The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

Our friendship and romance are tracked with separate variables, but the friendship value doesn’t seem to alter anyone’s behavior like the romance one does?

I’m just wondering if there will be any achievements in this game, or there won’t be any achievements at all? I tried to find the keywords about achievements in WIP thread but no one seems to talk about them.

How do I get the “unicorn scene”?
I’ve tried other options but I cannot seem to find it.

Holy shi…! Its already out and I didn’t see? Gonna buy it right now. :smile:

You have to go with Tina to the bar, then, Bobby will not call you while in the apartment. You just need to ask to the team which other supernaturals are real. Really funny scene :laughing:


@Andromache - I’m glad you liked that :slight_smile: Book One is very much focused on building those initial relationships. Book Two will have a bit more impact for choices making game changing decisions, but the focus will still mostly remain on characters and relationships and how you want those to progress.

@sljzz - Friendship will come more into it later. You need time to build those up :smiley: But once they do, scenes will vary depending on who you have high friendship with and things.

@tferramenta - There won’t be achievements in Wayhaven, no. I want it to feel much more like you’re playing through a story than a game :slight_smile:

(Just dropping in, and now I really need to leave and actually start my break, haha! :smiley: Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!)


About the love triangle,who’s in the middle?My mc or one of their two?

Is someone else having trouble with the in-app purchase too? Even if I have money on my Google wallet, it gives error when I try to buy the game.

Well, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one doing the love triangle. XD

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At some point I want a spoiler-filled summary of the love triangle. I’m okay with romancing everyone separately, but love triangles give me irrational anxiety even though I know IT’S NOT REAL. Let me live vicariously through someone else’s fictional MC, please.

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Best way to romance/friend M? What choices should I lean to? I seem to be picking the wrong ones everytime somehow. Halp.

M seems to like it when you flirt. Like winking and being suggestive, and such. :wink:

@Andromache Have you played the game yet? If you have, I can tell about the love triangle :blush:

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Feel free to give me all the details!!! I just don’t want to break anyone’s heart! :sweat_smile:

All right :blush: Well, it didn’t seem too tense to me, except in some key moments in which [spoiler] both of them are concerned about the MC, and they try to show it, only to find the other one in the way/doing the same. I found it super adorable more than anything. You can clearly see them sort of thawing/growing to love the MC. (I don’t wanna say names in case you decide to do it for yourself :wink:)


I played this for 8 hours straight last night. I’m still not done with all my playthroughs, and I can’t pick a favourite. It’s so interesting seeing how each of the characters react to different personalities. I love this game so so much I can’t properly articulate it.


Imo N is probably the easiest to romance out of the bunch as well as making friends with N. F would be a pretty close second with A in third. M is definitely the hardest to get a flirt or friend points with. In my first playthrough with Ava as the romance, I managed to get the flirt with her over 10, became good friends with Nat and Farah at 10 and 8. Morgan is a 5. Right now I’d have to say my favorite is basically a tie right now between Ava and Morgan based on their unique interactions when you’re romancing one of them. Also romanced Nat and I enjoyed it as well. The only two things I need to get around to doing is romance Farah and then do the love triangle.

Also took me a while to figure out how to add more stats to combat, Intel and people but I got these parts down now so it’s far easier for me to kick the crap out of Murphy. :wink:


So this might be weird but I actually really like Murphy as a villain and I really do hope we get more of him. I think the scene in the lab where he figures out who the Detective was both fun and kind of tense. I was really torn between “NO, SAMIR, GET OUT OF THERE” and “Well, he would be nice to this guy, creeper or not,


I’ll have to admit that I got a feeling that we just may see him again later in the series. It would be a shame to waste someone like him after just one book after what he has done. At this point, he’s like Joker to the MC’s Batman without the money or the crazy gadgets.


I actually just finished a playthrough with a coward MC that focuses on talking people down. And I must say Murphy is really nice (as much as it’s possible) with my MC. He is actually gentle with her when doing the blood transfusion and feels sorry for the pain it causes. It did surprise me a lot.


Ha really? That’s wild. My MC was insulting him and tried to get him to flip out but Murphy shoved the IV pretty roughly and didn’t apologize for it. I got a feeling that Murphy may had tortured him when my MC was passed out.