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I would also add for A channel videos of classic cars and how to maintain them.


Madeline - Adam: She’d be thrilled with the news, but would be really anxious over how A would take it. She’d have to work up to telling him and would freak out thinking that he’d get around to picking up on it with his senses before she gets the nerve to do so herself. She would have an idea of A’s shock & denial at first, but after the shock wears off, then she’d be hopeful but hesitant about his reaction… after all, it would have taken so long for him to open up - would he for a child? She thinks A would be an excellent father.

Alice - Nate: Pretty much spot on. The pregnancy would be smooth sailing in that she would feel supported by her partner all along the way and the fact that he wouldn’t hold back his happiness would please and relax her. She might tire a bit of the over-protective hovering, but I can see her putting up with some of it to allay N’s nerves.

Eve - Mason: Fairly on with reaction.Terrified that M would take it badly or think it had been careless and fault her and withdraw. Even w/her feelings for M, she knows that if she ever had to choose between M and the child, she would choose the kid. Eve would desperately hope that always remains a hypothetical and that after teeling M and giving M space, that M would come around to it. She would be stressed even if M came around since she would feel that she would be more of the “primary parent” and do more re: raising the child - at least at first and until with time M grew into the role- so that would make her feel a bit down and lonely, too. She would definitely lean on Rebecca and her friends to help her through.


Ask about Rebecca favoring someone from UB for the MC

So I saw there was an ask on Sera’s tumblr about what Rebecca’s reaction would be to MC dating which was answered w/it’d vary, but it reminded me of this ask that I came across a way back about if Rebecca would have a preference as to who the MC dates of UB, and she does!

“I suppose she’d probably favour the MC being with A. It’s the obvious choice, really.”

So, fellow A-lovers, rejoice. We might not get the earliest open romantic gestures or to jump in between the sheets anytime soon, but we have Mom’s favor re: our choice. (Haha, which doesn’t amount to much if your MC doesn’t have a close relationship w/her, oh well)


Farah wears clip-on earrings! (For some reason I find this cute)
Has anyone worn clip-ons that don’t slowly get painful to wear, or is Farah just Suffering For Fashion?

jhasdhflksdf AU where F has lots of piercings :eyes:


Any clip-ons that claim to be non-painful are liars, so Farah must, in fact, be Suffering For Fashion. Considering she’ll wear her scarves until she literally cannot, we knew that though.


As far as finding out about pregnancy for my Detectives:

Alice would probably be very worried about juggling her kind of work and a kid. She’d probably be in the denial camp with Adam for awhile until it started sinking in. She would then probably get overprotective and moody. Might even start whining and making Adam get her all types of weird things. I don’t think you’d want to be around a a pregnant Alice. Unless you are there with F for a laugh.

Alice: I said ginger-peach tea, Adam. This is just ginger tea! And I said honey not sugar.
Adam: It’s not that different–
Alice slaps the mug off her desk, halfway across the room
Alice: Do it again, Adam!
Adam: You are acting awfully childish–
Alice: DO IT AGAIN!!
Adam reels back a step in surprise before hastily going back to the kitchen
Felix: snickers

I can’t see Emma being surprised by pregnancy. She’d have planned for it already. She would also be adept with dealing with Nate’s hovering and overreacting by that point so she’d just go along with it unless it was something she really didn’t like. Like if he told her to just lie in bed all day and let him take care of everything. She’d probably force him to sit down on the bed and scold him. But Emma is usually cool as a cucumber so she’d deal with everything well.

Luca would drive Morgan nuts. She may even kill him. He’d be Nate x2.

Luca: Are you sure you don’t need anything? Do you have any cravings? Do you feel sick?
Morgan: sighs
Luca: How about blood? rolls up sleeve You can have mine.
Morgan: Luca, shut the hell up. I just want peace and quiet.
Luca: Oh Ok.
Luca sits still for about a minute
Luca: What about the air in the apartment? I heard pregnant women are more sensitive to smells and you are already super sensitive. I can get some candles or incense–
Morgan: growls and wonders why she loves this dumbass


(posting my replies on here bc this is Very Important Information™ for everyone to know about Charlotte)

@Hannah_Minger Charlotte absolutely has that shower head, but the minute Nate first takes a shower at her apartment, he will sit her down and make a very serious formal request for her to get rid of it.

Nate: It’s just…disturbing.
Charlotte: But it’s so funny! Geddit? Because he’s constantly suffering?

This does not help endear Nate to Star Wars.

It’s ok tho, he manages a compromise to replace Vader with a showerhead that is a few inches taller than Nate, but she absolutely refuses to budge on replacing the Death Star waffle iron, that is the hill she’ll die on.

Nate: You don’t even make waffles.
Charlotte: I like the option!


Our MCs would get along really well, I love Charlotte so much. This is my headcanon for Charlotte’s kitchen:


Nate refuses to cook for her.



And yes, yes, this is exactly what Charlotte’s kitchen looks like, 100%!

But all the utensils have lightsaber handles! And there’s an R2D2 cookie jar! And last but definitely not least, a Death Star kitchen timer that plays the Imperial March.

You’re wrong @SirEdmund Nate will cook here, eventually, when Charlotte gets sick and requests soup and he can’t say no.
Mwahahahaha he has no choice because he fell in love with a NERD.


You’re right, I had not accounted for Nate “Too precious for this world” Sweetwell, of course he will cook for poor, sick Charlotte. What a fool I am!
Nerds are the best, that was secretly a picture of my own kitchen.


So I have a question for you guys, what are your MCs’ drinking habits?

My main MC Vito is like




Uh, Zoe (F) drinks coffee? Paige (N) drinks coffee too. I don’t think Emma (M) takes anything stronger than tea. Veronica (A) drinks water, juice, ice tea.

I have a personal thing against alcohol (I’m underage myself, and other reasons), so I never imagined any of them drinking.


Alice is a beer drinker. She will occasionally indulge in harder liquor but one drink of that is enough.

Emma is a snob, classy martinis or wines. Not opposed to pairing drinks with meals. Emma shares a high taste with Nate in the food and drink area.

Luca is a lightweight so he’s most often a designated driver. On the rare case he indulges on special occasions, he does tend to get more suave when he drinks but it doesn’t last before he is asleep. Usually only a drink or two.

As for the nonalcoholic drinks,

Luca: tea
Emma: tea, cappuccinos, smoothies
Alice: coffee


Ilya (A) is a teetotaler. She has had alcohol before, she has been drunk before, but she doesn’t like it. She hates the taste, and she’s a cuddly drunk, which you may recognize as “not a very safe thing to be”. She also, you know, kind of hates losing control. In non-alcoholic beverages, so 99.999% of what she drinks, it’s usually caffeine, which she affectionately refers to as “liquid sleep”. Otherwise, it’s lemonade or occasionally fruit juice.

I don’t think anyone is super familiar with any of my other MCs, since I had a complete overhaul, but you get them anyway:

Stephan (N) drinks only occassionally, but when he does, he drinks for strength rather than flavour. If it’s social drinking, he’ll nurse the same whatever-is-cheap-on-the-menu until the end of the night, just to be “participating”. Most of the time, he drinks water or sports drinks. (He likes the blue one. He’s not sure what the flavour is called, but he likes it.)

Auren (M) is not picky. She can and will drink just about anything, though she’s very careful about quantities. She prefers tea (she’s a fan of black teas) or water most of the time, but alcohol doesn’t phase her one way or the other. She is, however, very careful not to ever actually get drunk, because she’s very suspicious of everything and everyone.

Tadhg (F) very rarely consumes alcohol. When he does, it’s usually wine. Usually fruity wine. Most of the time, he drinks a disgusting amount of coffee that looks more like chocolate milk because of all the cream and sugar he drowns it in. He’s the guy who buys the $5 drinks at Starbucks 8 times a day.


Blaire (M) doesn’t really drink alcohol, there’s other stuff he’d rather indulge in. He will drink a bottle or a shot or two occasionally but it’s just not a big deal to him. Though he can handle his alcohol. His favorite drink is lemonade, but usually has water just because it’s easier to get and have around, doesn’t like coffee or tea but has stuff lying around incase someone does. No energy drinks.

Sienna (N) does drink but only if the occasion calls for it. She’s a light weight though, so she limits herself and always has someone she trusts around when she does indulge. She’s a big caffeine drinker though, so tea or coffee is her go to, and she likes the strong brews to really keep her going. Not a big fan of soda or energizer drinks though, since Sienna is big on being healthy.


I am (was?) a longtime lurker on this topic. I really liked TWC and I am curious about the sequel.

My main MC, Anne (paired with Adam), isn’t much of a drinker. She would likely have a low alcohol tolerance. Anne would enjoy caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea (she prefers tea).


Lucas’ main (alcoholic) drink of choice is beer. (I have a headcanon that Wayhaven has a microbrewery nearby). While he’s not opposed to mass-market brews and is a believer in not criticizing free beer when offered, he loves trying new beers if they sound tasty enough. He’s also a fan of whiskey and a few other liquors, but doesn’t exactly believe in mixed drinks. The only chaser he usually takes is water or another shot. Wine is okay, but mostly at fancy dinners or other special occasions. He knows what alcopops are, but doesn’t see the point in them.
He doesn’t drink too often, and rarely ever gets drunk (not since some incident when he was 22). Murphy would’ve had a better result on getting him to relax with a few drinks. Most of the time, it’s only a beer or two, with liquor only with someone he trusts. He’s not exactly a lightweight, but he has a reputation to uphold.

Aside from tea and coffee, he mostly drinks water, fruit juice, and soda (and he’s trying to cut out soda). He loves cranberry juice, either by itself or with other juices.

Initially? Confused and betrayed, then infuriated. He wanted nothing to do with her after that. By Chapter 1, it’s morphed into an annoyance.


Lauren: tea, coffee-flavoured milk, other mild coffee variants as long as they’re not too sweet.
Kira: Coffee, hot chocolate, any kind of starbucks sugar-caffeine abomination. Had a brief energy drink dependency in college so doesn’t touch it anymore.(the headaches were hell.)


Lauren generally dislikes being drunk/tipsy in Wayhaven, mostly it just feels weird to her, but she’ll indulge in a drink or two; but tea is usually her go-to after a bad shift. Outside of Wayhaven she can enjoy a good party when the mood strikes her, and I imagine if Bravo ever does manage to get her drinking, she may surprise them with her tolerance.
She likes wine and mixed drinks, though every now and then she’ll go for a beer. “Affectionate” drunk.

Kira doesn’t like getting drunk but she enjoys being tipsy! Did her share of social drinking in college, but it was mostly with a small group of friends. She was, and still is, a lightweight who doesn’t take much.
Mixed drinks and cocktails primarily, the sweeter the better. Sucker for a good peach bellini.
Incredibly affectionate when tipsy, but turns sleepy if she veers too far into drunk territory.

Despite being much smaller (both in height and bulk), Lauren could drink Kira under the table several times over.

All this talk of my MC’s in college makes me wonder…

People whose MC’s were either ex’s or ex-friends with Bobby - how did they handle being used?

Bobby's always an ex for mine

Lauren was pissed and wrote a spite essay last-minute, and never really forgave him. She took both her academics and her relationship with him very seriously.
Kira was mad but later laughed like “man, I bet she put more effort into editing it than I did in writing it” and then handed in some slap-dash essay that got her a passing grade. Initially upset but barely cares anymore.


My MC’s reaction was kinda like this




Blaire is in complete denial about it. When it’s brought up they used to date, he insists that they were just “sleeping around”. During the first initial days after it happened, Blaire locked himself in his room and didn’t talk to anyone about it. Once the shock wore off, he came out acting like everything was fine and proceeded to focus on his studies and hobbies to get his mind off of it. He gets really bitter and angry about it if he thinks back on it for too long, and likes to pretend “it’s over and done with, whatever no issue.” He was deeply hurt about the entire ordeal, but now channels it to faux apathy.