The Superlatives: Aetherfall — Lead a superpowered team to save Victorian London



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Amazing game. It is been a lot since interactive game captivated me like this. So much choices and replayability, vast world and complex characters. Everyone and every place seemed unique and enjoyable. A big bravo to the writer.

Although, its pure epicness, the ending seemed a little disconnected from our MC. I loved how with unique way, the writer showed and gave us a hint on part too.


But i believe, that if, first he gave us a little more scenes with our romance, or with everyone, to experience with first hand and not in a memory , it would be seen as more intimate and close. And after, do the memories, showing maybe a house or kids or whatever the writer wished.

Still, amazing and i gladly recommend it!! Worth every euro!


I proposed and she accepted i assumed, she just said she loved me , but anyway what i did was decline the invitation to go for 2 by saying we should wait for everyone to be present, then i saved her in the alley , also asked her ehat did the phamphlets say and went up to her apartment and complimented whenever I could , then i went to her lab i have her the credit for the catalyst then you could either agree with the scientist or tell him hes wrong in part I think there’s a check for charm on that one since you basically choose the answer that gets on everyone’s good side , so it might just be easier to agree with what he says completly if you dont care about alienating your sister , you send her to get the police while you disarm the bomb , then when she takes you the museum you tell her it’s a long term thing and I chose i want to be with her in every way possible , after that you would probably go to save her but i chose my sister to save since i thought she would be the most in danger , and i sent my sister to save her while I took out the main villian superlative also the ending kinda confused me was i looking at my old memories or was i someone completly different learning about MC’s life , and then theres the whole character lady hallow anyone feel like there could have been more potential as a rival like she didn’t really do much and I only saw her loke 3 times through the whole story and it was basically limited dialogue or did i miss some thing?


I still get Hugh’s bug. Romanced him and the epilogue makes it seems like we’re just friends…


Pls send screenshots.


as a girl who is About rivals with benefits relationships (see: the Jury romance in Heroes Rise), literally the only thing I found lacking in this game was an opportunity to romance Hallow


Hallow strikes me as a char who was meant to be an RO. What happened? I mean, their gender changes depending on what you pick, the entire interaction going…
Were they dropped as RO last second?


No, Hallow was never an RO.


Curious. As said. With everything about them they sure struck me as one.


Very much agreed. I was quite surprised that Hallow got all catty twice early on, then pretty much vanished for the meat of the story. Hallow very much reminded me of Wakefield from Choice of the Deathless in that regard.


And as said. It was odd that they are character whose gender isn’t set. Why have that?


Just for flavor. Hallow’s your rival and has been since the outline stage of developing the game.


well i guess but i feel that her part wasn’t really important you could literally take her out the story and nothing would be different, she doesn’t really live up to being a rival, in my opinion, she just showed up twice to be smug then left she was basically not present or mentioned in the story at all so i think you dropped the ball with that character she merely came off as this character who obviously isn’t that important i can’t even call her annoying because our interactions with her or him weren’t even that long but everything else about the story was great


Having the same problem, no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the romance ending.


I’m not the author of the game, but I’ll let her know she dropped the ball for you. Hallow serves a couple of specific narrative purposes, and you may not have hit those in your playthroughs.


So I’ve played this game over and over, and I still can’t find out how to side with Silverdrake. Is it even possible? Any answer on what to do would be greatly appreciated.


According to game code, you should have more than 60 Scandalous and less than 40 Idealist.
Also, glancing over the code, I believe this is oversight. I think you should require EITHER more than 60 Scandalous OR less than 40 Idealist. Reasons below

One of the next choices in this branch is #Convince Silverdrake to refine the weapon before setting it off. And to be able to pick it you require more than 80 Idealist which contradicts with previous choice requirements.


yessss Hallow was v reminiscent of Wakefield.


I can’t shake off the feeling people would welcome a big patch that allows to romance Hallow…


Thank you so much. Do you have any idea how to help him set off the weapon? I still can’t seem to get it and have no idea how.