The Secret of Sapra (WIP)

The year is 2028. The end of Earth is near. In two years, Earth will die. That’s why NASA has been working on discovering new habitable planets.

After some researches, they discover a Earth sized planet. They named it SAPRA 3Y. They believe the planet is as habitable as Earth. They send ten different people (including you) there to find out if SAPRA is really habitable for everyone or not.

Working on Chapter 1…

I will update every week. Thanks for attention


Concept seems good just a quick question are you in a team with those people or can you go solo

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What is they found about planet SAPRA 3Y so far?

A few questions…

1.When did scientists know earth was dying?
2.Why is earth dying?
3.If earth is dying then shouldn’t it be an international expedition rather than being confined to US?

P. S. I know first 2 questions are plot based so you can ignore them or blur them(in answer)

Going solo would be bad ass lol


Will there be different species

Two years? Forgive me for nitpicking, but unless we have access to FTL travel methods, which I doubt we will until 2080 or so but that’s just my personal opinion, a two year time-span seems a pretty unrealistic target, and even if we did, the time it’ll take to design the spacecraft and the specialized equipment needed to support the pathfinder’s in a potentially hostile planet (yes, I know, it is potentially habitable, but we don’t know what kind of lifeforms it bears), constructing it, training the candidates, not to mention the time it’ll need to conduct the tests necessary to reach a conclusive result would take, IMO, about three years at best, and that’s not counting the time it’ll take to prepare the planet for massive colonization, but the also the time it’ll take to construct an armada of spaceship that are able to support the entirity of human race plus dairy animals (because, admit it, suddenly eating a foreign meats and plants would be quite a culture shock, not the mention the chaos it’ll bring to currently known recipes, and it’s effect on morale).

But in all honesty, it would be quite radical if you can create a logical and rational explanation for the above issue, also, I’m absolutely fascinated by the idea and am absolutely hyped for the game.

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