The Passenger is OUT!

This makes me really glad because that’s one of the things I strive for.

@KingMe Thanks for the warm words :smiley:

Don’t we all?

True. I’ll change that.

Why indeed.

I was a little nervous people would feel it was way too long, so I’m quite glad it wasn’t the case. I’m already working on Ch 2, so you’ll have something to read in a month or two hopefully.

Then I have fulfilled my purpose.


Just tell me I can keep up my unbelievable ego as a puny mortal and I’ll be happy.


I find the mc of this story soo intriguing and amusing, in a morbid way, to play as! You’ve definitely managed to elicit both ‘’ ok. this is getting creepy’’ and ‘‘I’m becoming paranoid of each new character introduced’’ responses from me with Jonny and Roach’s characters. :joy:. The mc’s inner narration and the build-up scene truly made me believe that Jonny was the Hunter, since he was shady as heck; and as shameless as I am, the possibility of him to be the Hunter still didn’t prevent me from picking the ‘‘wink’’ reaction, lmao. Now I’m very suspicious of you, dear Roach :thinking:.
This wip is something special for sure and I can’t wait to see more of it :cherry_blossom: !


They may be pathetic insifnecent humans
But their MY pathetic insifnecent humans
Man oh man I love this WIP and I can’t wait to see where this story goes


I really love what you have so far and I’m looking forward to tomorrow

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I really like the options to be evil and mean as long i can keep being and doing that then i am all good.


Roach is bae.


I love this already

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thank you so much for making this - it’s amazing!!


If she turns out to be a extradimensional roach type monster instead of human that name would be a little on the nose I think.


Loving the game and the characters! :smiley:


1/3/2019: Corrected punctuation (I think I got them all), misspellings, and that odd sentence that was pointed out. Polished Teen!Livvy’s dialogue (hopefully it’s a little less awkward now but I’m an awkward person so). Took out the stat-based nonsense on that first convo with Fiama; if you’re nice to her, she’ll be nice to you. Changed the color of the titles. Added the option to write down your own pronouns if you’re playing as a non-binary MC.


This is great. The tone, the slightly creepy edge that’s present in all scenes, and the characters so far… I loved it.

But especially, I loved the MC. Hilarious. I think you did a great job to capture the arrogance and disbelieve of a great and powerful being trapped in a baby’s body :laughing:. I tend to play with morally good characters, but I’ll definitely be doing an “evil” playthrough just to see the MC’s internal dialogue.

Great work so far!


I was pleasantly surprised by this WIP, and I can’t wait to see the future of this story and how the MC will interact with other characters


I gotta say, this is a very entertaining game! I’m actually very engrossed in it and I love the dissonance between the eldritch abomination and the human world, and I also like that I can adapt further to it. I really like Roach too! I was put off of him at first but he’s really got an infectious personality. Plus, that cliffhanger! :hushed: I can’t wait to read what else you have in store!


I can’t wait to see more of Roach! He seems really fun :relaxed:


Great work ! I want read more…


I am really instrested in reading more of this


I’m probably reading way into these lines but with:

You might just be onto something, Prof_Chaos :joy: What if Roach is some kind of hidden extradimensional scavenger abomination that’s just waiting for the Mc to have their ‘‘showdown’’ with the Hunter so they can nom what’s left of Earth.
:thinking: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Hi everyone, just a little update to let you all know the next chapter is coming nice and sweet, and to give you a short sneak peek. Thanks for all the support and the nice words :grin:

Roach chat

“And then I…” you let the silence stretch for a moment before letting the air go. “No, that’s it. I don’t remember what happened next.”

Roach lifts ${r_their} eyebrows. “Good thing you didn’t forget the details of the fifty deliveries you were carrying.” And there’s the barb. Of course.

“Want me to spin some dumb tale about tentacles ripping the sky open and me using my telepathic powers to fend them off?”

“I don’t know. Are they the japanese kind of tentacles?”