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I can’t believe I missed that, you’re a genius!


Maybe they’re related. dun dun DUN

So F’s American accent is specified as New Orleans/southern Louisiana, but what about A’s British accent?

We could go with the London one most Americans think of…or we can have fun. Imagine:

A with a Cockney accent.
A with some country accent.
A with a Glaswegian accent (Scotland’s part of Great Britain, right?).

It’s probably a posh-sounding one, but hey, it would be funny if it wasn’t.


Rebecca: And this is commanding agent, A du Mortain.
A: Oi, good to meet ‘cha.
MC: …
MC: that’s the voice from last night I know it…


Could you imagine A with a brummie accent ?

A: allroyt, I yam commanden agent A Du Mortain, Bostin ter meet yaouw

MC: I think I met you last night

A: arr doy fink so, mate


I literally had to read that out loud to decipher it. My soul is in pain right now. Thanks.


Bonus points if you were in a public place, filled with British people


Sadly, no, just my living room. The only one here is my S.O., and he’s got a headset on watching E3.


I can’t unimagine these. :joy:

What dialect do Tom Hiddleston have? I always imagine Adam have his voice. XD


@resuri08 That boy can do any accent, now I can’t unimagine Adam constantly switching accents so that no one would know his origin, either that or to hide his brummie accent (no offence to anyone from Birmingham)


I just now imagine stoic, handsome Adam sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins


You know I was kinda getting that vibe that Rebecca might die at some point. Glade I’m not the only one haha😆


Lol, all the British impersonation reminded me of this ask - where the MC tries a horrible British accent on A


I can imagine Adam reading over these posts and becoming very irritated XD

Totally rooting for a thick Cockney accent for Adam when he’s super frustrated


A: mate, That taint the woy arr terk

Now I’m having too much fun with the A accent topic someone help me, please


So we know that M doesn’t sit down because M is never really feeling comfortable or settled in places; M is always just ready to leave when needed.

But I just noticed another weird quirk of M, he doesn’t like - or more likely, doesn’t bother - to knock on doors either.

  • First time: When the detective was pining over M in her room, and M simply walks inside without knocking (whereas all the others knocked).
  • Second time: At the hospital, when M (astonishingly) offered to debrief the MC, M (again, unlike all the others) doesn’t knock and simply swings open the door and steps inside.

I wonder where that bad habit comes from?? Is it just because of his rudeness.
Like the MC says, they could have been getting undressed (not that M would mind stumbling into that at all).

Any other quirks anyone else notices about UB?

EDIT: A always standing by the window, F sprawling on chairs, and N standing with his hands in his pockets has been mentioned.

Found this ask and it reminded me - those who like Mason and haven’t tried Sera’s Crossroads should totally try it; I have a strong feeling you’ll fall just as hard for Lucan (who is really smooth). It’s also rather nice to compare/contrast them both.


Oh, hey guys I’m back from the beach! I hope you all came up with fun scenarios and questio----



My thoughts:

A- I think they’d make the biggest and tallest in the history of the beach bc of course they would—large enough for even Nate to stand in without issue

N- a modestly sized sand castle but with the most i m m a c u l a t e French Rococo embellishments

F- they build the Classic Sandcastle™ with turrets and maybe even a moat and a seaweed-driftwood draw bridge…they also probably built it too close to the shore and it gets destroyed minutes before the final judging starts

M- … a sand penis (they are immediately disqualified from the competition)


Is the Crossroads app available on Google Play Store? I tried searching for it but can’t find it.


it’s not an app, it’s a computer game

you can find it on Sera’s


Ugh, perhaps I should have been clearer, the Crossroads is not an app. You can play it on PC though; here’s the link:


Implying M could be convinced to participate at all :eyes:

Unless… they were coerced and then made sure to disqualify themselves immediately while trolling. I have been so blind.

Rebecca and MC get nostalgic and build one together - disqualified due to cheating but they don’t care. It is the ugliest one anyways.