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Fun question: It’s said that the detective uses perfume / cologne / fragrance. What does your MC use? Also, how does MC smells naturally? (I mean how does the MC herself smells, not how a blood smells)

Henriette likes soft, powdery scents. She’ll probably go for something like Flower by Kenzo or Chanel No. 5.
Naturally, she smells like musky vanilla.

Finally got through a playthrough where Murphy escapes. But I’m unsure of how to interpret this scene:


This time it’s A who steps forward, shoulders drawn back. “The Agency would kill MC before letting that happen.”

Murphy’s sneer cracks into an amused smirk. “You’d kill MC? You’d really do it, just to stop me from getting MC?”

N’s head jerks to face A, and a sudden intense fear tugs in N’s chest.
A doesn’t reply. A doesn’t need to.

What does “A doesn’t reply. A doesn’t need to” means? Does it mean A is willing to let the MC be killed?
Because there was an ask about whether UB would save the detective or save the world; the answer to A was save the detective (but I presume this is deep in the relationship).


N tries to comfort them, but they’ve already moved past their disappointment and want learn to surf or boogie board or something.


Anne would go for lively floral scents, such as Viva La Juicy. Naturally, she smells vaguely like lemons.


You might wanna blur that or put it under a summary since it’s spoilers


Sorry @Mewsly, but blur what out?? I didn’t think it was spoiler-ish


I think @Mewsly is referring to the in-game dialogues you have quoted.

I really need to play TWC again but if I understand correctly, if A is your RO they would consider saving the MC life. I think that ask was intended for a UB member in a relationship with the MC.


I think A thinks if it was up to them, they would be capable of killing MC on command (probably couldn’t at the moment of truth), but to be specific, what is being said is that the Agency would.

Ultimately, I think this is kind of bullshit, because at the end of the day, the Agency knows that giving this order would cause Rebecca and UB to go rouge. UB is loyal to the Agency, but they are even more loyal to Rebecca.


Again, I not so sure about this - whether it was really a bluff. From the text it seems almost not.


F fills the void with a sudden sharp sigh. “Jeez, I’m glad your bluff worked!” F says, keeping F’s voice low enough so the detective can’t hear. F then swings around to face A, F’s grin faltering at the corners. “It…was a bluff, right?”

Once again, A doesn’t reply, and the feeling within N makes N’s stomach knot.

I don’t know if their loyalty is to Rebecca or to the Agency. If A is not bluffing, then it could perhaps mean that, they report to Rebecca, but their loyalty is to the Agency.

@resuri08 @Mewsly
Thank you.


I still think they seem to be more loyal to Rebecca. Don’t forget that Rebecca broke the rules by providing UB with DMB to save her child. If they are loyal to the Agency, shouldn’t they have the next in command know what happen and there was a breach in SOP.


So you think A is bluffing?

I haven’t tried a playthrough where A is the RO and Murphy escapes. Do you mean the scene is different when A is the RO.


A might see it as a kindness if the option was being Murphy’s guinea pig/blood bag. That’s an awful fate. I think they would try to find another way–both for the Detective and Rebecca’s sake–but if it was the last option, they’d do it. Sera said that if the Detective were to go rogue and do some awful things deeper into the relationship, A would take it upon themselves to administer justice.

I don’t know that the Agency would make them do it, though. It seems cruel, and like A says, the emotion involved might mean that they can’t go through with it. The Agency would likely try to let the Detective live unless there was no other option–I mean, they let literal serial killers live rather than just killing them.


Isn’t the punishment administered to rogue supernaturals even worse than death.


Man… I really wish we could take care of sick UB now…


Heh, I like that a sick M is basically a toddler.


I apologized if I was not clear. What I meant was the ask that Sera answered was intended for an already existing relationship between a UB member and the MC.

To be honest though, I haven’t tried an A route that have failed to capture Murphy because all my playthroughs has always been successful in detaining him. XD.

I have to agree with @Hannah_Minger view of this matter though. But I still think that A is not that cold especially if they have come to respect someone, I know there will an internal struggle. Dx


The scenario with A above makes me wonder what would’ve happened if A had actually tried to go through with it or if they did in the future. How would RO react? Especially interesting for N considering they are best friends. Would N get in A’s way?

Me too. Maybe there’s a slow acting DMB that would cause UB to be bedridden. This is seriously one of my favorite tropes.


On the topic of the Agency’s way of dealing with rogue supernaturals, I’ve been thinking (bear with me, it was a slow process):
So the way the mind works (or so I’ve read) is that, after a certain amount of stress (be it from intense anger, fear or other negative emotions) being put upon it, it will fall into apathy. So I’ve been thinking, how effective do you think this “punishment” is long-term?
Since Sera has said most supernaturals live unnaturally long, how possible would it be for the whole “subject you to your worst fear” thing to eventually just…not work well enough, for their minds to go “enough is enough” and either shut down or force them to try and break out, because eventually they figure there’s nothing worse that can be done to them?
I need thoughts and maybe science on the topic… (also, tell me if I should blur anything for spoilers, since it’s not something end-game related I haven’t)


I think N would actually let the Agency kill MC if the situation requires. As Sera said, N is all about doing what’s right; when it comes down tp it, N would save the world rather than save the MC

As for the other ROs, I think F would struggle very hard with the choice, and end up not making any choice.

M, if deep in the relationship, would probably be the only one to fight against A and the Agency. As Sera said, M worries about protecting his loved ones; he would save the MC over the world


I got the feeling that he hasn’t really been around anyone that upset and was really affected by it. I found it interesting that, out of all four of them, Felix was the one able to get Kate calmed down and it lasted once he and the detective left. With the others, N included, as soon as the detective shuts the door, Kate breaks down again. Felix really impressed me with that, and it made me wonder if it’s an ability that’s different with natural vampires or if it’s simply a talent Felix has that he has yet to realize.

Oh lord, if Rebecca dies before she can make peace with the MCs who have bad relationships with her, it would be angst city for those characters!

Here are mine:


Dezh (M): Coco by Chanel (oriental spicy frangrance); naturally she smells slightly like cinnamon

Nyx (A): Cinnabar by Estee Lauder (oriental spicy with fruity notes); natural scent is vanilla-ish

Wolfe (N): Prada Amber (oriental spicy, vanilla + mandarin); natural scent is fruity

Jax (F): Chloe (powdery, floral) or Polo (yes, it’s for men, but she loves the smell and sometimes wears it herself… she’ll be dousing it all over Felix as soon as she gets the chance so she doesn’t have to wear it anymore!); she has no idea how she smells naturally because she’s always wearing some scent and barring that, smells like her grapefruit bodywash!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to take that. It seemed to me that, at that point, he’d put the MC down if need be.

I think A could at that point. Even if A is chosen as the RO, they still say this. Which is disturbing.

Then again, M tells the MC they’ll turn the MC over to Murphy themselves when the MC refuses to leave them. Then M immediately pleads with the MC to go, so I took it as an empty threat (especially since one of the options is for the MC to volunteer to go with Murphy if he’ll let his/her friends go, and M isn’t having it). But A seems more serious at that point you guys are talking about (and A doesn’t go for it if the MC offers to go with Murphy to save the team either).

Interestingly, if the MC offers that with F or N, their responses are less… intense. F is like “wish you had told me that first!” and N is just as 'huh" as F. M and A just flat out get mad and won’t have it.

The two out of here I’d love to see the most are Felix and Mason. I so want to see Mason throw temper tantrums, but be stuck getting taken care of by the MC, lol. And Felix? I could so see it: “I’m still sick!” <cough, cough> MC: Felix, you’ve been well for four days now, get up!"

Agreed. I’d love to see it!

Answers under the cut!

Ilya (A) probably wears the super subtle stuff, and it’s probably more like the scents in her soaps and such than actual perfume. Stuff like “ocean breeze” or “spring rain” or whatever. Tadhg (F) would choose something earthy. It’s probably sandalwood or something, most likely. Auren (M) probably has half a dozen, depending on what he’s doing that day, b/c he’s Mr. Preparedness, but most of the time, he probably just uses something that smells clean and unremarkable. Steph (N), I honestly can’t imagine using any. Maybe some kind of aftershave? If so, he definitely doesn’t pay attention to what it smells like, as long as it’s not pungent, just buys whatever’s cheap.

While I agree they could, I actually don’t find it disturbing. We see what Murphy is capable of with just a tiny amount of it. In the hands of someone even more powerful, or with access to all of it, what more could be done? Yeah, it’s an ugly thought, but it might also be a necessary one. To fly my little Star Trek flag, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. If it absolutely came down to it? Yeah, do what’s necessary. Then again, most of my MCs would put themselves down if it absolutely came down to it, so…