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All of my MCs will have a hard time since we are talking about the life of another. Teresa will be the most selfish choosing Nate, which I think will be disappointed with the decision.


(Friendly reminder that if it’s a world vs. RO thing—the world includes UB, Rebecca, Tina, Verda and Doulgas)
Emma (M) would not make a decision. She would panic, because how can she let millions of people die? How could she let Morgan die? How could she look UB in eyes—herself in eyes—ever again? She’d look around to everyone else and practically beg them to make the decision for her, then go along with whatever they chose.

Zoe (F)… I don’t think she know what choice she’d make. It would likely be a choice made on the spur of the moment that she’d spend the rest of her life justifying.


And dogs!
And cats!
And ice-cream and pizza—it would all be gone!

A: [gasps] Not the cats!


…half of the world then?

Jk, but that does make things a lot harder now, though it doesn’t change the results. My MCs would pick A, M and F over the world and the world over N, because i think N would never forgive MC if they saved N instead…

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Ilya (A) would probably pull an F for a while before ultimately, reluctantly choosing the world.
Stephan (N) wouldn’t think twice. Nate, 100,000%, no question. He’s got his people, and everyone else is … I mean, he cares, but they’re distant cares.
Tadhg (F) would … probably pull an F, NGL. His life? Sure, he’ll trade that. Farah’s? That’s much harder.
Auren (M) would pick Morgan, no hesitation. Auren is fundamentally detached (in a very unhealthy way) and would take no issue with this decision and very little issue with the consequences of it.


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(N) Henry would struggle with the decision but ultimately choose to save the world. This would destroy him though.

(F) MC would be unable to decide because Rebecca and and everyone else in the world would have to die if F was saved. This MC is also my youngest and the most immature, so he definitely couldn’t handle the pressure.

(M) MC would save M as an impulse decision and wonder if the right thing was done for a long time. This MC doesn’t care about the wider world but would hate having to sacrifice the inner circle (UB, Verda and Tina)

(A) MC would believe that he could sacrifice A in this situation, but in reality he would not be able to decide if it was deep in the relationship.


Emma (A) would totally pull an F, and probably have a bit of a mental breakdown. She’d eventually choose A, but she’d harbor some really intense guilt.
Hayden (M) Would choose the world, but emotionally she’d be a wreck. Probably for the rest of her life.
Cassandra (N)…I honestly don’t know what she’d do…at all…


Yeah, my MC would probably take too long deciding what is right and everybody would die lol


You all have such well-thought out MCs and I love to read about them. I’m gonna run out of likes if this keeps up.

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