"The Untitled Heir" (Tentative title) Interest Check

Hi, everyone! I have been lurking around the forums for a bit and checking out all the wonderful new stories that these fantastic prospective authors have been producing. Suffice it to say that I have been somewhat inspired to throw my own hat into the ring with an idea that I have been mulling over for a couple of days. Essentially, the protagonist will be a bastard, the firstborn of the king, of a moderate kingdom, by a mistress, not the true queen. This throws some doubt over the line of succession and the main goal of the story is to navigate this treacherous political landscape. This story will involve a good deal of courtly intrigue, (I hope) riveting combat, and prospective romances. I plan to have at least 6 entirely unique and distinct endings with variations of each. I want every character the reader encounters to be interesting and a vital part of the story so that choices even involving lowly servants will matter significantly to the conclusion of the tale. I am debating gender-locking this to young male protagonists, as then history will be an easily accessible source, but I am willing to change my strategy if the community thinks it is worth pursuing a more open experience in gender. Please leave any feedback on whether this interests you and whether gender-locking will not significantly hold back this title. Thank you all and I look forward to interacting with you!


This sounds extremely interesting! I can’t wait to see where this goes my dear.

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this sounds very good hope to see more about it

This won’t be the first story in this genre but I think I see the potential for this to stand out

The gender-lock has been discussed a lot in other posts so in short, it just depends on how historical you want the story to be and which era you wish to depict


Regarding the gender lock, I think it really depends on the story you want to tell. You are an heir to a throne, and woman inheriting the throne was certainly not unprecedented in virtually any part of the Middle Ages. Still, it is worth considering the character is illegitimate, which is a hurdle. Legally if there are no competing clear heirs, I think a woman could probably inherit, but I am also not sure how much of the game will be working to secure your position as the inheritor. A male bastard might be able to edge out a sibling, but I highly doubt a female illegitimate child could.
It also probably depends on what else you have in the game. If combat, tournaments, or other combat related things are a big part in a story, historically woman would not have much of a chance to get involved in that. I get the impression though that this is a fictional world, so you can certaily mess around with historical gender norms if you so choose!


I’d play it, but I’m not a huge fan of gender-locked games. Not saying that I wouldn’t play it, but I like playing as a woman!


Interested? checked.
Looking forward to playing the demo? Checked

Anyway, the good thing about gender-locked is that it will be easier/faster to write. I don’t mind if it’s male. Though I think maybe some people prefer to play as female or binary.

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This sounds super relevant to my interests! I’m generally not a big fan of gender-locked games, but as long as they’re well-written and offer enough replay value, I’m definitely in.

That said, I’m always a sucker for female-pretends-to-be-male plots (especially if there’s also an option to be trans). Not expecting anything like that here, though. It sounds as if your game’s already complicated enough as it is. :grinning:


This is really interesting. I am looking forward to seeing it develop. :grinning:

Sounds interesting. Gender locking is a touchy issue, but if you’re vying for a historical setting than do what was done historically. If it’s going to be a more fictional setting, than there shouldn’t be a problem with allowing someone to pick their gender.

I love the idea! Unfortunately I might not read this if it was genderlocked to male (no offense to you, it’s just personal preference), but honestly you should go with whatever feels right as the author. :heart_decoration:


Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement as @Jeeshadow1 so eloquently put, the problem of the succession, were I to follow a strict historical model, is in the fact that female characters would have both their illegitimacy and gender working against them. That said, I think there is sufficient demand for me to include gender choice and, as I think I will opt for an alternate universe only partly based on history succession shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Regardless, I will probably have two (similar but separate) story lines for male and female.

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I think it’ll be interesting to give women different set of challenges if you choose to have it gender choice. Gives it more historical accuracy and replayability.
That’s my two cents. It still seems like it could be an interesting story nonetheless.

I rather like @feurio’s idea of having the MC need to pretend to be male if they’re female to have any chance at the heirship. Doesn’t need them to stay that way the whole game, but at least until they become popular enough to have support or something like that.

I’d be fine with genderlocked though (although maybe that’s because I’m male :stuck_out_tongue:)


That could work too! It’ll be like Mulan.

It seems interesting can’t wait to try it

hmm… interesting :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I personally don’t mind the gender lock to male. In the setting where the story takes place, it makes sense. It would be known if the bastard by the mistress was make or female.

Definitely watching this for more!


Yeah i dont really care about gender lock probably because im a guy

I’m a girl and I’m not overly concerned with the gender lock.