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Drunks below

Emma doesn’t drink often, but when she does she’s drinking to get drunk. Hard liquor only please. Either a grumpy or funny drunk, no in between.

Cassandra likes the occasional glass of wine or champagne, but she only drinks occasionally. She’s a giggly drunk.

Hayden likes sickeningly sweet alcohol, and tends to drink more then she likely should. That said, she has a pretty high tolerance. She’s a little more flirty when drunk, and less in your face. Alcohol tends to go straight to her legs though, so she’d be in a bit of trouble getting anywhere when drunk.


Emma was completely pissed that her ‘friend’ screwed her over. I imagine they got into a few pretty loud arguments before she just started avoiding her, which she still does whenever possible. Chances of them ever becoming friends again are slim, to say the least.

Cassandra was heartbroken. She’d thought her and Bobby were nice and steady in their relationship. She probably cried for weeks before getting up the nerve to end things between them. She’s still pretty hurt.

Hayden was stunned initially. She took her studing really seriously for one, a fact that Bobby knew, and Bobby was her first ‘real’ relationship in a while, so it really caught her off guard. She wouldn’t have outwardly shown much of a reaction other then maybe a sneer and a snarky response, but she felt it for quite a while after.All that said though, she doesn’t mind Bobby that much anymore…usually. Bobby does know how to press her buttons.


Jax (F) doesn’t drink because she’s convinced alcohol, as a depressant, would ruin her mood, and she doesn’t like anything mind-altering, anyway. Since she doesn’t drink booze at all, she tends toward bottled water (Perrier, preferably, or vitamin water) and iced tea. Every now and then, she’ll have an espresso because she thinks it’s funny to spaz out on caffeine.

Nyx (A): With alcohol, she will have a drink now and then, under the right occasion. Typically, her choice of booze is something simple, like scotch on the rocks. For non-alcoholic, she guzzles coffee for energy and to make up for the fact that she doesn’t sleep enough.

Wolfe (N) is convinced she can drink anyone under the table and turns into a somewhat giggly and loud drunk quickly. She goes for the fruity drinks (vodka and OJ, rum and OJ, pretty much any booze and juice). For non-alcoholic drinks, she prefers bottled water (Evian, preferably) and hot tea with honey and ginger.

While Wolfe thinks she can outdrink anyone, she’s never met Dezh, who actually can drink anyone under the table. She has a ridiculous tolerance for her size, basically because she’s been drinking since she was in 8th grade. Dezh only goes for hard liquor (beer is for wussies and little girls), typically tequila, whiskey, shooters, or everclear and some random mixer. When she’s actually reached the drunk stage, though, she suddenly becomes an open book–and will answer any question she’s asked, in detail and with the hard cold truth. She’s also prone to bar fights when drunk… For non-alcoholic drinks, it’s coca cola all the way, and water when she has to. The only hot drink she’ll touch is hot chocolate, with lots of whipped cream…


Occasional drinker:doesn’t like the taste of beer. Prefer wines. For non-alcoholic, she will always have her daily dose of matcha or black coffee, two sugars, ice tea when she eats out.

Non-alcoholic drinker. prefers her coffee with cream and sugar. Loves any kind of drink but she loves her fruit juices especially mango shake!

Occassional drinker, always order cosmopolitan or mojito, love those chocolate vodkas. Loves her coffee with cream and sugar and loves milk teas.

Adventurous type. She would try every kind of alcoholic drink. Loves her daily dose of water in the morning and pure black coffee. For non-alcoholic drinks, smoothie is her thing.


Dezh holds a huge grudge against him. Despite her turning into a hormonal sex-maniac as soon as she met Mason, she’s only been with (and had a semblance of a relationship) two other people, and Bobby is one of the two. It’s another thing that added to her “trust no one and no one ever sticks around” thing. She’d as soon bash Bobby’s face in as look at him. Having him call her ‘angel’ made her want to beat him to a pulp. If she wasn’t a cop, she totally would, too.

Nyx was also with Bobby, but she doesn’t really care one way or the other about him. He’s a non-entity to her.

Neither Wolfe nor Jax were with him and wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole, lol.


This may sound stupid but I don’t know how to select a certain part of a comment to put before my response. Does that make sense? Anyway…

Henry only drinks alcohol on occasion, gets drunk very easily and only in the company of people he trusts, never drinking alcohol when alone. He’ll usually have what his friends recommend, or half a pint of beer because he’s a classy guy.

He has an addiction to the various soft drinks in Wayhaven, but coffee helps him fight this.

Henry yelled at Bobby when he was betrayed, this being his first real relationship, and just walked his anger off for a few hours. He was upset for weeks afterwards and has tried to ignore Bobby completely since. I don’t imagine he ever really dated anyone after that. Henry isn’t actively seeking romance due to his nervousness when it comes to that stuff (I like to imagine that Tina sets up dates for him every now and then, though) He’s still bitter about the whole Bobby thing, but can act professional around Bobby so long as she stays away from his personal life.


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Welcome to the party! :tada:

My main doesn’t really drink either (only rarely), so she’d be in the same boat as your MC, so if she went out with Tina, it’d be over realy fast. :smile: But she prefers drinks like water and lemonade usually.


Alexa (ex-boyfriend) thrown herself to her studies and extracurricular activities. She didn’t get into the dating scene ever since that day. Still irked her though up 'til the present day.
Teresa(ex-boyfriend) thrown herself to studies, ice cream and food. She holds her grudge until this day and didn’t bother to date anyone after that.

Lisbeth (ex-friend) Very hurt when it happen. She become slow to trust after that though she is still friendly. Tina and Verda were the first people she fully opened up.

It seems Surina is the only one who escape Bobby’s charms. XD


To balance the angst the bobby question has asked, I come bearing dead A memes

Edit: there’s a ton of dead memes inside, proceed at your own risk






Even though i’m not a big fan of this interactive novel( for alot of reasons.) I’ve got to admit i love reading the comments in this thread. I love how everyone has a certain oc for each romance and reacts on the author’s tumblr are simply funny and amazing(it actually brightens my day). Even though I don’t have much interest in the game now(or at least for now) when I did have a really high interest in the game(the demo) i had (still do) some ocs but I learned that they were ooc so, they didn’t work.thats all(sorry if this seem like a wasted comment and i hope my comment didnt seem like im the author i’ll delete this comment if it does as that was my biggest concern with making this comment.)


Not everyone is going to like every game! You’re totally welcome to have preferences, and you weren’t being insulting about it, just stating that it wasn’t something you were specifically that enchanted by. Even if you aren’t that into the game, the fact that you enjoy reading the thread still makes the company welcome! One of my favourite things about Wayhaven is the “community” feel of the fans (which is weird, because, ngl, I usually avoid fandoms like the plague).


My deepest thanks for this marvelous package :heart::heart::heart:


Zoe – She was initially angry and furious, but for the most part, she doesn’t hold grudges. Once she got past the anger, she just wanted to be done with her. Bobby doesn’t really get under her skin so much anymore now that she knows what they are.

Emma – She was blind-sided. She believes so hard in the good in people, and for Bobby to not really care about her hurt a lot. It was essentially her worst fear–that people around her don’t really like her that much–come to life. Even now it’s really hard for her to deal with that and be around Bobby.


Mostly keeping it simple with mineral water, tea, fizzy drink or two
Not the biggest fan of alcohol (gotta stay sober especially in his line of duty) or coffee(tried it, doesnt work)

Frendship version-Kinda was angry and quite a bit of annoyance, could’ve just asked nicely enough and he would help her

Relationship version-Really tought they had something nice going, took it a bit too hard and decided to close himself off (perhaps certan tall gal can change his views), alternatevly he decided to keep things simple and on one night stand mode (and ended up with simillar minded individual)


Initially, Anne was furious. When Bobby stole her essay, she doubted their relationship- did Bobby ever really love her or did he only see her as easy pickings?

Over time, the wounds have stopped hurting. She makes an effort not to think about Bobby’s betrayal, and tries to live her best life as the best revenge. Even so, she hasn’t had many dates since college. Though she plays it off as being too busy with work, she is afraid of getting hurt again.


So I was browsing the forum to find out why Nat reacts so strongly when it comes to blood, and why others seem to mark him out when the topic of blood is raised. A few instances I can remember are:

  • N commenting that MC’s blood is “Intoxicating” and … MC notices a deep frown on Rebecca’s brow…
  • Felix: “The Agency provides blood bags. More for some of us than others. Right, N?”
  • After the fight with Murphy and MC faints and is bleeding - N’s head swims with the temptation of MC’s blood, a primal instinct trying to claw its way up from a deep, hidden part of $him/herself. He/She has to turn fully away.
  • At the hospital (after the fight), N seemed very disturbed by the blood bag that Elidor was carrying.

Wonder why N is being picked out…
N seems like a very controlled vampire. He did say he’s has practiced to calm his hyper senses into relaxing enough to enjoy the experience of real food; and his sensory abilities aren’t as strong as Mason.
So I would think he would be able control himself quite well, maybe even better than the other vampires.

Henriette likes anything sweet and yummy… so you can imagine anything like frappuccino and shaken iced tea (her daily caffeine boost) *smacks her lips in delight , sweet wines and cocktails (when she chills out - which is rare, but she can handle her liquor extremely well when she let her hair down). *smacks her lips in delight

Ugh, poor Henriette.
She angered a little, cried a little… then almost went in depression before she decided to break up with Bobby. She was so trusting; she trusted Bobby with all her heart. She was besotted with Bobby, smitten by his lazy attractiveness: half-lidded eyes, shapely lips, and a smoulder that can make anyone’s skin tingle.
Now, Henriette has got past the initial sadness and has put the past behind her. But that doesn’t mean the wounds have healed; it doesn’t mean she can ever fully trust another lover again. She’s still broken inside. This is why she only dates - she never goes further than just the day; she not sure about the whole getting deeper thing.
Poor Henriette!


Btw, anyone knows what ‘agency’ and ‘teamunity’ points does, as in how does it affect the game?


Just played through the game again and have a question…

Is there anyone else whose character(s) finds Rebecca’s attitude grating? She treats the MC like a child who is incapable of doing their own job. Even when the MC is chill about the whole supernatural thing, she’s constantly blathering about “don’t worry, we’ll protect you” and then, when the MC gets ready to leave, she’s like “you can work on the case but you aren’t allowed to get near Murphy!” Excuse me, woman? Yes, she’s the MC’s mother (albeit absentee mother), but the MC is a freaking adult, not an incompetent two-year-old who can’t tie their own shoes.

I noticed having a reaction to that from certain characters (Dezh, particularly, who thinks it’s too little too late for Rebecca to start acting like a mom to her and doesn’t want her damned “protection” anyway), but this time through I noticed it even more so. I kinda want the MC to have a chance to tell her to stuff it and make it clear that they can deal with their own crap, as they’ve been doing for most of their lives.


I think all of my MCs were quite understanding with Rebecca. There were some anger for the lie but they all eventually forgive her. To be honest though, I tend to mirror my own feelings with my own mother which I usually reflect on the relationship between my MCs and Rebecca.

I would have probably have a different outlook if I played TWC as teenager or a young adult but since you experienced and learn more as you grow older, I kind of sympathize Rebecca’s situation.


Hmmm, I don’t really think Rebecca is mollycoddling the MC. There are times when she does seem to trust the MC capability. Like when -

  • Rebecca: “I know you can solve this. Otherwise, the Agency wouldn’t have allowed me to let you lead such a big case. They’d be asking me to take over instead.”
  • MC: “I don’t need protection. I can do my own job by myself.”
    Rebecca: “I don’t doubt it. But Unit Bravo will be around to protect you anyway, so you may as well make use of their skills.”

But Rebecca is still a mother, and she still loves her child a lot - Sera said that in a post too - even if she is absent most of the time.
Also, Murphy is a supernatural, and iirc, humans are supposedly incapable of fighting supernaturals, which is why all the Agents are supernaturals.

So it’s kinda understandable why Rebecca, despite trusting in the MC’s capability, is still saying things like “Unit Bravo will be around to protect you anyway”.