The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


There is no best route to get friendship points. As @Meira_Litch says it depends on who you wanna get points with.
There are some choices which get you friendship points with two or more UB members (but this is rare) - examples:

  • Doing the tests
  • “No cross-wielding at Murphy”
  • (at the hospital with Nate and Mason): “Yes. It gives me confidence to be working with you all”

If you’re interested in the code, then this is how to get max friend points with each character.


  • “Seeing as you’re so concerned, ${adam}, you come with me.”
  • “I think we could make a good team if we could work together.”
  • “We’ll patrol for a few hours, then head home.”
  • “Aw, see? You do like me, really.”
  • “I didn’t realise I had to look a certain way in order to solve crime.”
  • Call ${adam}.

(if Bar)

  • {adam}.
  • “Sorry. You get that one, and I can manage the rest.”

(if Office)

  • “Work is important, especially in what we do. We can’t just clock off.”
  • {adam}.
  • “My job is to protect others, too.”


  • Do the tests—I’m interested in the results myself./Do the tests—it’s the only way to find out what’s really going on./Do the tests—I need to know how to defend myself with this mutation./Do the tests—I want to help them as much as I can.
  • Despite our differences, I respect ${a_him}. It would be good to talk.
  • “You’re not a monster…well, your attitude kind of is.”
  • “Guess you can still enjoy a nice Bolognese.”
  • “No cross-wielding at Murphy. Got it.”
  • “That sounds pretty useful.”

(if Hospital: Adam & Felix)

  • “I don’t mind at all. It was just unexpected.”
  • “Knowing even part of his motivation may help us with the case.”

(if Hospital: Nate & Mason)

  • “Thanks, but I can handle doing my job.”/ “Thanks, but I’ll be okay. I’ve got backup.”


  • “I can’t just go and let you fight them off yourself!”/“I’m not leaving you, ${adam}.”/“It’s the best plan we have.”

Max friend points: 17


  • “Don’t worry about it.”/“Don’t worry…I’m pretty ashamed of how I acted too.”
  • Thank ${n_him} for helping to calm the situation.
  • …making me smile back and say, “It was good working with you too. See you tomorrow.”
  • “This will be a delicate situation.” ${nate} seems the best at that so far.
  • “What good am I if I can’t stop this from happening!”/“I need to catch this guy before having to tell another mother her child is dead.”
  • “Of course. I’d be happy to help.”
  • “I doubt anything will happen tonight, but be careful.”
  • …wrapping the wound with a cloth.
  • Roll my eyes, too tired to deal with quips today.
  • Call ${nate}.

(if Bar)

  • “Might be nice to get to know you guys out of a professional atmosphere.”
  • {nate}.
  • …I say, “Thanks for helping me with the drinks.”

(if Office)

  • “Our work is necessary, but there has to be a balance or we’ll just burn out.”
  • {nate}.
  • “You’re lucky you have me around to save you.”

(if Mom relationship bad)

  • “I know. I just need time to mull over all of this.”/“I can forgive her…eventually.”/“I love her too but she can’t just expect me to be fine with it all.”/Sigh. “You’re right.”

(if Mom relationship neutral)

  • “I know. I just need time to get over all of this.”/“I don’t blame her…it’s just so much to take in.”/“I love her too, but it’s still going to take time.”/Sigh. “You’re right.”

(if Mom relationship good)

  • “I love her too. I know she was just trying her best.”/“I don’t blame my mother, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely all right with it.”/“It’ll be easier for me and her now that I know everything.”


  • Do the tests—I’m interested in the results myself./Do the tests—it’s the only way to find out what’s really going on./Do the tests—I need to know how to defend myself with this mutation./Do the tests—I want to help them as much as I can.
  • “I just came to check how you and the team are doing.”/“I’m not really sure why I stopped here.”
  • “Guess you can still enjoy a nice Bolognese.”
  • “No cross-wielding at Murphy. Got it.”
  • “Where did that legend come from then?”
    (if Hospital: Adam & Felix)
  • “Thanks for worrying but I’ll be fine.”/“If he’s still lurking around the hospital then he’s dumber than we thought.”
    (if Hospital: Nate & Mason)
  • “This obviously isn’t part of your normal, day-to-day duties.”
  • “You’re all vampires. That’s pretty amazing! And surprisingly useful for investigations.”/“Yes. It gives me confidence to be working with you all.”
  • “I’m grateful for your help with all of this, and for keeping me safe.”/“Don’t worry—I like having all of you around.”/“If you keep buying me food, then you can stay for as long as you want.”/“I’ve enjoyed having a team to work with.”
  • “Are you going to be okay?”/“We’ll get through this, don’t worry.”

Max friend point 23



(if talk to Tina’s witness)

  • “Pizza delivery.”
  • glare back.
  • {mason}'s probably the least intrusive, so {m_she} can come.”
  • I try to calm down and apologise./I refuse to be the one to move first. None of this is my fault.
  • “Let’s just get this over with.”
  • “This is how I look. Deal with it.”
  • Call ${mason}.

(if Bar)

  • {mason}.

(if Office)

  • “I was only trying to help, jeez.”
  • {mason}.
  • “Well, uh, thanks….”


  • Do the tests—I’m interested in the results myself./Do the tests—it’s the only way to find out what’s really going on./Do the tests—I need to know how to defend myself with this mutation./Do the tests—I want to help them as much as I can.
  • “Does this kind of thing actually get people into bed with you?”
  • “I should be allowed to know how to defend myself.”
  • “No cross-wielding at Murphy. Got it.”
  • “I suppose I’ll have to watch myself from now on then.”

(if Hospital: Nate & Mason)

  • “We’ll try and make it quick.”/ “Are you going to be okay?”
  • “I came to check that you were all right.”
  • “Sorry, but my dreams don’t involve anything to do with you.”
  • “I’m used to only relying on myself….”/“Yes. It gives me confidence to be working with you all.”


  • “I already left the others. I’m not leaving you too!”/"…All right."/“Fine, but only to get help. I’m coming back.”

Max friend points: 19



(if go over crime scene)

  • “I’m pretty sure we’re safe enough.”/“I would like the help—if that’s okay?”
  • {felix} can come along." !{f_she}'ll make interesting company, at least.
  • "I wish we could do more.
  • “Don’t worry about it. No one is made of stone.”
  • “Is that somebody’s attempt at modern art?”
  • “I’ll take any chance to give my opinion.”
  • “Well, that’s just rude.”
  • Call ${felix}.

(if Bar)

  • “I think ${adam}'s disapproving glare is chaperone enough!”/“Less of a chaperone, more of an enabler.” Wink back./“I’m all for getting out of the office. In whatever capacity.”
  • {felix}.
  • “Nice try, but you’re going to have to look for distraction from someone else.” Chuckle.

(if Office)

  • “I’m all up for us all going out some time. We should totally blow off steam.”
  • {felix}.
  • “Yeah, I find falling on my ass always helps me feel heroic.”


  • Do the tests—I’m interested in the results myself./Do the tests—it’s the only way to find out what’s really going on./Do the tests—I need to know how to defend myself with this mutation./Do the tests—I want to help them as much as I can.
  • It’s been a bit dull without ${f_his} strange but fun attitude around.
  • “Strength isn’t everything, you know.”
  • “Guess you can still enjoy a nice Bolognese.”
  • “No cross-wielding at Murphy. Got it.”

(if Hospital: Adam & Felix)

  • “Actually yeah, I’m going to try and see what I can get off of this. Wanna help?”
  • “This may surprise you, but that doesn’t help me relax at all.”


  • …saying with a smile, “How could I not help but like you all?”/…saying, “Yeah, I guess I’ve come to like you all in the end.”
  • “Come in. What’s up?”
  • “I’m better now that I’m home, and in a familiar place.”/“Still figuring it all out, but I’ll get there.”/“Me? Pfft! I’m the master of ignoring problems until I forget about them.”/“To be honest, I don’t think it’s all really sunk in yet.”/“Undecided. Thrilled to know about vampires and the supernatural…but not keen on being a target!”/“You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine.”/“Excited! A whole new world just opened up to me, more exciting than the human one.”
  • “You’re worried about me, when you’re the one who’s badly hurt?”/“I’m better with you here.”

Max friend points: 22


When it comes to Rebecca, I can’t be angry with her. I’m used to having overprotective parents. And I’m not overly afraid, in fact I’m actually more likely to go out and try new things. I also don’t do those things in order to prove something either. I just learned how to roll with it and put my foot down if they were overreacting about something.

Like once, I said that I wanted to go to Atlantic City and my dad said he didn’t want me to go because “People die in Atlantic City”. Lol, ok, pretty sure that’s a universal thing everywhere. But I went after I discussed it some more with him to calm his fears and I texted him every day I was there. It seems unreasonable but I know that my dad lost his parents at an early age so he has fears about things he isn’t able to control.

Maybe Rebecca is the same way and whatever happened to MC’s father has something to do with her personality. I will say that my parents were always around and supportive so it’s not the same thing as Rebecca so maybe that makes a difference. But still, Rebecca has seen some really scary and traumatizing stuff while MC is on her first murder case in a small town. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for her to react this way. I found the others, except N, treating the case like a joke much more offensive. They also should’ve better equipped the MC to protect themselves instead of thinking they were all unstoppable and they didn’t need the help from some weak human.


I’m actually inclined to agree with you on this one. I’m not exactly a kid over here, and I am a mother, and Rebecca gets on my nerves, too. Part of it for me is the “too little too late” element of it, I admit. Childhood and teen years are major, formative periods for people. That is when they need support. A grown-ass adult, pardon my language, is not the one who needs the kind of support Rebecca is trying to provide. It feels like Rebecca is trying to just “make up for lost time”, but the lost time is “the MC growing up”, and it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t revert your kid to a child again once they’re grown, and if you want to rebuild a relationship that broke down in those days with your now-adult child, you need to treat them like a peer.

Also this, yes.

There’s nothing logical about refusing to let the MC be involved, as a consenting adult with a full understanding of the situation, in baiting a trap for Murphy. Yes, the MC is not capable of handling Murphy alone, but when they suggest that they could be used to draw Murphy out, implying a controlled set of circumstances where they are not alone and people who should be able to handle him can be on hand, where the Agency is able to arrange everything and try to cover every base, and Rebecca shuts that down without even giving it the time of day, that’s just flat emotionally-motivated decision making, and it’s not rational. Yes, the MC shouldn’t be allowed to handle Murphy alone, but there are logical ways the MC can be involved and beneficial in a significant way by handling the situation intelligently, and Rebecca is not willing to consider that or give the MC the opportunity to even make their case.


The MC wasn’t refused to get involved, the MC was refused to get physically close to Murphy, which is common sense. And also, do we know any of this? It’s obvious once you play the game that the Agency is not able to cover every scenario. If that was the case, they would have expected the Thralls in the middle of the day, or Murphy having DMB, for putting an example.

MC was allowed to keep working on the case and capture of Murphy, which is, in my opinion, the best that can be done. As far as the Agency knows, the one thing that is sure about Murphy is that he is unpredictable, so, thinking they can out-smart a vampire that has evade them for so long, would not be the most clever idea imo. Obviously Rebecca is also taking decisions as a mother, there is no doubt on that, and thank god she is, other wise, the MC would probably be dead.

Also, the point of Rebecca trying to make up for the lost time, is heavily down to interpretation and your relation with her. My MC’s have a good relation with her and are very close. And, well, Rebecca would still go to MC’s important events and all that stuff, and having my own mother coming home rather late due to her work, I never felt like she was absent at all, but this, again, depends on the person. I was at school at morning and afternoon, so to me, my mom was away only for a couple of hours. Because of this, I can’t go down the headcanon of Rebecca being absent all the time and trying to win back the lost time.

Anyway, all this is really a subjective matter. I never get the impression of Rebecca treating MC as a child, specially when Sera says over and over again that Rebecca does trust MC and her decisions as a responsible adult.


Yes, Sera has implied repeatedly that she does trust the MC. She wants the MC to have freedom and she gives that freedom.

This relates to MC’s romance choice, but still the implication is that she trust the MC’s choices and decisions.

So Rebecca does wants the MC to be free and live her life, make her own choices and decisions. But when it comes to Murphy, she’s just being logical and practical that it’s impossible for MC to defeat MC. The MC going near Murphy, in part, does worry her personally as a mother; but, in part, because the agency has not discovered the full effects of her blood mutation and because the agency knows that Murphy is experimenting on people with blood mutation, it’s just dangerous to lead the MC straight into Murphy’s hands - it’s dangerous using her as bait with Unit Bravo protecting her.


I think we all kind of underestimate just how dangerous Murphy is.

We have NO ideas how many people he killed, really. The only ones we KNOW of are Garret, Janet, and Unit Uniform, and that still a lot, especially considering 4 of then were trained supernatural agents who had guarded Wayhaven for years, and its implied that he killed a lot more. How many? Dozens? We don’t know but Rebecca certainly does.

He also invaded capture for moths, maybe longer and was able to fight Unit Bravo to a stand-still without the MC’s blood.

Murphy is dangerous, Rebecca knows this, and the MC is just barely learning about the Supernatural. I don’t blame her for not wanting the MC around him!


I still think the MC should’ve been given more information about potential weaknesses of vampires. Yes, in theory, the Agency, Rebecca, and Unit Bravo have all the bases covered. But crazy off the script things can happen. You can’t tell me that the Agency doesn’t have any sort of self defense weapons for their human agents to use. If they didn’t want the MC involved, they should’ve had them stay underground in their facility. If they were OK with them being involved, they need to be properly briefed and trained to encounter the supernatural.

Their decisions were reckless and it almost got the MC killed.


I think that was more UB okay, mostly A being not okay with the MC knowing than Rebecca tho. A did want them to stay in the facility too. Should they have told the MC? Probably. But that’s not really Rebecca’s fault


Iirc, the agency doesn’t have human agents. Humans are not powerful enough to defeat supernaturals, thus the absence of human agents. Rebecca had told the MC that during the tour of the facility.


I don’t think it was reckless. Let me explain with a short example.

If a civil (MC) is being followed by someone, or is the possible target of someone, they can put the civil on a protection program (UB), but the police is not going to give training to a civil out of the blue.

Now that MC is a liaison and part of the Agency, I’m sure they will provide all the training necessary.

Tho, I agree that they should have let the MC know about the dangers they were facing. This is the one thing that has piss me off about UB (except N, who wants to tell us the truth) along the game.


I think that was my biggest problem with this game. The mother, although the author wanted her to be seen as a caring mother. She came off as overprotective and there’s nothing wrong with an overprotective parent(unless there too overprotective.)It just felt like it just clicked into her head as soon as the MC turned an adult. and that’s my problem because there’s so many questions left unanswered, why did she tell her teammates insted of the mc about the killer? Why did she tell the team leader to lie about the case? Why didn’t she tell the mc earlier about their blood or supernatural, if she knew it was going to come to this? And what if mc was a supernatural themselves(non canon but still), would’ve she still been overprotective? Does she trust her teammates more than her own son/daughter?( i hope this didn’t come off as a hate comment i’ll delete if it does.)


It’s ok, you are free to air your thoughts. And no, it doesn’t come across as too harsh / rude.

I guess the one of the answer to that is that the information is classified, and that she was not given clearance to tell the MC when MC’s identity was unknown. She is a good agent and has to keep the information secret.
Sure, it’s not a very good reason, but it has to be done.


That’s the thing, tho. She was trying to AVOID it coming to this. Rebecca never wanted the MC to learn about the Supernatural. Ever. And probably never would even have them meet Unit Bravo if not for a vampire hunting them down.

Rebecca’s job is to keep people from learning about the Supernatural, including her child, thats why she lied and told Unit Bravo to lie. Its Unit Bravo’s job to find Murphy and bring him in, thats why they know. She does trust her child but its not about trust, its about her doing the job she was hired to do. Keep humans from learning about the Supernatural.

Your questions were all answered, friend.


To don’t make a wall of text again, I will just say that the point is, Rebecca didn’t know MC’s blood would cause a situation like this one.

Rebecca and UB weren’t working on Murphy’s case until he came to WH and killed UU. She didn’t tell the Detective because she wanted her child to live a normal life like most humans do. And is not about not trusting the MC, is just MC is a civilian. I don’t even think Rebecca would be allowed to tell the Detective even if she wanted to. The same way secret organisations in our real world are not allowed to share secret information with their close relatives, and, if for any reason their family was involved in a case, they would still not be allowed to disclose information with them.


I just want to put my two cents, I’m speaking from experience since my mom too is overprotective (she still sometimes worries about me like i’m a child, and being the youngest sibling doesn’t help) when I say that Rebecca just wanted to keep her child safe, she didn’t want to bring her child into the supernatural world

Also on an unrelated note I finally drew my own profile picture :grinning: !


Also, think about this. Rebecca probably didn’t think the MC would ever really come across any dangerous Supernatural.

Wayhaven is a small town where nothing happens, which has a Unit there to protect it, just in case, and the MC has a mutation that give them a natural resistance to, from her knowledge at the beginning, at least a vampire’s pheromones.

Until Murphy happened there was no way for her to predict the MC would ever be in danger…


I’m definitely not placing all the fault on Rebecca. I think everyone had a share of the blame here and a lot of it comes down to underestimating Murphy and MC and overestimating their own abilities. I do think the biggest problem was the UB’s prejudice. A and M didn’t want the detective to know anything. A seemed to think if they taught any sort of self defense measures involving vampires to the MC, they would be used against them. M just considered MC a nuisance and probably thought MC knowing more would provide a further hindrance to getting the job done. F seemed to change their stance and probably was afraid the MC would hate them after finding out. N tries to give MC as much information as possible, but is constantly overruled by A.

They probably don’t have field agents but that doesn’t mean that Rebecca and others who work for the Agency don’t have ways to protect themselves. Rebecca basically saved the day against those thralls so she’s gotta have some training/weapons to use against the supernatural.

I was curious about this so I looked it up. And while civilians aren’t allowed to carry firearms in case of an order of protection, officers are. MC being a detective has been trained in the use of firearms, there shouldn’t have been a problem giving them something to protect themselves. Plus there are non-lethal things like pepper spray that they could use just to get away. It would be different if MC was an actual civilian but they are a police officer, the leader of their station. It shouldn’t be out of the question.


They are not the leader of their station, they are just a Detective. And even if they are an officer, is still for human rules. My point is, for the Agency, they are a civilian.


Okay, here’s the thing. Yes, Murphy is dangerous, more dangerous than the Agency realized - but that’s just it: the Agency did not realize how dangerous he was. Rebecca thinks UB is enough to keep the MC safe, so why, then, should the MC not be allowed to help create a more controlled environment for the encounter with Murphy? This really is the sticking point for me in the argument that Rebecca’s actions are rational in this regard: she knows that Murphy is coming for the MC, and she chooses to allow them directly back into the area he is looking for them in with UB for protection, but refuses to even listen to conversation about how they might contribute to Murphy’s capture by creating a more controlled environment for his inevitable approach.

  1. They know Murphy will come for the MC. UB says it. Rebecca says it. Everyone acknowledges it.
  2. They know Murphy is in that area. They’ve seen him. It’s literally why UB is there.
  3. They demonstrably believe that UB can handle Murphy. It’s why Rebecca selects them to protect the MC.
  4. There is no rational way that a situation in which more cards are put into Murphy’s hands than the Agency’s will result in the Agency having better control of a situation.
  5. The MC has the option to offer to assist, as a consenting adult with full knowledge of the situation, in arranging for a controlled encounter with Murphy.
  6. The MC’s offer is cut off short in a statement by Rebecca that makes it clear she will not even hear it.

As of the moment that the MC is returning to duty after the first thrall attack, the logical course of action is to utilize resources to arrange for a more controlled execution of the situation. Yes, the Agency is underestimating how dangerous he is, but specifically because of that, because at this point, he seems to simply be a relatively normal, if capable, rogue vampire, there is no rational reason not to handle it in a situation that allows optimum control, instead of one where the only control they have is over UB and (kind of, sort of, not really) the MC, and all they’re doing is looking for Murphy, apparently manually, which is demonstrably 1. not very efficient, and 2. something they’ve been trying and failing to do for years.

Everything else Rebecca does aside, this is the one thing that, for me, is truly, genuinely irrational.


I’ll agree that her shooting down this idea isn’t rational but, here’s the thing, not everyone chooses that option when playing the game.

We need to keep in mind that there are limits to the story, if Rebecca had be like “okay, that sounds like a good idea” that would’ve been a lot of coding on Sera’a part for something not everyone would be interested in reading.

Rebecca did put her foot down and made an emotional decision there, shes a human being who’s scared for her child, but I still wouldn’t call her an irrational person because of ONE decision.