The Soul Stone War 2

I’m surprised there wasn’t a more explicit scene option for them. It was, imo, quite tame for her character.

Thanks for the info!

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You’re welcome!

Just to clarify expectations though, I do want to stress that Book 2 treats Mornie’s romance as a fling; it’s not on the same level as the other romances. That said, there’s definitely groundwork and heavy implications that it may change in future books. We’ll just have to see.

But, regardless how all this plays out, we have definitely not seen the last of the resident thirsty werewolf.

My thanks to you as well, @Neverwherehere! I’ve been trying to suss it out but all the comments were vague at best.

Honestly I’ve been wanting at least a fling with Mornie since the first book so I’ll take absolutely everything I can get here. Possessive werewolf wife yesss.

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I had the same feeling as you concerning the ends and the treatment of the MC by manerkol considering his background is indeed very curious… I hope we’ll learn more about that from the author or in the next books !

Into love’s arm is my favorite “bad ending” yet, but I wish the MC would have fought a bit more ahah, or more reactions possible… (tho since it’s not a real ending it’s understandable) !

Overall amazing IF, I’m already super excited for book 3 :smile:


Oh thank you so much! You just save my sanity! This one was driving me up the walls.

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This check is impossible. The most you can have is 58 combat.


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Hello, everyone!

I come to you with a surprise! To make things a bit easier on everyone, I have created a guide on how to get every achievement in the game!

You can get access to it by either subscribing to any of the tiers on my Patreon OR by subscribing to either the Silver or Gold tiers on Ko-Fi!

I put quite a bit of work into it, so I hope that it will be useful to you!



@Morgan_V Love this, brother. Can’t wait for Book 3. Love to help Morkai get his stone too. And, of course, more romantic interactions (I’m an old romantic at heart :joy:)


Just bought the book and I died at the end of part1 so imma both parts


Got caught by the evil vampire king and friends are probably dead. What a heinous fate.

But why I’m smiling?


This was entirely too short! I WANT MORE!
1m word DLC when? /s

Otherwise had fun reading this!

This is my second time dying: I’d really appreciate help bc I’m already tired :sob:

Magic is my highest at42%. I knocked out the first guard and then I used magic but then I died. How do I pass this???

You should go back to the first game and raise your magic, you can easily get it to 50 in the first game.

How do u even do that?? i didn’t know it could happen :sweat_smile:

for me i choose to distract the first and second guard and it worked, did u try to do that ?

Magic was also my highest stat, not sure if this works but here’s what I did: distract the first two guards, knock out the third.

Great job, @Morgan_V. Really enjoyed the game.

Only had time to play through the Morkai route (sorry, M/S poly, but I knew there’d be no nookie, and I’m not in the mood for angst, so you had to wait!) and loved it. Morkai is such a grump. A lovable grump, but a grump.

The friendship moments are superb, too! It really does feel like a found family and that the MC is part of it.

As someone else said, the soul stone moments are a bit disappointing. The boost in physical ability is pretty awesome, but otherwise it’s kind of weak. Like having a superpower of being slightly flame retardant, lol.

Got a good ending on my first shot without having to code dive, so I was happy with that. At least, I thought it was good, since we rescued E and no one died. I’ll try to play the poly route this weekend, if I have time. I really liked it, though, and can’t wait for b3!


Is Into love’s arms a valid ending I can continue from in part 3 or does the MC’s journey end there?

Haha fr, it’s bc i didn’t know which option tested magic and I was playing on the app and not on the browser. Thanks, I finally got past it by distracting the guards

@fe1shu Thanks, distracting them workeD!!

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Gahhh I already need a third

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