The Rosy Ones (WIP)

Your whole world and everything you thought to be true about yourself are challenged after your mother’s death. Too soon, you find yourself having to deal with a dead roommate, a possible threat to your life, and too many gods wanting you on their side.

Navigate the golden politics of Rodinos and Olympus, gain a few powerful friends (or manipulate them!), and figure out the reason and possible cure to your hazy memories. Dig too deep and you might not like what you find. Will you be Rosy or will you be Golden?

The Rosy Ones: Resurrections is a modern fantasy academia game set in Rodinos, The Rosy City, a city sat on the second highest cloud in Greece, right under Olympus, The Golden City.


Up to Chapter 3 with 107k words with code, 95k without, 46k on average playthrough.

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Reminder, please read

Second draft is here! While it is the second draft and much better than the first draft please don’t expect it to be without faults! I will have to polish it every now and then but I won’t, or at least don’t think so, wipe the demo again.

The choices I wrote into the demo aren’t final, since sometimes I can’t think of other choices to add. Please tell me if there’s a choice you wish you were able to make and I’ll try to add it into the game as soon as possible.

Please check the To Do details before asking me for something so the forum won’t get cluttered up! Thank you!


old demo link. compiled.
I changed it back to scenes files because it’s less of a hassle to add a save option.

Changes listed from most recent to least.


  • Akira and River changed to flippable genders.
  • Rosa changed to adopted sister.
  • Added and changed a few scenes/choices.
  • Better stats and stats page but still under development.


This is only because I am rewriting the public demo. I am finishing the first draft of the entire book, and writing the second draft of the demo. Demo will now only be three chapters long because the book is most likely going to be ten-eleven chapters long.

  • Fixed some minor coding mistakes in Chapter Three.
  • Tried out personality stats, will most likely add them to previous chapters.


  • Fixed a continuity issue in Chapter One.


  • Rewrote a few scenes, rewrote long scenes into choices so rereaders can skip.
  • Added a suggested choice to not stay for breakfast.
  • Added choice to say no to stealing Stef’s body.
  • Fixed MC’s past pronouns being grammatically incorrect if using they/them.
  • Fixed minor mistakes in the update.


  • Rewrote a LOT of scenes.
  • Changed Kalista’s name to Maya.
  • Added a save button, though do tell me if it’s not working.
  • Changed the very first part of the prologue.
  • Added achievements but then removed them again because I didn’t like their names. They weren’t witty enough :laughing: (29.05.20)
  • Added option to either make speech about Maya or not. (29.05.20)
  • Rewrote some scenes, added more emotions. (29.05.20)
  • Made the health gains/losses fairmath for now, to make sure they don’t surpass 100 (25.05.20)
  • Fixed a lot of some pronoun mistakes (25.05.20)


  • Added ability to choose your own pronouns. (20.05.2020)
  • Added more choices in the prologue. (20.05.2020)
  • Fixed minor coding details (16.05.2020)
  • Fixed grammatical errors (15.05.2020)
  • Changed options from second person to first person. (15.05.2020)
To do
  • Tech and Combat have higher initial gains than the other stats because there’s far less chances for them to rise in the first few chapters. I’m getting to adding more combat/tech choices in the first three chapters (maybe just casually including them in conversations lmao) to fix this but this is my temporary fix.)
  • Add some suggested choices
  • Chapter 4


Content Warnings
  • Body horror
  • Mental health issues. (Panic attacks, paranoia, implied self harm, nightmares from traumatic experiences, PTSD in some characters, etc)
  • Swearing
  • Violence and death
  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc
  • Manipulation and mind control.
  • Not genderlocked, choose your own pronouns
  • Play as any sexuality.
  • Build friendships, gain trust, maybe even pursue relationships.
  • Romance (or not) any of the six ROs. Maybe even a poly route.
  • Will add more here when the demo comes.


Relationships are important in this game. You are to gain trust, build friendships, and maybe even trick them. Gaining trust does not mean you have to be truthful.

RO Details

Removed dossier file for the moment since it’s empty! I was hoping to get to fixing the details but currently busy with other things. For now, here are the confirmed ROs (copy pasted from my tumblr, might make shorter descriptions for forum in the future):


A kitsune and a photojournalist for the Rosy Times, RU’s newspaper. They are cheerful and energetic, can be overbearing. Optimistic to the core, Saito is often the one holding the group together. Behind their cheerful grins, however, lies a will so sharp it’s hard to predict which lines they wouldn’t cross.


A were dragon and the mayor’s second son. He’s a well known model for his family’s clothing brand, SAINT Iago, and for being the exact opposite of his business minded and serious brother. Charming and distracting, Santiago is known for not taking things seriously–often with an unsure smile and jokes that don’t quite land well. Santiago is often underestimated but no one knows the true limits of his magic.


A sorceress of unknown origins. Mercia is mysterious and calculating, and not much is known about her history and background. She is often harsh and blunt, with magic that seems stronger than an average magical’s. Mercia has a silver tongue that skillfully leads conversations where she wants them to lead, unforgiving in the way she uses what she learns. No one knows where her loyalties truly lie.


A goblin who spends more time in his lab creating weapons than using his magic. Fuentes is friendly and approachable, with an easy going smile that makes him kind of a pushover. He is often trying to please other people, folding quickly when they look at him harsher than he can take. Fuentes is just about the least threatening person in the suite.


A selkie noble hailing from the Selkie Realm. La Fontaine is often confused with this realm’s culture but takes everything in stride with a perfectly placed smile and a willing and curious personality. La Fontaine is diplomatic and calm at all times, magic thrumming low under their skin but rarely used. They are quiet and absent in conversations, though often one to step up to berate the others when the fighting gets too much. Their quiet nature makes it hard for others to grasp what they truly think and feel.


An arae, a curse giver , who is an employee of the Underworld. Khan is irritable and unwilling to trust new people, though extremely loyal towards those she calls her friends. Cold and intimidating, Khan can be a powerful ally but a deadly enemy. There is no forgiving bone in her body for those who hurts the people she loves.

I will most likely update the WIP page some time soon with more info, but for now these are what I have. I have a tumblr page new tumblr link! for this where I will be entertaining more questions. Please do give a follow and ask me stuff!


I will also have this little part here where I ask for suggestions. Researching on my own is fun but there is so much more reach if I ask. As soon as I get enough data/what I am looking for, I’ll close the question and ask another one. If I need to, I’ll add polls.


Question: what creature do you want to have as a pet?

Please also let me know about any typos, coding errors, suggestions, and/or critique. I am new to writing CYOA games and some stuff will need to be pointed out. Thank you!

That will be all for now. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!


Artemis Hunters are not supposed to be in a relationship I’m pretty sure.


Oh, I know that. I’m sorry, this is set in a modern world where most of everything is modified. If it’s offensive to make her one, though, I can always change it. (And these are not set characteristics, I’ve only started fleshing out their characters.) Thanks!


I don’t know if it’s offensive, but one of Artemis main things is that she’s one of the virgin goddesses align with Athena and Hestia and that her hunters have a vow of chastity and get punished if they break it. I guess you could consider them asexual/aromatic, would be a little weird to change it.


That’s true. But she was allowed to fall in love, I’m pretty sure, so with that in mind, I made Zakia demisexual. A lot of the rules and stuff, I modified to fit a more, I guess, progressive world. While a lot still follow her rule, it isn’t as strict. But the other, older hunters still think it’s wrong, that kind of thing.

Honestly, these aren’t set in stone so if I think of another creature that will fit her character, I’ll change it. I’m not too convinced about her being a hunter anyway.

Thank you for pointing out, by the way!


Yeah it’s fine just a little weird to me, kinda waiting for Artemis to turn her into a boar or something after lol.

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Well, I can imagine. Maybe that’ll add some angst to her route lmao. If you have any suggestions on what I can change her into, though? Tbh, it was hard researching for creatures that weren’t overused and/or coinciding with any of the already present creatures (may it be of the other ros or of the ones the player will be allowed to be), so these… realllly are not final.

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Maybe a dryad (female tree spirits) or a nereid (sea nymphs or sea spirits) or an arae (female spirit of curses). Maybe a former Hunter of Artemis, she could be honorably discharged I guess you could call it.


WAIT. How is it my first time hearing of an arae I’m so ashamed? I love creatures like them. I think I might go with either that or her being a former/retired Hunter. Thank you sooo much!


Yeah it’s no problem, kinda inclined with the Arae one, but fine with whatever you go with though.

Honestly, me too. We’ll see though. Again, thanks!!

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It won’t let me type in a name.

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Ahh, I’m so sorry about that! I corrected it, hope it goes well this time around. Thank you!

There’s a few species I can think of right off the bat. The centaur, which is basically someone with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. If you want something a bit more unique there’s the cervitaur which has the lower body of a deer. They usually grow antlers though.

Then there’s fauns who have the legs of a goat, but only two whereas the cervitaur and centaur have the complete body of a horse or deer (minus the head of course), and the upper body of a human. They have ram horns.
Those, like centaurs and cervitaurs, are kind of common, as in you probably heard about them, but you don’t see them often.

If you want to get a bit more creative, I don’t think anyone’s done one of these with a phoenix or a thunderbird before. You could figure out something cool for a more humanesque form.

There’s also the chimera, which doesn’t get used much either. Basically a lion, goat, and snake mixed together. That might be cool, maybe you could figure out a look for the mc in human form with this if the mc will even take any of the traits from their species because I think they look fairly human right now, but I don’t know if that will change.

I honestly don’t know how much this helped, but hopefully it helped just a little. Great work on the prologue btw. I’m loving the book so far :smile:


First of all, thank you soo much! These are great.

Ooh, I’d love to use the cervitaur, but the player doesn’t think they’re anything other than human until they get to Rodinos. Although, I can probably make it so they’re not always in that form? Similar with fauns and centaurs, I can always just alter their specifics to better fit my story.

Ah, I’m planning to have a phoenix or two in the story already, but thunderbird seem cool. I guess I can make them shapeshifters? It’ll be easy since the phoenixes are already shapeshifters. I love this one the most.

Hm, that’s a bit harder to tweak than the others. Although, I am also looking for possible pet options. I’ll have to write that down as a possibility. A tiny one, though, one that won’t break their suite down, lol. If you have suggestions for possible pet options, I’ll appreciate them so much.

These helped very much so! Thank you. I’ll add them to my list and if I get an aha! moment with the centaurs, cervitaur, and/or fauns, I’ll use it. Thunderbirds, I’m most likely to use. It’ll fit the backstory too. Thank you sooo much!

And thank you, glad you liked it!!

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I’m glad I could help :grin: I’m actually getting the chance to put my random knowledge to use.
As far as pets go, I think I do have some ideas.


Probably the least outlandish out of the others is the Amarok. I say least outlandish because it’s basically just a giant wolf. Either way, it could make a good protector if you don’t follow the legend.

White Stag

There’s also the white stag, in looks it’s pretty much just what it’s name suggests, a white stag. The only reason it’s more outlandish than the amarok is because it’s actually magical. It’s said to be a messenger from the otherworld, so it might actually be more of a spirit. If you choose to use this one, assuming the mc’s newest companion isn’t around anymore, white stags are said to alert others to taboo so it might be capable of alerting players of danger.


Then there’s the Kirin. You actually have a lot to work with here since it’s depicted in lots of different ways, so the appearance is mostly up to you. Full of scales, partially scaled, body of a deer, horse, or I think an ox? They’re typically furred in some places but I hear they’ve also had feathers. They usually have horns, but what type depends on you. Lately I think they’re depicted with unicorn horns though they have had dragonesque horns before too. It’s said they only punish the wicked, so if you still want to use the myth based personality it could still prove helpful to an mc that needs protection from dark forces.

Kirin (1)


Now we’re getting into the more insane stuff. The kirin will seem pretty average compared to this. This thing is basically the ultra chimera. It has the features of a bear, wolf, feral cat, boar, and reptile. Honestly can’t remember if I got it all because it was mixed with quite a bit :rofl: more often than not though, people will depict it as a tamer version which is just a wolf with horns.

Calopus_ tumblr_o8nqyg7Jc51v9qvuco3_640


Then there’s the Tarasque. Kinda up there in the insane bordeline-nightmare territory. I’ve heard a lot about it being dragonesque but I’ve also heard reptilian. It has a turtle shell, it’s been said to have the face of a lion sometimes, and the body of an ox but this one also has a lot of leeway. Modern depictions typically give it a more monstrous appearance, but that’s really up to you.

Not sure if there’s a size limit or not, but some of these guys can get pretty big. Though I guess you could manage to make them smaller for the sake of your book if you wanted to. Anyway, hope this helps a little too.


There’s always dragons.


Wow I’m hooked! I love my mysterious guardian angel!

And my MC can’t wait to compete with Chai to see who is the real charm king hehehehehe


Oh my god, these are amazing! I can just make them babies in the first book to make it easier to handle them and maybe make it so they can pop in and out of existence (maybe they go to another dimension when they’re not in ours?) as long as they’re bound to the player. I plan to have the other characters have their own pets so imagine the chaos in their suite if they didn’t have another dimension to go to.

I love them a lot, and I care little for size limit. As I said, they’re babies in the first book and will probably have another dimension to live in when they’re resting. These are amazing. I’ll make a poll someday soon so everyone can vote on which pets they want to be able to pick and those that lose the vote will have to go to the other characters instead.

Oh, is this for the pet thing? Because I thought about it and I think it’ll be hilarious how Chai (who’s half-dragon) will react to someone having a dragon pet. I think he’ll think of the dragon as his rival, regardless of his relationship with the player. I’ll add it to the poll. Thanks!

Thanks! Love them, too. Still deciding between bringing them back or keeping them dead.

Oh, no. I can already imagine the ruckus with three of the suitemates being charmers. Are you planning to romance him? Because if you are, I just know you’ll have a fun time trying to out-charm and fluster him. Even if you aren’t, it’ll be a little bonding thing between the two of you, then.


Am I supposed to be disturbed at the guardians? Because I am very disturbed about the guardians :sweat_smile: Ooh, boy.