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Hey Guys Look it’s UB



That’s a good one! :rofl:

Hollywood shows us as a wild party country where all dreams come true and anyone can get into clubs and drink but its uuuu not. At All. USA is lame

Reminder guys: Lessen off-topic posts. =) We don’t want to derail the thread any further.


Resuri is always the voice of reason here :laughing:.

I want to ask something, tho. Why is it against the rules to go off topic if the author of the topic doesn’t mind? Just curious about it. But it does feel a bit restrictive at times.


Sometimes it’s hard to redirect the thread to it’s original purpose once it goes completely off the rails. Or at least that’s what I assume from a few times I was asked to mod a site or chat on different sites. Though that was at least the reasoning that my friends gave me when they asked me to.

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@AngelOfTheBroken is correct. Once it gets out of hand (especially if it might start some flame wars), some on-topic posts might get buried especially those post asking for help or in the case of friction, might scare away new fans. =) And it is one of the forum rules so abiding to rules will help the moderators in the long run.

One thing about Discord servers advantages is to go off-topic anytime you want. Anyway we better go on-topic. The good news is I am progressing with my flirty MC for Nate and I am all smiles! :heart:


N’s Route is just way way to sweet :two_hearts: Has anyone done a shy MC with them? I’m curious.


I have! N really finds it sweet it seems like that the MC is so timid but also seems a little concern that maybe the MC might not feel wholly the same. Though N seems to find it very sweet. Though I haven’t done a flirty MC for them yet so I don’t know what the diffrence might look like?


Iirc when I did N’s Route my MC was pretty flirty and it didn’t seem like N was worried about the MC not returning their feelings. It’s cute that N actually worries about that kind of thing!

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My assessment with a flirty MC for N (so far in my run): N is becoming so adorkable. I imagine him with a goofy grin in their face.


Yes. It’s fun because they pick on you about it a little, too! lol


hhhhhhh ive gotta play n’s route aaaaaaa

Do it they are a sweet little cutie!!

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One of my favourite parts of it. XD Suavell can’t help but press buttons.


Maybe I’ll try a mix of subtle and bold approach for N and maybe A as well.


My N-run is with a shy MC. It’s pretty sweet.


My everything run is with a shy mc. Shy and demure are my go tos for everything. Then for literally 1 scene i switch to badass then back to it


I tried to do the love triangle. I couldn’t go through with it… I didn’t want to bear knowing the fact that in the end I’ll end up hurting Nat in favor of Ava… It’s not right to do that to them. :frowning:


I have returned from my slumberrrrrrrrrr

And I miss a whole discussion regarding underage drinking in the United States, road tripping in the United States, and whole buncha Doulgas appreciation posts I regret missing those the most, I love my trash boi.

off topic comments under summary

US drinking laws are very weird–we were actually debating this in class just this Thursday.

Technically, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act only made it so that sale of alcoholic beverages was illegal to those under 21. Many states closed the loophole and made all consumption of alcohol while under 21 to be illegal, others still allow underage alcohol consumption for medical purposes, and even others allow under-21 to drink in private or with parental consent.

This all ties back to America’s rough history with alcohol, complex history with religion and evangelism, and Prohibition is hands down one of my favorite eras of history of the United States. If possible, I’d like to make a small PM thread to discuss this stuff or make an Off-Topic thread for these kinds of discussions.

And @Meira_Litch I know what you mean about the ‘untouched’ nature of some of the United States. I actually have a similar perception of Mexico. The village that my parents are from was a small hamlet surrounded entirely by forests and plains; not another building in sight for miles. Lots of places in the Americas are exactly like that; we just haven’t had as much time to sprawl out as you Europeans! :slight_smile: But we’re getting there. Luckily in the U.S. we have the national park system, so at least some parts of the U.S. won’t ever change (we hope), but all the cities have definitely lost that natural quality to them.

Still fun as heck for roadtrips!

Maybe it’s my bias (ok, it’s definitely my bias, but for good reason!), but California is probably the best state for road tripping. Because we’re such a large state, our infrastructure is entirely reliant on maintaining our highways in tip-top shape; luckily we’re actually wealthy enough to maintain them, and with them you can drive into all four geographical zones (the valleys, the mountains, the coasts, the deserts–yeah, I’ll admit the desert is a fascinating place to explore, just not to live, lol). And we’re so big that you could spend days just traveling and traveling throughout the state.

One of the things that always boggles my mind is how some EU countries are only an hour’s drive away from each other! It takes me a half hour just to get to the nearest city, and I’m not even talking about a major city. Los Angeles is a full hour and a half away!

Ah, I should stop. I’ve talked enough off-topic, lol

Mayor: Take him.

Douglas: Wait what.

MC: [grabbing Douglas by the arm] First thing’s first young man, you’re getting a haircut.

Douglas: Nooooooooooooooooooo.

Nah, Douglas has only ever worked at the Police Station.

The narration mentions that the mayor pulled strings to get Douglas a job there, and moved funds that were originally for the hospital to renovating the police force.
Douglas had never worked there, it was simply that the wealthy people of Wayhaven wanted a state of the art hospital that could rival the city and they could be proud of, even though everyone in Wayhaven still uses the local doctor, lol.

I’m not 100% on this, but I’m pretty sure it’s implied that the mayor forced Douglas to work at the station because he’s not going to college/university and needs him to get off his lazy ass and stop mooching–not that that helped…

Are you implying…that we become Batman???

Because I’d be all for that! lol

Tbh, I feel like we’re just going to end up joining the Agency like Rebecca did. Then the Agency can provide nannies for our useless son! Demon nannies. huehuehue :smiling_imp: Scare him straight.

If you go to the bar and save Douggie from the thralls, when you come back and you choose, “I’m sure you’ll be able to replace your father soon, with such a talent at flattery” this is his reaction:
The comment makes Douglas stiffen, his face contorting into a disgusted frown. “Ugh, I hope not.”

Charlotte: It’s ok, Douglas. If you eat your vegetables, get good grades, and pay your taxes, you can always grow up to be a kickbutt police detective, just like me!

Douglas: …and I have to do all of that?

Charlotte: Goddamnit son, let me parent you.

I agree. I’d much rather stay a smalltown detective than join the Agency or become Batman, but if literally all of the crimes we’re sent to investigate turn out to be supernaturals and we therefore have to hand them over to the Agency–and especially if Bobby writes a piece about it–I can see us getting into deep shit for seemingly never solving any crimes.

Oh god, it’s my little brother’s growth spurt all over again.

Charlotte: [pushing Douglas’ head down to her level] How dare you grow taller than me! Shrink, damn you!!

Charlotte: [conveniently ignores her giant of a boyfriend]