The Spiral Kingdom- WIP

I forgot to mention that the sarcasm is priceless :slight_smile: keep it up!

@Samuel_H_Young Thanks for finding the typo! There are actually relationship meters; I just haven’t set them to display on the stats screen. I’m glad you like the characters!

I’m definitely going to have more actual choices in the next update. I felt kind of bad using so many fake choices, but I couldn’t think of a way to introduce meaningful options into the flashback part without derailing the plot completely, or making it way too long.

@attolia and @RedRoses Haha, I’m happy you’re smitten with Jess! You will get to interact with Jess/the Crow more. I’ll try to include romance options, but it’s all conditional on whether I can actually write romance that isn’t horribly cheesy or dull. Fingers crossed. At the very least, there will be some fairly epic friendship.

Out of curiosity, what class and gender are you all choosing so far, and is your version of Jess a girl or a boy? There won’t be any gender-locked sections, but I’m trying to implement different content for the different classes.

I like this~ It sounds very fun and exciting! I just got a bit confused between the events in the real world and the dream state…I sometimes found myself thinking which state am I suppose to be in. Other than that, I can’t wait to see more of this… Jess! haha I’m happy with this dude.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing your WIP, I was having a lot of fun and was sad when it ended! It’s definitely in my list of anticipated WIPs! I really liked your characters and am interested in learning more about them! I’m curious about your world and the lore as well. I hope we’ll get to know more! Also, I’m liking all the responses, especially the sarcastic ones - they’re what I live for! And yeah, great job! :slight_smile:

To answer your question, I’m playing as a female Mage and Jess is male. I’m jumping head first into the Jess fan club, for sure! I’m also partial towards cheesy romances so yes, lay it on me please! 8->

I found a thing!
“You’re more of a. . . healer mage, right?” Matt says. You see Jess blanch and mouth no, under his breath, but Matthias continues obliviously. “No offense, but it’ll be the rest of doing the ass-kicking. I mean, I don’t want to have to pull you out of danger if you charge in-”
I’m guessing there was supposed to be an ‘us’ after ‘rest of’.

Sign me up for the Jess fan club (especially if it includes romance :wink: ), too! It really speaks to your writing ability that I was so horribly traumatized by his heroic sacrifice despite knowing him for all of about five minutes.

In re your question, I was playing a female warrior (I guess? all I know for sure is I wasn’t a mage) with a male Jess.

What stat governs magic anyway? Also I love the game

@Dolphinzgirl Ah! It’s you! Team Zero is so cool! Excuse me while I fangirl in a corner, oh my gosh. I’d say I’m sorry for traumatizing you, but I’m not really sorry. :slight_smile:

@ceecrab Thank you for the compliments and the typo-finding! I have a habit of skipping words when I type stuff, I think.

@TheOtherAlice Which parts did you get confused at? I’ll see if I can clarify them. I’m glad you like the rest of the game!

Honestly, i dont like jess that much, but the character is well writen. I cant wait to see what come next. The healer girl is just adorable.

I’ve been making Jess a guy.
Also, cheesy romances are swell!
It’s why I like Bioware.

Great game my friend, Hope to see it continued. I do agree with Samuel though
Having choices that have no effect on the stats do get annoying after some time.

Good game so far. I would appreciate a little more lore though.

Cannot wait for the rest of it, loved being a smart ass >:) played as a male rouge where Jess was a girl

You are doing a nice job on this game. It is intriguing and I am looking forward to keeping up with your progress!
Found one error:
Additional Partners were Matt and Amelie. When deciding what to do @ ambush, I Choose the direct approach and then chose: “You’re the worst dream guide ever, Jess.” Got following error: “line 527 invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block”.

I wish we had the option to respond “Eh?” or “What? Who? When? Where?”

Alright, I’ve started noodling around with some illustrations. I’m not sure what kind of style to go for yet, expect a few different versions of some stuff in a few hours.

Is there any way to post images here directly, or do they always have to be hosted on another site?

Try this command:

< img_src=“image location” >

Without spaces between the alligators. I can’t remember if that’s right, though.

I’ll just post links, just to be sure that it works. In order of appearance; Matt, Reena, dude!Jess, girl!Jess, and Amelie!

I think I’ll probably go with full-colour + lineart for the final illustrations. These didn’t take as long as I expected them to, and they’re way more fun to do than grayscale.

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@Ossifer, I haven’t been able to read your WIP yet (working on my own) but I like your art! I enjoy all sorts of styles from hyper stylized to more realistic, and yours seems to tow the line between the two extremes.

What software do you use when drawing?

Great writing and characters! The initial hook with Jess as the Crow works really well to pull the reader in and raise curiosity about how it happened. I’m looking forward to more. :slight_smile:

@HornHeadFan Thank you! I use Photoshop CC, and a Wacom Intuos tablet.

@jeantown Ah! Thank you! Compliments mean a lot, coming from the creator of Guenevere! *fangirls in a corner*