An Idea for a Sci-Fi Game, but not going to work on it


I have found an idea for a game. I am not going to work on it as I am already busy and am already working on Life in Ancient Greece. But just want to know what everyone thinks of it.

“In 2013 when the world was living peacefully, and all it’s people were happy, something happened. On a normal day, suddenly, the Earth Gravity itself, failed. The Planet was broken into pieces, each going on it’s own course to somewhere in the Galaxy. 12 centuries later, each broken piece has formed a planet each, resulting in 7 planets from the remains of the original Earth. Now, without an explanation, the seven planets are set on one course and it seems they are about to collide as they are nearing each other. But the bigger problem, some types of chemical found in each planet’s core, if each piece is brought together, a massive blast will wipe out what remains of Mankind. The only hope, a metal that can remove this explosive quality of the chemical, but it is only found on the sun!”


hmm the idea is ok for a fantasy game but for a sci fi no in a million of years.

1 gravity don’t have a switch on of button if that happen all our atoms collapse and electrons go away.

2- Earth is not solid inside magma and plasma its inside we live in a tiny surface. If earth broke
plasma magma and earthquakes destroy all life in surface.

3- even then goodbye atmosphere no air life go Hell again also no earth inner core not magnetosphere so lethal radiation kill all life again and water evaporate if there was some h2o remain


also Sun has not metal solid its a nuclear vision bomb lol with millions of grades and plasma storms

edit i got tons of structure fails in this story but i don’t want to seem a troll its i couldn’t see people present that stories like SCI fi with none sci in the mixture


I’m not big on forcing all science fiction to fit into the “hard sci-fi” category, but as an astronomy major, that just hurt to read. I’d be far more accepting of it as a fantasy game, as @MaraJade mentioned, but even that’s far-fetched.


The idea has something that could make for a great story. However, it would need much more to make it work.

In the year 2019 Global warming has finally been accepted as a fact. Conditions for human life have become living from one extreme to another. It seems the Humans race is now faced with extinction, the world governments have come together to solve the problem. The best hope for mankind is the rabbit hole project. These are massive generators placed around the world that will fuse the fabric of dark matter into a new substance able to stabilize the planet. They cross their fingers as the switch is thrown.

The year is 3016, the rabbit hole project is nothing more then a myth. The Human are speared among the Seven Sisters. But, now it is six as the 5th sister of Earth has vanished. Great panic has now filled the walls of the Hall of Wisdom found on the Heart Sister planet. The planet and its entire people simply faded from the sky. The were no alarms or cries for help, it just winked out as quiet as you please. Now this myth must be rediscovered to save the remaining planets. The history is a bit fuzzy, and most don’t believe it all started with just one planet.

Just my two cents to a concept :slight_smile: