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So I am going to defend my Mommy here cuz I think people are being a bit harsh.

She’s a single mother trying to protect her child, guys. I don’t think it’s that weird that she doesn’t do everything perfectly. Give her a break, guys.


Yeah, and also, @HomingPidgeon had it spot on about creating a controlled situation to lure Murphy. I’m not going to repeat what s/he said because it was great. But, yeah, making that perfect situation would have been impossible against Murphy.


My A run has like … 6% or something? It’s garbage. My F run is even worse. I’m with you on these. My A is investigation and tech/science, and my F is social and tech/science. (I usually end up with two higher ones).

I’m not faulting her for not doing everything perfectly. I don’t think characters should be perfect. As someone with an estranged relationship with a parent trying to rebuild that as an adult, though, I can tell you, the kind of approach Rebecca takes to it would not work out well for my parent - and as a mom, I can freely admit that what she’s doing is a very hard job, but it’s hard because it’s important, and while her feelings matter, so do the MC’s. She was doing her best, but for some MCs, it’s going to feel like abandonment.

I never said ‘perfect’, though. It could still have been controlled significantly better than “not at all”. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one, because I vehemently believe that there were several better options that could have been explored that were not.


You imagine your MC your way, I’ll imagine mine my way. The one in question is very high combat skills, virtually no people skills, not much in the way of deduction, and around 45% science. She’s pretty much all about the fight and planned on going into the army (had to head canon why she gave a flying eff about what her family liked or didn’t like, but it works). So yeah, I don’t see Rebecca handing her her ass. Rebecca may have held her own against the thralls, but she had the advantage of knowing wtf she was fighting. The MC went in blind. She also was able to get the DMB into Murphy after UB kept getting tossed around like ragdolls. The whole “fight smarter” the MC thinks is actually reality.

Yeah, I can’t see a “people skills” MC or a ‘deduction skills’ MC being able to do anything against Rebecca. The sciency type could, provided the MC is willing to play dirty and goes in prepared, lol.

I don’t expect her to be perfect, and I don’ think she’s a bad person. I think she was an absentee mother who is overcompensating now that her child is a grown ass adult, and I find the character grating due to that. Two of my MCs will never be able to have a decent relationship with her until she knocks it off and relates to the MC like a peer, rather than a 2-year-old.

Bingo. And Rebecca needs to own that for those characters. Admit that she basically abandoned them, say she hopes they understand now that they’ve seen her job, and try to move forward as two adults attempting to build a friendship. Otherwise, it’s not going to work. Dezh, at this point, trusts UB more than her mother. And, honestly, she’d listen to Adam’s input on how to handle things before Rebecca. And that says a lot.


Deduction/investigation can also be used to fight dirty. >D That said, the only one of mine who I think would want to spar her is actually the one with the best relationship with her (and also the one with the best combat skills), so, you know, I’ll never see it, but…


Awww, you just totally disparaged my poor MC - her people skills are 70+ and deduction skills 55+.

But yeah, I have this shy, friendly, easy-going, charming MC who doesn’t fight, never shot a target (and doesn’t want to shoot a target), and probably can’t protect herself / survive without UB around.

That sounds kinda sad, lol. Poor Henriette.


What I meant was my outlook and experience. When I looked back, I have some outlook that have change as I grew older due to experience and events that had happen in between. I do agree that age is not equivalent to maturity level since it depends on the situation an individual experiences during their lifetime. I suppose I am just too empathic. I apologize if I am not clearer. Overall, each their own…

Also everyone, thank you for making the debate respectful and clean but as the mods remind in other threads, if the debate goes on in full circle (repeating what you explain before etc), please don’t proceed further. Just have the others have their opinion since we all have individual view on the matter.

Thank you!


Once again to balance the angst, I come bearing dead Suavewell memes



I was having trouble putting into words why exactly it annoys me for the agency to act this way and I think this is it. Personally, I hate putting 100% of the burden on someone else. It’s not that I don’t mind being dependent on someone, just not having all the pressure put on them while I sit in the corner like a fragile flower. That’s why both my female detectives are adept in combat. I want to be able to help.

Honestly, I was the least annoyed with Rebecca because I could at least understand her intentions as well as limitations. Rebecca’s actions came from a place of love where I think UB and the agency’s actions came from a place of pride and ego. I might of been annoyed but it was nowhere near how annoyed I was when A said my detective was useless or in the way or when M and F basically laughed at my detective for taking the case seriously, you know the one where two people, a woman and teenage boy, in their town had brutally died. This is probably why I forgave N too, because they did things out of legitimate concern and thoughtfulness of the Detective. And they struggled because of their respect and friendship with A.

And while N can be a pushover, they were the one who finally demanded to show MC Murphy’s picture and I don’t think they would’ve backed down from than even if A had said no.


MC is the target of this ~dangerous~ vampire and yet UB has time to lazy around with MC eating pastries and kissing dogs, but no one bothered to give MC basic vampire self-defence classes? Maybe some DMB spray? Or anything just in case something went wrong? No? Just leave MC’s life on the hads of 4 vampires that couldn’t protect MC properly from some thralls…it’s genius really…

And look who captured Murphy in the end! A MC that does not get close=Murphy getting away. So MC has some skills. Skills thay some players feel like Rebecca isn’t acknowledging. You might think differently, but that’s why this is a game. Others can have different opinions as well. I personally think them both depending on my mood…

To each their own, but as someone who has had real life parents like that-it’s not enough. It’s not nowhere near enough

He got defeated by a weak human and 4 battered vampires right after getting high on powered blood…sorry if i’m not that scared…

Yes! Yes! The guy killed your previous unit. Unless demons are weak creatures, it does sund like keeping MC in a safe place until UB took care of Murphy was the most logical conclusion.

We’re rebellious teens that want independence? We’d never hate Mother Dear, just wanting her to see how capable we are :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say the Detective was useless, I said the Detective is useless by themselves, which is still true. Their abilities are being acknowledge, but one thing is being aware of your capabilities and another thinking you are rival to a vampire. That is plain stupid.

And let’s be honest, if Rebecca didn’t trust the MC, MC would have not leave the Agency until the threat was dealt with. Rebecca loves MC and wants them to take their own choices, but if she thought that letting her go to her normal life was going to get them kill, MC would have stay at the facilities no matter what the MC wanted.

So, please, have a little faith in Rebecca, it doesn’t take much to see that she trusts MC and knows they are capable. But even if MC was immortal, Rebecca would still worry, is part of being a parent, I would say. This just gives more emphasis to the point of Rebecca believing in MC, despite of all the risks, she still trusts her enough to let her go.

For my part I’m going to stop here, as resuri said, this is just going on circles, and we are wasting messages in the thread!!! Less than 400 messages for the grand final :open_mouth:


Ok so different topic, I know we discuss N’s weird phobia? of blood but I was playing a route with Felix recently and I always find his reaction to Kate’s crying interesting. Is this because the emotions coming from Kate are so overwhelming or because they don’t have much experience with human loss and pain? Or even death for that matter?


Ultimately, I think Murphy’s downfall was his excessive hubris mixed with the sudden feeling of invincibility when he fed on MC. He underestimated a wounded human (bah! useless vessel) and didn’t pay any attention to the protagonist.

If he was more collected and focused I don’t think the outcome would be all sunshine and rainbows.


That’s true, in most of the endings the MC does point out that he’s been ignoring or mostly ignoring them the entire fight.


Well you CAN fail and he CAN escape so…


I am inclined to think it comes down to the fact that F was never human and comes from a different world. Also, as natural born vampire, I wouldn’t be surprise if anyone in their family had die while they were alive.


Which was a very bad assumption to make. XD He really underestimated human capabilities when under such circumstance.


Well, he had to fail somehow, we can’t have 7 books if MC dies in the first one :joy:


It just was one of those things that endeared me to F. For the most part, I struggle to relate to characters that are very hyperactive and outgoing, but seeing them take that situation so seriously struck me. They didn’t fully understand it but they wanted to make that pain go away for Kate. Even though F says later on that humans never want to work with them.

But I also wonder how they’d react to similar types of situations in the future. Humans can be hysterical and/or unreasonable.


Man, I can’t wait to meet other Natural Vampires cuz I want to know if they’re all short or if it’s just a weird coincidence that both Murphy and F are both two of the shortest characters.