The Vampire Regent [published]


Hello! Great idea and demo so far. Although, , maybe it’s just my personal opinion, I got bored at around the 7th day? I mean it was fun at first, but it really felt repetitive and mundane. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but maybe the game style? (after reading comments it’s randomized events apparently) or maybe the choices I get to make? I did have fun the first few times I chose auditorium, but kind of fell flat later since I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. In the poker part, I feel that you should put in like a quick explanation on how to play poker because I honestly suck at poker and the game assumes that everyone understands it so I feel that to be more inclusive you may want to add that in. I don’t even understand what I’m supposed to do in the club(?) I’m quite confused. (Forgive me I feel like I’m just an idiot)

I understand that this is like a simulation of a day to day of a vampire reagent, but I feel like it’s not yet at it’s peak (well duh it’s new hahaha im so sorry it’s 5am in my side of the world and I haven’t had any sleep yet).

Some suggestions;
-Add more day to day activities. Something that feels more immersive than reading something then deciding yes or no.
-You may want to add more interactions with others. Like my cloud other outside of the auditorium. I mean I’m guessing I have a life.
-(this one is just a kink) Have the puppet an RO or at least someone you can sleep with. Since we’re already here in the vampire universe might as well push it to the next level by have a sexy vampire master romance (or not just totally physical) lol!
-Add more narrative because at this point I really got dissuaded by seeing the same choices every after decision. I didn’t even reach chapter two! (but apparently there is more to the story upon reading the comments, but I feel I never reached because of my short attention span huhu)

Anyway, love love love the nitty, gritty city you’ve created and the characters are pretty fun (I personally love pushing the buttons of Rose lol the snowflake hahaha) . The idea is really nice and you can really decide on the kind of leadership you want. Hope to hear more from this! :heart:

PS I’ll try to finish it, maybe I just got the boring random events lol.


Few stories about vampires got me so hooked like this one, so expect me to follow this. Some things bothered me though, like the depth to mc’s life. I missed some personal quests or at least the choice to some lore about my character, how the regent interacts with the cloud or even if they visit other places, some random events got boring after a while, but I guess you’ll add more things until the complete game. Besides that I wish you luck because I liked your other games :slight_smile:


@iota_moon005 @Nexus
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Indeed, many (I’d even say most) of the secondary storylines of the game, including the ROs, aren’t finished yet. As these storylines arise from the “pool of random scenes”, the idea is to give the player the sensation that their decisions matter even in such scenes. An example: you hear a rumor at the Starlit Night, you go investigate it, and perhaps you find something that can change your relationship with the outlaws. In the current version, though, many of these scenes still don’t have closure or scenes that follow.

That said, we will probably implement a “pass the night” system for players who just want to enjoy the main story.

On the MC’s backstory and (past) life, yep, the player will see more of it in the game—especially in regard to the MC’s bloodmaster.


I went to the cemetery with George Russell and it just keeps looping back to the beginning of the scene when I leave.

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There’s a particular pathway immediately after that where, if you kept her alive, there’s some pretty nasty stuff can be done to her. I’m not even sure they’re going to allow us to keep it in the final version of the game.

As for the random events, there’s no specific order to them, but we could easily add a cheat option allowing players to see all of them before the game ends.

And about the Russell loop, I’m pretty sure it’s been fixed on the version we have running on our computers. As soon as we upload the upcoming (massive) update, it should be fixed. No ETA as of yet though.


Hey, folks.

Even though we have worked on the game in the last months, we haven’t updated the demo so far. Meanwhile, @MahatmaDagon released The War for the West and is working on its sequel, and I went to work on Ghost Simulator.

Please feel free to interact with us here and/or join our Discord channel.

A question to you all, lastly: does anyone have a suggestion for the game’s title? The Vampire Regent is a working title, and well… it’s about time we decided this.

Thank you all :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I’m not that creative to help with the name. But I think the name vampire regent is already good.


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We just updated a lot of content, folks. The game is playable until its climax. At the moment, we are writing the ending scenes and epilogues.

Hope you all have fun and we are open to your suggestions :slight_smile:


Love this! them arts, my eyes have been blessed :star_struck:

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Haven’t finished playing the demo yet but I’m so glad to know this is still being worked on! And the update has definitely helped, a lot of the content is a lot less confusing now, not to mention that beautiful art!

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Just some typos I noticed


First frame should be his not her daughter,
Second frame :Cafe
Third frame: thinking about Mayor Christie
Fourth Frame: works against (the) entire Mordhaven

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Love the art! Got stuck in a loop after meeting George Russell at the cemetery. I peeked at the code, and I think the problem might be that the ending of the cemetery scene redirects to the hub, which redirects to the cemetery scene if morturiariQuest = 1. This variable doesn’t appear to be modified during the cemetery scene? (regardless of what the player chooses to do) so I think you end up bouncing between the cemetery and hub pages.


Not being able to survive the encounter against Oswald being physically feeble and with only the Scrying to rely on, ideally for the Regent would be that the ability alert them beforehand to prevent such reality twisting happenings; is there a way for a build like this to survive the encounter? is there a specific action to take to trigger the event that leads an Aznuit M.C to be aware of the rifle and therefore skip the physique check?, independent of this I must say it was a really entertaining experience, thrilling for the next update.

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Thanks for the comments! We are updating the WIP on a daily (or nightly) basis, so we’ll acknowledge what you posted here.

Mea culpa. Actually… this is quite embarrassing. I forgot to activate the variable “sniper” which allows you to grab the sniper rifle when you access the Aznuit pathway. It should work now–Aznuit characters will have a “shortcut” to the weapon.


Loved the story and abundance of choices and routes. It seems i missed lots of things and i need to give it another go. What an amazing demo! Keep up the good work and stay safe.

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I’ve just found a bug. During the game, the Alice’s option to go out with her appears even if I didn’t meet her in the fencing room.

I got interested in this story when I saw Vampire and it didn’t disappoint, and as I read it, my head started to swirl with a lot of different ideas even though I know some might be stupid.
First of all, it’s common knowledge vampires have super strength, super endurance, super agility etc. So I think it doesn’t really make sense if ordinary bullets can kill them, and also that normal humans can brawl with them.
Secondly, it would be nice to have a source of income. Since it is even mentioned in the story that most high ranking vampires have their businesses, so the regent should also have a company that will serve as a source of income.
Thirdly, it would be nice if the regent can buy guns and cars.(this one is just me thinking)
Next, I got stuck at the planning of invading the Order bases. It kept on repeating the same options.