The story of Choice of Robots is set in the fall of this year!



What I used to find extremely cool when that came out but now I find slightly unsettling is I’m the same age as the MC of Choice of Robots. I’ll be 24 this fall. D:

The Jack McGowan from the Choice of Robots world is far more accomplished than the Jack McGowan of our world, I’ll tell you that.


Create sentient life! I dare you!


im 24 years old but not graduate student in phd program in computer science at stanford :frowning:




When I first played Choice of Robots, I was applying to grad school for computer science. I remember playing it in airplanes and hotels as I was traveling for interviews. It was kind of surreal to have one’s experiences represented in such a way…


It’s more easier than it looks. Just as the Mc in the game says.
creating sentinent life is actually easy. I was just going about it the hard way


Not that easy I should think

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Flying cars better exist in at least some capacity this year then


I’d like to clarify, I don’t even care about flying cars I just want to ensure the book is accurate.

I, too, am the same age as the MC in CoR. 24 in April, yikes.

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Actually, even at the time I wrote CoR, Terrafugia was making prototypes. Conveniently, they appear to be going on sale this year.


Sweet. I ushered in an era of peace, so we got nothing to worry about, right? Just be nice to your robots and things are fine.

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Flying cars don’t make sense because it’s easier, cheaper, and safer for most applications to build a car and an airplane than one thing that can do both. A more promising approach may lie in LTA, e.g., the “Plimp”.


Well, if that’s the case, I need to get cracking. I still have to build Artimus so I can stop a big war from breaking out single-handedly before ushering in a golden age of peace, art and innovation with my best robo-bro.

… Wow I forgot how good the ending I got was…

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That actually seems about right. I have no trouble believing that there’s a grad student asleep on their keyboard somewhere right now who’s is going to invent the robot that changes the world.

As for the flying cars…doesn’t it seem like a colossal waste of energy? Even the flying taxis. I’d be much more excited to see some kind of massive innovation in public transportation than a new form of individual transportation that uses enough energy to actually fly.


What are your thoughts of subscription based autonomous cars? A scenario where you order a car to come to you (a la Uber) and use it for your needs and then, when you’re done, it drives away and caters to the next passenger.

Best of both worlds, no?


I mean the ideal is some kind of major innovation to mass transit. Moving larger groups of people is always going to be more efficient than individuals.

That said…

Sign me up now! I cannot wait for the day when I don’t have to drive anymore.


Truth of the matter is noone, especially Americans, will ever go for this. Case in point, I once came to a “town hall” like meeting where that was the topic of discussion (ie. Forcing the public to mass transit). Many people were demanding that that be the case. The head person asked a simple question at the end when talking about how difficult it would be:

“How many of you all drove here in your own cars?”

It was accordingly a bit awkward for a few seconds/minutes afterwards. Europeans and Asians are much more likely to go for this than the majority of Americans ever will.

Not only that! Also finding parking goes away, drunk/sleepy/distracted/aggressive driving goes away, you can watch tv/do other things while going wherever, you won’t have to worry about speeding tickets or any road tickets ever… it’s a good world