The Tower (WIP-Gauging interest in story)

I think its a good idea for Brood Mothers to use captured humans to spawn more bugs so you get some existential horror. The bugs are not killing humans so much as punching through any military defense and then abducting humans. The whole populace disappears, never to be heard from again. It also makes sense that they were stored in multiple facilities. There are probably a lot of them so each nation took their own bug troopers and then put them on ice in their own facilities. Ironically this means that very small, insignificant countries will suffer less since either their own facilities are small or nonexistent.

Well many of the good names for insect monsters are taken. The Brood, the Swarm, the Hive… Geeky types would call them Myrmidons or the Entoma.

As for stats, I would not use Military Intelligence as a stat so much as a resource but its functionally the same unless resource management is part of your game.

For psychic abilities, wouldn’t ESP be a better fit than Divination? Divination sounds more like some sort of mystical ability whereas Extra Sensory Perception could do things like psychometry (reading impressions off objects), precongnition (visions of the future) and postcognition (visions of the past). Also, all that psychic power and no telekinesis? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nether means underground. So basically someone that spawns/comes from underground.


-Netherfly- Fly-like creatures that attacks by spraying acid and using their blade-like legs.
-Impalers- Huge beetle creatures with steel-like carapaces. Attacks using mandibles and pole-like horns.
-Stalkers- Stealth-bugs basically. They can use active-camouflage to hide from plain sight.

-Nether Queen (Brood Mother)- Spider-like creatures that breeds and hatches different types of Netherspawns.

Too OP. You’ll make a Peter Stu/Mary Stu if you include all of this.

Just retain the pyrokinesis, telepathy and telekinesis.
Maybe add ESP/Precognition.

You already have guns, tanks, aircrafts, etc. Adding too much powers will make the humans too powerful.
No one likes Mary Stus.

I love your idea for the story but I do have a few questions.

  1. First will you be able to advance in rank or will you hold the same one through the entire game?

  2. Next, will you have a limited amount of soldiers and other resources if you choose to leave the outpost or will they find a way to supply you?

  3. Last but not least what happened to wounded soldiers under your command if you choose to attack Paris?

Also do you have any idea when you might have a demo ready?

@Lordirish hmm that could be the name of the ancient project. “Project B.R.O.A.D.”

Alright, so the origins of these facilities… and these creatures.

Origin 1 Weapons of the New Age
Let’s say it all began after World War 2… After the horrific destruction caused by the Nukes dropped in Japan… The newly formed United Nations called for the complete scrap and prohibition of nuclear arms.

Now as tensions between the U.S.A and U.S.S.R escalated over the years… The U.S wanted something to defend themselves from a possible Russian attack/incident. So they discovered this one genius who was making breakthroughs in gene splicing… Eventually they thought up “Project BROAD”… They got hundreds of volunteers (Everything was still hush hush) and began manipulating their DNA and adding insect strands to the equation. Russia eventually found out (because they’re keeping a close eye on their biggest threat) and got a hold of/ began research into their own mutated troopers.

Russia then proceeds to send info on the USA’s research to dozens of secretive branches of the various up and coming nations. Thus leading to the creation of multiple facilities around the globe and the many different types of “spawn”. Eventually word gets out and the public outcry demands the dismantling of all projects. They can’t just kill them, because they were once human(and I can imagine that the costs were pretty great) so they built underground facilities to store them for when stormy weather comes.

I think this origin provides a reasonable background on things… but not much for the Tower… Unless let’s say… one nation, while building their facility, installed a mechanism that could cause an earthquake… and then the Tower would rise from the ground… sending out some “mind wave” signal to the bugs, sending them into a rage and disrupting the control the Nation’s had over their muties. BUT would any country go through all that trouble? And how could they not be found out during construction?

Also, the “Nether Queens” should only produce spawn of their Facilities’ type.

Origin 2 Relics of a Different Time

Long ago…an alien race, quite similar in some ways to Humans ,came to the planet. They spliced the DNA of apes/homo sapiens with their own, creating a slave race. They then spliced the DNA of this new race with those of the various insects on the planet, creating a more primal, less intelligent, drone. They continued experimenting with insects and such… they began forming the people of this slave race into groups and pitting them against each other… sometimes in combat… but many times in survival and prosperity in their own environments. Most of the slaves that took part in these wagers/tests, did not know of the existence of their creators.

The more primal splices, derived from the combination of the slaves and various insects, were used in combat. Vicious and unmerciful, these spawn began to act unpredictable… Killing off more of the slave race than they should and ruining many of the Alien Race’s “tests”. The Aliens then captured all the remainder of this ruthless organism and placed them in tombs/facilities deep underground, under cryogenic seals.

The aliens then left, erasing any trace of their existence for the slave race to discover. Maybe they moved on to other galaxies… other challenges… but maybe… they’re just preparing another test for this planet.

Centuries go by and society is as civilized as it’s going to get. With guns, planes, tanks and television, the Race has come a long way.

Suddenly, (multiple projectiles??) a large projectile is launched from space… and under the Alien’s cloaking technology, the Race has no clue. Upon impact with the planets surface, a massive earthquake shakes the planet… Along with the Cryogenic seals of the Spawn Chambers.

All hell breaks loose… and now you’ve got the “Netherspawn” coming up from the ground and killing everyone in sight. The projectile, now de-cloaked, stands idly by… Multiple entrances on this plain looking structure/s.

Little does the Race know… This structure summons the Netherspawn to its (Or their) location/s. They send this, along with another command form their Masters… To kill every single one of the First Race.

Okay so this origin pretty much has an alien race play God… Now you might have noticed me say “The Race” or “Slave Race” and I used that because this slave race doesn’t necessarily have to be Human. Of course, I would preferably have it as Human (Maybe its easier to write with, from my POV) than maybe a species that I made up myself.

This Origin also throws “Project BROAD” out the window…An Alien Race playing god doesn’t really need shock troopers from a slave race. Unless they’re fighting some enemy that only these Troopers can fight. (Somewhat like in Mass Effect, where the Krogan were able to destroy the Rachni where all the other alien species failed) But then it would be pretty messed up that, as a way of thanking this species, they bury the shock troopers and make them go crazy centuries later, trying to kill off the “First Race”.

Any thoughts on these Origin Stories?

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“Nether” was the word I was looking for! I couldnt think of any words that meant “Underground” that would sound good in a name. Those are some pretty good names. I can imagine an Impaler tipping over a tank or crashing through a building. Thanks again for all your awesome ideas!

And you’re right hahaha maybe limiting it to around 4 Psychic abilities would be best. And besides, I’m thinking that the MC would get his abilities around 25% or halfway through the story.

Originally, I was thinking that you would have the set rank, where everyone would just call you Commander even if you’re rank was different. Then there would be flashbacks to your past missions which led you to being promoted and now in Command of your Outpost.

BUT now, I’m thinking of having the MC start from the very beginning of enlistment. You’re fresh out of Training and you get to decide which branch you want to go. Trooper, protecting engineers while they set up traps, or Spec Ops Operative, going on Search and Rescue Missions for Scientists in Netherspawn Territory. Going from Private, to Corporal, to Sergeant. and so on… I’m still not sure tho :smile:

Originally, that would have been a problem the MC would have to face. Travelling through a war torn landscape, would you have enough resources for the trip?

BUT after a few suggestions from the forum, the Tower may now be what the Outpost is guarding. From the populous, foreign governments with agendas, and from the Netherspawn that seem to be attracted to it.

Originally, you would have to travel from your Outpost to Paris… You would be going from Outpost to outpost, a few of them isolated in Netherspawn territory, coming upon different situations with your company. You would rest in those Outposts, where you could leave wounded with the men stationed at the Outposts (but maybe some of them wont have any men left)

Eventually with the attack on Paris, a major assault, you will have to choose to either leave them, leave men with them, or maybe even kill them. Time is of the essence and you need every man to get to the top of the Tower…

BUT now I’m not so sure Paris will play a major role with the Tower… Unless the Tower landed/was constructed in or around Paris. Maybe it would make more sense if it was in a more rural area. Either way, during your ascent (or descent) through the tower, you will have to make decisions… Like is it safe enough to rest on this level? Can you send your wounded back to the entrance?

Hopefully I’ll have some form of demo out next week… But I’m pretty lazy sometimes so I make no promises :sweat_smile:

I’m still changing up and forming the story so any of these things that I’ve just said, may not be the same in a couple days. Thanks for the interest! And sorry for the long reply!

Oh and should I update the top post with my new-ish concept? Now that my story has changed quite a bit and is starting to take shape. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking one thing when it’s actually another. Or should I make a new WIP Topic?

I really like Origin 1.

My suggestion is, to only have one Tower-- a gigantic one in the middle of Paris.
Like supposedly an asteroid hit Paris, but really it was not an asteroid but an alien space ship that crashed landed into Earth. The ‘Asteroid Crash’ is just the cover-up by the U.N. so as not create panic.

Then they formed a task force to investigate the Tower and the creatures that emerged from it.

Simple plot, but great potential. Don’t make it too complicated.

Focus on the character interactions, RPG-elements and enemies instead.

Thanks for answering all my questions and I agree you probaly should update the top post with your new-ish concept. As for the Officer part you could be fresh out of the academy and start at a 2nd LT in whatever branch you choose like you said. Cant wait for the demo :slightly_smiling_face: sounds great so far!

I like Origin one but if they were created by different governments for there personal use wouldn’t they attack each other to.

Origin Two sounds cool as well and a lot better because after you dealt with the initial threat on the ground you could potentially fight a new enemy after that (in a sequel maybe?) so you would have a lot more to build off of. Plus if they examined the cryogenic containment units maybe you would find hidden tech you could use?

So that’s 1 vote for Origin 1 and 1 vote for Origin 2… and since Knightstrike mentions aliens, I’ll just assume another vote for Origin 2 :smile:

@Knightstrike Yeah, one Tower would make sense for Origin 2… And yeah I know… I just feel like making up tons of details for the story’s beginning can give me a better grasp on everything, and help me imagine the rest of it.

@Shade1414 Not a problem! I’m just glad some people find the concept interesting. :smiley:

Well if we went with origin 1, the mutated soldiers would be the equivalent of all the Nukes today… Imagine someone saying something kinda like “You’ve got mutated soldiers? Well I’ve got mutated soldiers too… and if your’s kill me, mine will kill you.” So everyone would be relatively peaceful because no one wants to have a bunch of mutated killers in their country.

And yeah, Origin 2 provides lots of room for a sequel if I wanted to go that way.

I just thought about this a minute ago. Will you have vehicles, and will they be futuristic or modern tech.

Yeah I think I’ll have vehicles… It will be during the transition between futuristic and present tech. Let’s say the Netherspawn have forced humanity to make certain advancements in military tech, like armor plating and I dont know… maybe laser guns hahaha.

Most soldiers will have modern guns, grenades and equipment. There might be prototypes for certain vehicles and weapons, but they will be owned by higher ranking POI’s.

Any thoughts on the vehicles and tech?

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Well for one any Aircraft that are troop transports should have something besides propellers maybe thrusters instead or even some type of gravity tech that was found.

As for ground vehicles I’m assuming that the nether spawn will be strong and probably a little more evolved then humans when it comes to hand to hand combat so maybe some sort of stronger armor on all ground transports.

They could even have multiple gun turrets on them or maybe be taller then the average transport and have more space to fit troops?

Weapons could fire some kind be advanced ammunition and the soldiers could wear some kind of armor that encloses their body in a lightweight but very strong metal.

Hope this helps you out


As for other tech I would recommend a big advancement in the medical field as well as maybe including some robots or other types of automated defence systems


Sounds absolutely awesome. I would love to try this out. Can’t wait!!

How are things coming?

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