Charlotte: But none of those puppies deserve to die because of me—save the goddamn puppies A!

So yeah, no, Charlotte thumbs up Nate’s decision.

For the doggos.

As for whether she would choose Nate over the world…again, no.

Charlotte: The doggos deserve to live.
Nate: [nods solemnly] That’s fair.


All of my MCs will have a hard time since we are talking about the life of another. Teresa will be the most selfish choosing Nate, which I think will be disappointed with the decision.


(Friendly reminder that if it’s a world vs. RO thing—the world includes UB, Rebecca, Tina, Verda and Doulgas)
Emma (M) would not make a decision. She would panic, because how can she let millions of people die? How could she let Morgan die? How could she look UB in eyes—herself in eyes—ever again? She’d look around to everyone else and practically beg them to make the decision for her, then go along with whatever they chose.

Zoe (F)… I don’t think she know what choice she’d make. It would likely be a choice made on the spur of the moment that she’d spend the rest of her life justifying.


And dogs!
And cats!
And ice-cream and pizza—it would all be gone!

A: [gasps] Not the cats!


…half of the world then?

Jk, but that does make things a lot harder now, though it doesn’t change the results. My MCs would pick A, M and F over the world and the world over N, because i think N would never forgive MC if they saved N instead…

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