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Oh! happy birthday then hehe. And you have no idea how popular your game are. I can’t wait for the upcoming updates.:grin::tada::confetti_ball:

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Here’s the reddit post.

Also Happy Birthday dude!

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I missed the scene about SS. How? LOL!

Which genre did you join? I never joined the military.

Happy birthday in advance!

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i seem to have gone mia again . the military really keeps you super busy :sob::sob: i get home abt 7:30 and we have a hour to shower, snack, call our family or friends, study, relax or watch tv :sob::sob: before lights out . then we wake up at 4(!!!) 30 to do physical training or PT … then back to school for more training :sob::sob: i’m really really burnt out yo . but i really miss y’all ! i’m still working on the story (believe it or not atp) jus needed a coder then and still need a coder now . really the only thing preventing an update … i hope y’all are doing okay and being safe . till the next time i come outta my shell :man_facepalming:t5:


I remember my time in rotc… waking up at 4 - 5 in the morning for almost every day for PT is exhausting. I’m also in the honors program at my college for computer science too, so I get what you mean :sob::sob: That’s one of the reason why I dropped out - I couldn’t handle the workload and I was burned out af. Kudos to you for still being in the military, Spyder. And please take care of yourself too.




Ahhh… what does that “loading” mean?

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tryna see how many things I promised I can stuff into this next chapter. 3 years ago holy shit yo.


I have a new coder! Like officially, officially. Thank you @122B !! This literally means the world… I’m now able to get the words i wrote turned into game format. I would also like to thank @Jackpot1776 @Romero @Chicken @Yalung and @Ben_Klemme for joining my “think tank”, a concentrated group for story ideas, plot, character arcs, and general continuity and progression of the story! BTW, if anyone would like to help contribute on a more personal level to help get this story up off the ground after 3 and a half years, join my thinktank, give criticism or any sorta feedback, please hit my PM’s up!
P.S: this story is a couple hundred views away from 100k total lifetime. that’s really insane yo … thank you all so much bro .


now that the “team” of sorts is put together, shit can really hit the fan - but in a good way! Being here in the military and on base has taken a lot of my personal time away, however I go back home August 30th as a graduate of Army schooling. I already graduated basic training, now however im really close to graduating mechanic school in civilian terms LOL. once that happens, my schedule opens up TREMENDOUSLY. (after i spend a couple days strictly with my family ofc… will have been gone for a year come September :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:)

see yall soon :slightly_smiling_face:


im gonna make a poll real quick . In the process of writing this story, people have praised me for taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to something that has been traditionally sorta serious aka politics in general… HOWEVER, I’ve also received requests to scale it back to where this game takes a more serious tone, as if its a drama . aka more Grey’s Anatomy to a less serious Scrubs. It really depends on your style of play but I did want a chance to see where the community opinion is regarding humor in general with politics and government. Neither option is bad, it just influences the future writing style of the story. Long winded explanation aside :skull_and_crossbones: here’s a poll for it.

  • keep the story with the humor that is already present
  • change the story to become more of a serious political game

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I would definitely welcome a more serious style, but the biggest annoyance to me was the attempt at campy romance. Also, if I don’t hug Jack the first time, or second, or third, etc, eventually stop asking? More time is devoted to that than the actual questions.


well i am re-writing the beginning chapters… there won’t be a brand new chapter for a minute. it’s continuity errors such as it being after 2020, incorrect ranks and military structure, less choices to start with, less detailed options and etc . it needs to be smoother and less black and white when it comes to relationships and relationship stats . I’ll clean up the story to allow for more platonic relationship boosts that don’t call for your MC to fall in love automatically . there will be a friendship stat and a romance stat for each major character from now on .


Well it would be nice if the FLOTUS was open minded with a steamy triangle for some reason lmao


I’d like for the story to be more serious, but of course some humor doesn’t hurt, like we see in real life :grinning:


I want to see a more serious story.


continue to vote ! the poll is closed at 175 votes or at the end of today, whichever comes first . however i will take both sides into consideration if it’s especially close . I just want a general outlook of the story in general . if the story was serious there will be humorous parts . if the story is more humorous there will be serious parts as well … but the overall tone of the story rests on how the poll plays out . so vote ! or just wait until the end of today … :joy_cat::joy_cat:


You got any more room in the Tank of Thought?


the thinktank has unlimited space :slightly_smiling_face: all you need is a discord account (on your PC or your mobile device) and you can be in it! HMU if you wanna be included . Also, there is no sorta deadline to join, at least until the next chapter has been pushed out.


BTW, the next update will be under a different link. DungeonMaster is no longer a contributor on this story and its his link so its invalid. @122B is the official coder for this story .