The Realm of Stars (WIP)

Irl I’d both kick and kiss a person like that to hell :smiling_imp::smirk_cat::kissing_cat:

Lol the IF I was working on starts in 2021 but the story progresses around 2900…lol you’d guess that by that far in future there could be head banging number of genders and categories, it’s all painful when you think deeply though…

Exactly what I did and doing in my IF, every gender choosable character has different characteristics, the character base appears the same but I wrote them as complete alternatives instead of simple gender variations (though it was ten times more work).

@roselilymarigold I got this thought too, is there some kind of magic for that too, for same sex couples?

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Among the peasantfolk, same sex marriage is widely accepted and legitimate, tho your parents might be pissed if you’re the only child and don’t have grandkids.

If you romance Hugo in a same sex relationship, Hugo barely gives two flying fucks about tradition and things nobles are meant to care about, like succession. Caring about bloodlines is the mark of an uneducated person, anyway, and all those practices are outdated and irrarional (I think that’s what he’d think) So you won’t have to worry about the Binding, or political pressures around the Binding. You’ll have a lot of other shit to worry about tho, hehehehe.

Lorienne is from Ceton, an Eastern province and she’s the Duchess, I suppose, so about equivalent to Hugo in rank. The East is more liberal than the West, where the player character is from (Westerners often think Easterners are libertines) about matters of succession, marriage, children, etc. Eastern Houses typically allow for eldest child to succeed regardless of gender, and Lorienne has never been pressured to undergo the Binding. Eastern Houses are more open to things like the Binding of Lineage, as per below.

That being said, Lorienne’s House has big money problems. You’ll need to worry about wealth a lot more than gender.

Adoptive magic exists, and it’s called the Binding of Lineage. It allows you to essentially imprint on someone else part or (even) all of your, uh, genetics. But the Binding of Lineage is typically only used in situations of last resort, and kids adopted through this Binding are not usually considered as legit as true born kids. Some Houses accept it, some do not. It’s a bit of a grey area. In fact, the Binding of Lineage was created by Celestial priests to facilitate organ transplants and was first used as medical magic before being used as adoptive magic. An adopted kid by binding faces challenges from cousins, makes succession messier, and you don’t want to use it if things are touch and go politically. But Houses terrified of going extinct and dying out will resort to anything, and Houses have been revived by a binding adoption of a particularly talented child marked, as they say, by the stars for greatness.

And as for Derik, the Crown Prince…

I have no clue :slight_smile: I know the least about Derik right now, and his original backstory that I have planned might not hold by the time I write him.

I feel like Derik would probably pose challenges if you’re pursuing a same sex relationship

But idk. I’ll see.

You can’t spoil ur readers if you don’t bother planning things that can be spoiled :wink:

ALSO if you’re playing a hardcore peasant or Phoenix route, you might not be able to date any of the nobility at all. Some RO’s will be your enemies if you take particular paths. Every RO is from a different background and faction. If you were, say, a supporter of peasant rights and reducing noble power, I imagine you probs won’t have much luck getting a noble to date you…


Good so far but one major issue, I want more! Awesome groundwork and I’d love to see where this goes.

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What’s the problem with the Phoenix Cult and nobility?

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You’ll see :wink:

The next arc/chapter I have planned is super ambitious so I’m hoping to have it up by New Years, although that’s an aspiration and not a deadline lol.

There are like 4 separate branches and a core plotline and I am no idea how many words it will be lol. We’ll see. I might post wordcount/progress updates if people want them, otherwise I’ll only post the next chapter when it’s done :slight_smile:


Hey Rose, you’re so evil using your writer powers over us all and teasing… :smiling_imp::smirk_cat::kissing_cat: Also saying this again I’m very much waiting for proper Phoenix cult route. I really wanna see how you’ll prepare the MC using of Phoenix fire.


i hope to do the phoenix arc justice!

glad you’re looking forward to it :wink:

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Hey me again, I just wanted to ask if your planning to implement wild magic in the demo. Also what exactly is wild magic, I get that it’s the power of the earth and can only be activated in times of great need, but if you use wild magic are you like a druid who can control nature or an earthbender from Avatar.

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Probably closer to a druid in that it’s more linked with the trees than the earth. But I don’t know the full scope of Wild and what you can do with it yet. You might not have seen it in your playthrough, but there’s a branch in the uploaded demo where your mother uses healing magic from the Wild.

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Thank your for clarifying, also love the game. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is the game that got me into choice games. So having something partly inspired by that is absolutely amazing for me.

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The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is so good, isn’t it?? I loved the scope and its epic feel. I’d played Choice of Games (Like Choice of the Dragon, Romance, Broadsides, much of the older stuff) before but I fell out of playing interactive fiction for a while.

Sir Brante reminded me of what I loved about interactive fiction, and without it, I definitely wouldn’t have had the impetus to write this story and these characters as a game.

My story has significantly less family strife though, heh.


On a sick horse

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I do want to include more Wild stuff but im figuring out how to fit it in haha.

Also can u blur out my quote since it was initially blurred I think it just didn’t carry thru when u quoted it :slight_smile: thanks


Will the MC eventually be able to undergo the Binding of Duality ritual if they want to? And is there a way for us to be called by the right pronouns before then, for example, by coming out to our family? Or if we’re playing as a trans guy MC, can we have the ability to dress and present ourself as a boy to other characters, or dress as a girl if we’re playing as a trans girl? Great story so far!


Yes, your MC will be able to undergo the Binding of Duality. I haven’t figured out all the stuff with pronouns and clothing yet… I can’t figure out a good place to incorporate it at the beginning, cos the beginning is already slower paced as it is and gender identification isn’t really a part of the plot.

I think I might just have an option for people to change once your MC reaches adulthood?? And then you’ll be able to alter pronouns/clothing then…

I’m not sure if that’s too late in the game though lol

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Real life transition is a lifelong process, with some undergoing changes earlier in life and others later… I have a feeling that your readers would be o.k. with thee chance to change later. Perhaps just signal that this can be done later, so those that will want too can be aware it will happen.


Thanks Eiwynn :slight_smile: I think I might be able to get ur family to call u by the right pronouns, but probably not strangers until you undergo the Binding, which can’t be done until you reach the age of majority (16) in any case.

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