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I am inclined to think it comes down to the fact that F was never human and comes from a different world. Also, as natural born vampire, I wouldn’t be surprise if anyone in their family had die while they were alive.


Which was a very bad assumption to make. XD He really underestimated human capabilities when under such circumstance.


Well, he had to fail somehow, we can’t have 7 books if MC dies in the first one :joy:


It just was one of those things that endeared me to F. For the most part, I struggle to relate to characters that are very hyperactive and outgoing, but seeing them take that situation so seriously struck me. They didn’t fully understand it but they wanted to make that pain go away for Kate. Even though F says later on that humans never want to work with them.

But I also wonder how they’d react to similar types of situations in the future. Humans can be hysterical and/or unreasonable.


Man, I can’t wait to meet other Natural Vampires cuz I want to know if they’re all short or if it’s just a weird coincidence that both Murphy and F are both two of the shortest characters.



I can’t believe I missed that, you’re a genius!


Maybe they’re related. dun dun DUN

So F’s American accent is specified as New Orleans/southern Louisiana, but what about A’s British accent?

We could go with the London one most Americans think of…or we can have fun. Imagine:

A with a Cockney accent.
A with some country accent.
A with a Glaswegian accent (Scotland’s part of Great Britain, right?).

It’s probably a posh-sounding one, but hey, it would be funny if it wasn’t.


Rebecca: And this is commanding agent, A du Mortain.
A: Oi, good to meet ‘cha.
MC: …
MC: that’s the voice from last night I know it…


Could you imagine A with a brummie accent ?

A: allroyt, I yam commanden agent A Du Mortain, Bostin ter meet yaouw

MC: I think I met you last night

A: arr doy fink so, mate


I literally had to read that out loud to decipher it. My soul is in pain right now. Thanks.


Bonus points if you were in a public place, filled with British people


Sadly, no, just my living room. The only one here is my S.O., and he’s got a headset on watching E3.


I can’t unimagine these. :joy:

What dialect do Tom Hiddleston have? I always imagine Adam have his voice. XD


@resuri08 That boy can do any accent, now I can’t unimagine Adam constantly switching accents so that no one would know his origin, either that or to hide his brummie accent (no offence to anyone from Birmingham)


I just now imagine stoic, handsome Adam sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins


You know I was kinda getting that vibe that Rebecca might die at some point. Glade I’m not the only one haha😆


Lol, all the British impersonation reminded me of this ask - where the MC tries a horrible British accent on A


I can imagine Adam reading over these posts and becoming very irritated XD

Totally rooting for a thick Cockney accent for Adam when he’s super frustrated


A: mate, That taint the woy arr terk

Now I’m having too much fun with the A accent topic someone help me, please


So we know that M doesn’t sit down because M is never really feeling comfortable or settled in places; M is always just ready to leave when needed.

But I just noticed another weird quirk of M, he doesn’t like - or more likely, doesn’t bother - to knock on doors either.

  • First time: When the detective was pining over M in her room, and M simply walks inside without knocking (whereas all the others knocked).
  • Second time: At the hospital, when M (astonishingly) offered to debrief the MC, M (again, unlike all the others) doesn’t knock and simply swings open the door and steps inside.

I wonder where that bad habit comes from?? Is it just because of his rudeness.
Like the MC says, they could have been getting undressed (not that M would mind stumbling into that at all).

Any other quirks anyone else notices about UB?

EDIT: A always standing by the window, F sprawling on chairs, and N standing with his hands in his pockets has been mentioned.

Found this ask and it reminded me - those who like Mason and haven’t tried Sera’s Crossroads should totally try it; I have a strong feeling you’ll fall just as hard for Lucan (who is really smooth). It’s also rather nice to compare/contrast them both.