The War for the West [Releasing Nov 14]

I want my hairy northern now


@MahatmaDagon Thanks! I’ll try it again tonight into this weekend. Really looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

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I didn’t expected to get so immersed into this game. That was fantastic, I enjoyed every second of it.


Against the rules to ask when it’s going to be released.

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Sorry. I’m new here

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Right there on the front page, pinned to the top:

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Hmm, am I the only one who never sees character images pop up even with the option turned on? So far the only img I’ve seen is Lord Ullus but never the others, not sure if I’ve seen the code for other images either.

That, and I can never manage to get to the convo where the MC runs away with Wyneva - and I wonder if this has anything to do with it


This is an old idea I never got around to implementing. I think I’ll probably just remove it and keep the portraits on the stats menu.

Damn, you are right. I made the player jump to the singing itself by mistake, instead of passing through the whole convincing stuff. Which means it also skips that segment and one of my favorite lines on the game. :sweat_smile:

Coincidentally, I’m doing some small changes on the RO interactions right now. I’ll upload the fix with them as soon I am done.

EDIT: Actually, since it is just a matter of changing a line in this case, I downloaded the txt from the host, edited and re-uploaded it. That part should be working correctly now.

Thanks for the report!


@MahatmaDagon 1- marriage options for females MC : I totally believe you can do it! :wink: Not only for Boglan but for the norther prince as well . It seems indeed that there are a lot of Lord Lodka , and after all if a male MC can marry one of his sisters , why a female MC can’t hope for a union with this Prince as well ? :wink:
2- heirs: you can certainly add more ways to get other heirs in your sequel if you think that now it will takes more of your time. But then again, even at this stage you can consider to introduce the option of twins or something like that, it will indeed increase the number of your heirs without disrupt your timeline .


Follow up, bugs!

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@MahatmaDagon In event 42 where the MC decides on budgeting meals, I suggest that the first choice #Simple and efficient meals, with enough nourishment to sustain one's body through any hardships. could mention the same food as the army. I’m not sure where the diet choices have an effect but I’m assuming eating peasant food lowers unrest and perhaps eating army rations could improve morale.

In twoway.txt, I suspect there is an error in the following IF statement:

*if (Combat > 70)
 *goto losingFight

 *goto losingFight

I saved the game during the scene of the first Sielcner war conversation but when I opened it from the load file it took me to the stats page and would not let me return to game. Although it is completely possible that I accidentally saved on the settings screen I just basically want to make sure it was a mistake on my part and not a game glitch. Thank! Love the game so far!!


@TeamCorvid Thanks, it seems I added an extra blank before going away for the holidays. :sleepy: Should be fixed now.

@Norilinde Dunno, I don’t think the MC would necessarily be eating army rations.

What I want to suggest is that the diet provided would be something that could be considered good for exercises and military routines, as according to the cultural limitations of that world.

They probably don’t know what proteins are, but there can be some theory on what type of food is good to make someone stronger. Some/most of it can be bullshit as well, as it often is when regarding to medieval theories for health.

Effects of a particular diet are sometimes surprising, although there is a reason given for each of them when the prompt comes a month later.

About the twoway.txt skillcheck, it was mostly me cutting corners to hurry things up. I might come back to that later, but I think there are other ways to win that.

@jfor894 Sorry about that. The saving plugin is outsourced and used for testing purposes only, so I can’t really do much about it. Once the game is released there will likely be a different one provided by CoG, AFAIK.

The strange thing is that this might not be the first report of something weird going on in that specific scene.

I once got a report that, when you are deciding what to do against Sielcner, you could only select a few of the choices and then the game would move on its on, without you selecting “Finish the preparations.” first.

Did you or anyone else get that bug as well?

Players should be able to select as many as possible (given a few conditionals that decide what options can appear) from below, and only proceed forward after selecting the last one:

#Ask for advice.
#Collect extra taxes for the war efforts.
#Recruit civilians for the army.
#Send scouts to assess the strength and position of Sielcner’s army.
#Send men to help defend King’s End.
#Demand that Lord Goyler sends his militia from King’s End to defend your castle.
#Assassinate Lord Noyedas Sielcner.
#Call out your allies for help.
#Finish the preparations.


I had this when calling your allies for help, I just make sure to choose that one last.


@MahatmaDagon If the MC is allowed to choose eating peasant food, I don’t see why eating army food would be worse (although I suppose that depends on the condition of the peasants) and could be good for building morale of the army.

The fight is still winnable after *goto losingFight but the code seemed redundant there so I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose.

It proceeds forward for me as well when #Call out your allies for help. is picked.


Thanks guys. It was revealed to be another strike by my arch-nemesis, extra blank space.

Should be fixed now.


@MahatmaDagon Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I played this a lot since you said it was fixed, and haven’t had the same issue again. Now that I’ve had a chance to see more developments, here is some content-based feedback.

The letter from the king would feel more genuine if it in some way referenced how your family acted during the rebellion. This should be pretty easy since that choice is made prior to the story starting.

I married Dana when given the option, and had also set up a trade deal with Sess…something Drown. Later, her “sister” appears claiming she needs protection from both the Dullacs and Drown. Naturally, I turned her over to her sister since those are the two factions I have the closest relationship to. Felt odd that it wasn’t referenced.

Is there really no one else writing a letter or inviting me to a feast to meet their daughter? No complaints about Dana or anything, but one of the responses is “I am promised to another,” and another is something like too many to choose from despite there having been no one else mentioned by an advisor or any other contact on the matter. This felt unrealistic.

When the meteor fell near the border, I didn’t know in whose territory it was, despite my scouts getting to it and being sending a message to aid them. I chose yes, and only THEN was told it was actually in the territory of the other nation. If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have said yes. I felt deceived here, like I was misled into thinking I was going into a skirmish in neutral territory.

Maybe something can appear at the top of the screen letting me know how long projects (recruiting, building stuff) will take to complete.


Maybe the option “I am promised to another” is there because, during some play throughs if you keep on holding court, you may meet the northern prince and make a marriage deal with them. Maybe that’s the idea of putting that option in the conversation with Dullac.

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Yep. Even if the MC goes to Dullis before Lodka visits, he could still use this as an excuse not to be bound to House Dullac.

But then that raises the issue of veritability, and since Dulsen obviously makes use of spies, a fact check from Dulsen’s part if the MC lies that he’s already engaged should be feasible. Means more code though, what do you think @MahatmaDagon ?


I’ve had the chance to play all the way through now…and I’m really unhappy with the turn it takes at the council. It felt very shark-jumpy. Here I had this fairly dry, yet interesting leadership sim with mainly interesting plot elements, but then it throws THREE major twists at the same time.

The Wizard is a huge revelation I didn’t really want. Then you have an embarrassingly weak “talk” about who will become King, and then some NPC you’ve never had any meaningful interaction with turns out to be some evil mastermind, Nellasha turns out to be in his custody (even though she was returned to Sessohana (big continuity error there), and your spymaster, who had made ZERO effort to warm you up to something like this, is now desperately trying to get you to surrender. It’s so much, and almost all of it completely inconsistent with the tone and previous observations.

I get that I am asking you to re-evaluate a major focus of your story, but please consider these complaints.