The Superlatives: Aetherfall — Lead a superpowered team to save Victorian London

Yea that happened to me too! I got over it though, seeing as Dusk will still be captured regardless of whether I stay to protect her/him or not.
I see your point though :relaxed:

“That sounds like a misreading” was addressed to @Winter w/r/t the way options are phrased in the scene with Nimble. But regardless: email bug reports.

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As it turns out, there’s a character named “Lady Morrigan” that you meet pretty early on.
Guess what i named my character?
Yup, Lady Morrigan, after the Irish War Goddess.
Boy was that awkward.
It was so weird i restarted the game and just went with “lady tempest”


I know, right? Stuff like that happens sometimes to me too - maybe games need a check on this, if for nothing else other than making a comment about it (of anything from humorous to ‘duelistically’ nature and so on, fitting the game).

Do enjoy the game, though, albeit I did pursue a doomed romance first time (not a RO, it turned out, ack, my poor heart!). Certainly was different, which is nice - life, variation and the spice must flow and all that. Or, er, something.

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This has been fixed.

I have to say that this is now in my list of favorites, I really enjoyed the story, loved the powers and absolutely loved Dusk (soooo glad I could propose at the end to her :heart:) Now that the bug with her is fixed the only thing that feels off for me was when my brother shows up at the end (I chose the alien origin) it doesn’t really seem to read like we’re siblings during that conversation. That little thing aside though I thought it was wonderful and really really hope to take up my mantel again in a sequel :grin:


I almost named my PC Emma on my first playthrough of Zombie Exodus.

Haha, yes I know the feeling.
In Dragon Age 2 I named my avatar Leanne, turns out your mother is named Leandra. It was similar enough that I was confused when people called one and I thought they meant the other. Luckily they call my character by her last name most of the time.
In another game I called my MC Emma while one of the main characters is named Emily (or was it the other way around?). Again, the similar names were confusing for me so I started a new game.

Well in Vampire House I, as always, named my MC Elizabeth after myself…then romanced Elizabeth so yeah, very confusing


First of all, fantastic game. Witty, funny, and extremely well-written. I’d like to extend my thanks to the author since I just finished my first playthrough and I’m itching to go again.

That epilogue was just the icing on top of the cake. Smart way to go do it, to be honest. And the attack on the warship reminded me so much of the Mass Effect 2 suicide missions (the achievements even mention loyalty!).

Shame you could only romance humans though. I’d have loved to romance Tua, but I guess it would go against the lore. I did romance Jane, although the ending broke my heart. Darling, I jumped out of a warship for you, and you dump me in your new laboratory because you’re a superphobe. :sob:

Still great job. This has become one of my favourites.


Undoubtedly one of my favorite text adventures since Way Walkers. Stunning writing, characters, universe, story and overall design. Thank you Alice (if I can call you Alice) for an outstanding game. I have played through it twice now and it is so much fun to explore the world that you have made for us.

I particularly loved how you went about doing the epilogue with the Arbiter entering our character’s memories that was such a creative and clever way to round down the story, show us the aftermath of our actions and at the same time doing a great job setting up for the sequel I hope your making (really, really hope your making). I romanced Dusk and I absolutely loved how that ended it brought a tear to my eye no joke.

Your an amazing Author keep it up I’ll buy the Sequel in a heartbeat.


I’m having trouble getting relationship points for the widower and at the end i proposed and he said no. N e help?

be nice to annabelle, and ignore the scream when you go to pay your rent


TY! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

Would you happen to know how to keep Jane from rejecting you when you propose to her?

Dunno if this is a surefire way but:

Help her in the alley (when you hear the scream) without using your powers, be generally polite, note she knew about the catalyst, encourage her to embark on her own research, tell her to gt the authorities while you disarm the bomb


Jane doesn’t always reject you, it’s based on the choices you made.
I guess you gotta play again :wink:

I know another way, you can get Jane. But I don’t know how to do the spoilers thingy. Any help, please

Thanks! Does it have any connection to your ‘Duty/Glory’ stat since her reasoning was I loved the superlative life too much?

I’ve played twice, but alas. Still got rejected. I’m going to try another game, and hopefully I’ll get my happy ending with the cute scientist.