The Rosy Ones (WIP)

Or maybe a trybreed

Can you elaborate english it’s not my first language so i dont understand… :sweat_smile:

Basically what you described is a hybrid. Which is a combination of two different species. A tribrib is a combination of three or more species

Doesn’t the combination of three species makes it actually some sort of a chimera since the individual will have only two parts of the parents?

Really really good :smiley:

A chimaera is a tribrid

Awesome IF and writing :heart: Now I’m more interested to see how mature this game is gonna be :smirk: Jk aside, it’s impressive how you manage to keep things interesting with the MC’s missing memories, unknown enemies, and all the shenanigans going around, and the world building too without resorting to blatant info dumping. Wouldn’t be surprised if the MC snapped lmao

With how the MC’s situation is going, it sort of reminds me of the Keeper series’ MC where they’re practically dealing with monthly (?) monster attacks, among all other life-threatening problematic things in their life :joy:

Edit: I really like your writing and I’m curious if you’ve got plans to write snippets from the RO(s) PoV later down the line

Well only in how the mc, despite being a rich kid this time around, seems to have a boring, generic wardrobe. Still we may be able to do more about that here than we ever could in the keeper series and Chai has way better style than Leon, now just need to figure out a way for my mc to borrow those leather jeans from Chai sometime. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: