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Don’t make assumptions about how other people read it, I’ve read that the mc can still be seen as the chosen one because they are also conveniently the last known one of their kind and it is rather convenient, even if it is also rather prudent that only with the mc does Murphy start to get careful. So the mc is still a chosen of sorts by being the sole survivor. Much like the Fallout 4 mc is the sole survivor of their Vault and thus the last of their kind and a chosen one.


So, as said, MC doesn’t survive for having special qualities. And, I’m sorry, but if to you being the protagonist and have one single trait that makes you unique is your definition of Mary Sue, then I think we don’t consider a MS the same. You say you like Samurai of Hyuga, so, I guess the ronin is a super mega Mary Sue,
considering they are the fricking sword who cuts the heavens, kek


Oh wow, this is so exciting to see people enjoying it :smiley: After a year, it certainly is such a relief and sheer happiness!
Thank you so, so much for taking the time to leave feedback, lovely messages, and comments, everyone! (I obviously understand that not everything in the story is going to work for everyone, and that’s totally fine! Having our own opinions and likes is what keeps us unique, after all :slight_smile: )

A lot of the questions people have asked would be too spoilery to answer and will likely come up in other books, so it’ll just take time to find out :wink:

Also nice to see F getting more love, hehe :smiley: That’s been one of the most interesting things to see, that F is shooting up in the popularity stakes (pun totally intended…) after the full game!

In regards to the tests, The Agency don’t do tests on the blood at the end, so your choice there is something that will crop up as a thing during the series. :wink:

I’m loving hearing which scenes are your favourites and very excited to see that the N and dog scene, and the unicorn scene are going down well, hehe!

Thank you again for your incredible support, guys :slight_smile: You have no idea how much it means after this long journey of getting Book One out! I will be taking a bit of a break/rest now it’s out, so will be on and off less frequently over the next week, but after that I will be diving straight into getting all the prep stuff completed for Book Two, with a look to starting writing at the beginning of April!

(I am out of likes for today, but I really wanted to just like everyone’s wonderful comments and thoughts!)


Having finished about 2/3s of the entire game (completed A and N, 2/3s done with M), I decided to post my review of it. Spoilers ahoy!

  • As everyone else has said, I enjoyed the amount of freedom we had with our dialog choices. Besides one or two instances, I was almost able to say and act exactly the way I wanted to act!
  • With that said, there were a few times I felt like it didn’t actually matter. I mean, I know for the most part all it does is change flavor text and add friendship/flirt points, but a few times it actively made the illusion of choice disappear. Both of these instances have to do with the reveal of the agency. One of my MCs, instead of being upset, was very excited, thought it was really nifty, and repeatedly encouraged her mother. It was weird to me when I was repeatedly asked if I forgave my mother or not, and the night at the apartment had my character suddenly overwhelmed and fearful of the supernatural.
  • This next criticism also has to do with the reveal. I felt like, while the concept is super cool and I liked being shown around, it was a bit rushed and not given enough time to process. We wake up, we get told what’s going on, and then it’s time for the super fun tour!!! Oh yeah, that guy? He’s a demon. It’s awesome. Oh hey, time to flirt again! I think if heavy topics like that had a bit more time to slow down, it would come off the way that it was intended. Other parts that felt rushed to me was the Unit telling the MC about Murphy and then the sudden thrall attack, as well as the blood transfusion. The way it was handled made it feel to me like nothing important actually happened to the blood, although I know logically it did.

  • There were also a few instances where the dialog felt forced. Not very many, but just one or two. When we’re telling the Unit about Murphy, for one. I don’t think anyone would give so much detail about the creepy doctor guy in one sentence.
  • The game and the writing is at it’s best when we’re investigating, prior to the thrall attack. I loved the options in dealing with the other humans, in trying to do our work, and deciding if that means taking on a more humane or clinical approach.
  • Every single character feels appropriately human (uh…) and real, as if they’re actually the protagonists of their own stories, it’s just that their stories are not the ones being told. Bobby is the journalist who is investigating some shady going-ons in a formerly sleepy town, Doug is a bored youth coming-of-age as a mystery develops around him, and Tina is a woman that is trying to keep her best friend in her life, just to name a few. I have my favorites on the Unit, but I’m thoroughly attached to everyone.
  • I enjoy how different the parts of the routes we saw in this game felt. You can really see your experience in visual novels shine through here.

If I had to give this game a grade on the A-F scale, I’d give it a B. It’s a good game, and an excellent introduction, that unfortunately has to deal with the flaws that can come with being in charge of setting up the entire series. Knowing what I know about @Seraphinite’s writing skills, though, I believe that it can only go up from there! I’ll be posting a steam review at the end of the weekend, and I hope that this gets the success it deserves :heart:


Oh well, let’s start with my review in Felix. I’ll try not to make it super long :sweat_smile:. I’ll put it under the cut, and obviously is going to be full of spoilers, but I don’t want a block of blurry text lel.


Where to start. When I first played the demo, I never thought F would interest me so much. My first route was M, but wow, Felix won me over so so fast. His moment of seriousness when he speaks with you at your apartment, make me want to romance him straight away and know more about him.

So, what is my surprise when I start his romance, and it turns out he is super mature in that aspect? Like, ???

The reason for me saying this, is:

  • All the flirtation is nice, but if you try and go to fast, he will slow you down because he wants to be serious about it.
  • Once you commit to his romance, when he tells you you are such a pleasant surprise, you can answer something like “you too”. To which he will say “I bloody hope so, I like to keep an aura of mystery around me”, you chuckle and answer you are sure he will attract a lot of people with this, and his answer??? But I just one to attract one single person. He, is, so, honest.
  • Then, in the second attack of the thralls, at one point he rushes to you, badly injured, asking if you are ok. Adding that if something happened to us he would lose his shit.
  • After the MC is taken by Murphy, he is completely open with the team. When Adam assumes that he is down because he lost against Murphy, Felix replies he doesn’t care about that, he just cares about the MC and her well being.

For this reasons (in a summary), I actually think he is the most suited for more mature players. Meaning, most adults I know (me included), like a partner that is clear with what they want. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush the relationship at any moment, but that you know where do you stand. And that is so appreciated. He has a maturity about it that the rest lack one way or another. He is extremely honest with himself and is not afraid to share with the MC what he wants, and of course, he expects the same from the Detective.

That straightforwardness, but at the same time, his ability to be carefree, is what makes him such an amazing partner. You can enjoy live with him, and you don’t need to be concern about your partner hiding things from you in the feelings department, which is a breeze of fresh air. No going around, no need to be subtle or decipher what is going on, just honesty and working as a team.


They’re not necessarily a Mary Sue, though I can’t judge without seeing and playing the other books, what they definitely are is a chosen one. Last of their kind/unique, check Everybody is after them for it, check. This makes only the mc capable of saving the world, likely. So that does scream chosen one to me, if only of the kind who got chosen for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there’s no shortage of reluctant wrong place, wrong time “chosen” ones in fiction either. So long as it doesn’t end with the mc being forced to make babies to propagate the traits, which my gay mc would loathe, then a good ending is still possible. I mean some “chosen ones” literally fall into a vat of radioactive sludge during the course of their crappy jobs because their boss and the business they work for are seemingly immune to and have no concept of either HR or health and safety regulations. The unique mutations might still make those (un)fortunates who don’t die from it into the “chosen one” of the story, for example. Here too the mc being the chosen one leans more towards the “wrong time, wrong place” end of the spectrum then the long-foretold, prophesied hero, but this doesn’t mean that one type is less of a chosen one then another.

That does seem rather negligent of them, particularly since they’ve got both Murphy’s surviving research and a comatose, hospital bound mc there at the end. I figured they had simply taken that blood as a matter of routine, like many hospitals do and then run their tests on it anyway. Especially since the hospital scenes and explanations at the end don’t seem all that different. But that means what they tell my mc at the end is based solely on what they recovered from Murphy’s research and experiments then? Interesting, I wouldn’t have thought them so respectful of the mc’s physical integrity.


The way I see it it’s urban fantasy, with all the good and bad that entails. It’s not really trying to be more than that which I can see being a bummer.

One of the trappings of urban fantasy is the sanitation of monsters so anyone with an enjoyment of the monsterous aspect is usually left wanting. Grey morality in UF tends to be more ‘I’m a monster so stay away from me’ rather than ‘So I do these very questionable things because I think they’re the right thing to do.’ I do hope that in future installments it talks more about the Echo worlds and their morality.

I think part of the issue with the plot is that this started as a novel, not a CoG game. So the plot/character had to be set in stone. When it made the switch it experienced some growing pains.
Hopefully the future games will avoid this by being written primarily as CoGs instead of as novels. When playing a type of character that the original MC wasn’t it can feel pretty obvious like no matter how much you try to diffuse the situation after your argument with A the MC will always get angry and storm off. As someone who played an MC that swallows their pride more often than not to work with people it was particularly frustrating because no, this character wouldn’t do that. In fact this character would probably meet A’s eyes and say ‘Are you done? Are you done with being snippy? Can we get back to work or are you going to be snippy the entire day?’ However they need to storm off to Verda for the plot so it feels really contrived.

That probably also is part of why it feels like the ‘I feel betrayed’ route feels so shallow. It’s part of the plot that UB stays with the MC and there’s nothing the MC can do about it. Especially with the romance being the main draw. If your MC wouldn’t be remotely interested in UB after finding out they were vampires well… They’re kinda SoL.

Ending the criticism with compliments

That being said while the characters at first glance seem to fall pretty heavily into stereotypes there’s strong hints at future development. Most people are saying M and yes M’s change is the most obvious but there’s also F revealing a more serious side. Basically I could just sit here and gush about how I love the characters because they’re the best part of this game. Rebecca? Loved her relationship with the MC especially with an MC who grew more distant because of the Agency reveal. Loved the friendship between UB. Will replay this at least a dozen times to see all their interactions.

With all that being said I’m confident in the author’s ability to improve (writing a CoG is much different from writing a novel.) and I’m looking forward to the future installments.


Well, chosen one differs completely from Mary Sue. But in your first post you said it was Mary Sue like, which is, well, not true at all, lel.

But, if we agree that we are not a MS, and instead we are unique, I can not see that as something bad. In every single game you are unique for one reason or another, is the fun on being the main character, right? :slight_smile:

Oh, wait, you are no the same user, lol. I don’t know why I thought it was you all along, sorry :sweat_smile:


“The idea of talking to Bobby while in bed makes me shudder, and I quickly shift to stand back on the floor.”
I know that feel :joy:

obviously, spoilers



  • well, the choice to be friendly/flirty do effect how several characters act, and your choices affect the outcome of the battle too…
  • well im torn between love and hate about the stat system in SoH. yes it adds characteristic, but sometimes it could backfire because the reader may have different perception about what people with said stats will do. that’s why i have difficulties in SoH 3.
    it’s not that the stats don’t matter. wayhaven is still in book one, it’s where we shape our mc and SoH does that too.
  • however, i agree about the betrayal because im a vengeful little shit. i feel that there’s no closure, especially with the ub. i still remember F and A making remarks after the reveal how their mission is just the mc, not the whole human race, and they couldn’t care less if another human dies. then fast forward to ub in the apartment, acting like we’re close. like? my mc strongly disagree with them and without anything happening she forgive them just like that?
    this even makes me hesitant to pursue any romance (why do i have to hold grudge like this…)
  • the characters may be typical at the start, but as i read the story i feel they have more depth. A for example. i was ready to bash head with them figuratively and literally because i just cant stand those type. about halfway through the story i was surprised at many sides of them which, well, dont fit the stereotype. i.e ACTUAL JOKING, showing respect for the mc, accepting others’ opinion, being considerate enough about rebecca’s feeling, etc
  • is murphy not brutal enough…?
  • maybe not mary sue but, i agree with others, the choosen one. but im happy how mc isn’t forced to save the world, they just given a raise in the job. nice.

edit: the mc kinda…gives me ‘damsel in distress’ vibe, with ub have to protect them for the rest of their lives and all. but mc defy the stereotype by (in my case) giving useful insight in battle (as their forte is thinking) and escaping murphy by themselves.


I like that the choices in this game focus more on changing/influencing the relationships/friendships/romances/interactions rather than the plot-heavy elements. Maybe that’s just me. And I think that makes sense for a book that is meant to establish who the MC is and how they relate to the world around them.

I just wanna read romances where I as an MC can have agency and choose how those romances play out. And it seems like Wayhaven will deliver on that in the long run. The story and beautiful world that is being created are just bonuses, for me, because I am shallow trash who wants unresolved sexual tension and ROMANCE.


Our friendship and romance are tracked with separate variables, but the friendship value doesn’t seem to alter anyone’s behavior like the romance one does?

I’m just wondering if there will be any achievements in this game, or there won’t be any achievements at all? I tried to find the keywords about achievements in WIP thread but no one seems to talk about them.

How do I get the “unicorn scene”?
I’ve tried other options but I cannot seem to find it.

Holy shi…! Its already out and I didn’t see? Gonna buy it right now. :smile:

You have to go with Tina to the bar, then, Bobby will not call you while in the apartment. You just need to ask to the team which other supernaturals are real. Really funny scene :laughing:


@Andromache - I’m glad you liked that :slight_smile: Book One is very much focused on building those initial relationships. Book Two will have a bit more impact for choices making game changing decisions, but the focus will still mostly remain on characters and relationships and how you want those to progress.

@sljzz - Friendship will come more into it later. You need time to build those up :smiley: But once they do, scenes will vary depending on who you have high friendship with and things.

@tferramenta - There won’t be achievements in Wayhaven, no. I want it to feel much more like you’re playing through a story than a game :slight_smile:

(Just dropping in, and now I really need to leave and actually start my break, haha! :smiley: Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!)


About the love triangle,who’s in the middle?My mc or one of their two?

Is someone else having trouble with the in-app purchase too? Even if I have money on my Google wallet, it gives error when I try to buy the game.

Well, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one doing the love triangle. XD

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