The Saga of Oedipus Rex (Released)

I’ve made a few (generally minor) edits to the new parts, unless anyone has objections or issues with it (I’m still a bit uncertain about the new ending, but I’ll leave it be if no one has any major objections), I’ll likely go over it a few more times to try and catch grammar/spelling problems and then submit it next week. So yep, final, final call for anyone who hasn’t asked for access for beta testing the added sections who hasn’t already contacted me :smile:

Thank you again to everyone who has helped me get this done.

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About a month later and I’m still adding to this. I’m currently finishing up a new sequence involving the sphinx. It’s not done yet, hopefully will be ready for testing within the next 1-2 weeks and then I’m (pretty sure this time) it’s done apart from editing. If there’s anyone who would like to test that hasn’t already this really should be the final, final call this time so please let me know if interested :slight_smile: .

The game is not currently open to anyone except my current testers as it hasn’t been updated yet. I need to make some changes based on comments they’ve made and finish up the last section, but I can send out the link once I’ve done that. (I’m hoping it’ll be in the next week or two.)

Edit: Adding a demo link (Nothing new here for anyone who’s already read it :slight_smile: )

Edit- removed old link.


Send it my way when it’s finished, but you might have to be flexible with time as on 27th I’m off to Nepal so not sure how that will disrupt things

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I read the demo and loved it is there a way for me to read the private one

@Ender1 Will send you a PM :slight_smile:

Can I beta-test too ? Just read the demo and I loved it

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Sure, I’ll send you a pm with the details when I get home :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I know I keep saying this is in its final testing stages and then I end up working on it some more, but this time I really think it is in the final, final stages of testing. (I really hope it is anyway.) There’s some new sections added by popular demand involving the ability to save the sphinx later run off to Egypt to do “stuff” there. If anyone’s watched stargate you can take a good guess at who the enemy is on one of the paths, although I’ve gone with the traditional Egyptian form rather than the stargate one. So if there’s anyone who hasn’t already let me know who would like to have a read and give me some feedback on it, please give me a bell. (Public link is only the demo to see if the game is of interest, the full game is currently only open to beta testers.)

Demo only link. (Not much new here for anyone who has already read it previously :slight_smile: )

(Edit- updated link.)


Will this game have a good ending?
I remember I learnt about Oedipus in literature class and it didn’t end so well for him…

@Frogs Yes it has a number of different endings and some of them could be seen as good. (Or at least a whole lot better than what originally happened :slight_smile: )

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Is it possible to still Beta Test the game? I’m interested.

@SoBayKid Sure, I’ll PM a link :slight_smile:

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I’m interested for beta testing as well!! So looking forward to it!

could I beta test it this game is well good

Could I beta test as well? I played it before it was edited this December and it was good

@magiqian, @js2502, @Mrmistoffelees999

Sure, I’ll send a link over shortly :slight_smile:

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Hey i played it just recently and would love to beta test it

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Sure, have added you to the beta test :slight_smile:

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