The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!

lol that’s a win for me! That was my intention since the MC is supposed to be a mix of Superman, Goku and Captain America.

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So on the topic of ROs, would we be able to romance a villain/henchman? You know, basically have a forbidden romance kind of scenario. Or, if there are more than one ordinary human RO, you could make one of them secretly a villain, or something…

That’s a pretty good possibility that I might add it to the story but I’d have to make it natural to the main plot itself. I’ve always been interested in the idea of forbidden love scenarios, and it sounds like it would be fun to write it.

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“It looks like we have two choices,” Rebel declares as they tighten their gloves, “sneaking in through the back, or just waltzing in through the front.”

#I’ll just be my naturally stealthy self and sneak in through the back, of course!

*if subtle<20

You trip all the alarms.

I was also thinking you could use direct vs. subtle in interactions with characters. A very direct MC might not notice a character who’s trying to sneakily grab their attention/perhaps even flirt with them.

“I’m sure I’ll find a way to repay you somehow,” RO winks.

*if subtle<20

“That’s ok,” you wave them off. “I don’t do this for the money.”
“You misunderstand,” they continue to wink, “Get it? Right?” They cough. “Repay?
You blink.
“Are…are you dying?”

By contrast, a far-too-sneaky-by-half MC might start seeing signals that aren’t really there.

“I’m sure I’ll find a way to repay you somehow,” RO winks.

*if subtle>80

They’re blinking an awful lot, you think to yourself. Too much, in fact.
You mentally gasp as the realization hits you: Morse code!


Now that’s just beautiful. I was planning on doing that as well because I feel as if the MC is completely direct, he/she’ll act like Goku who would be completely oblivious to the romantic implications that the RO may try on them which would result in hilarious moments. I mean, we’re talking about Goku who once thought “married” was a term for a type of food before lol


pfffttt… hhahahahh XD can’t stop laughing XD

that being said, i’ll say Good Luck @MichaelCrank, i really though of superman when i read your story description (that’s why at first i worried a bit) though im glad you give a clarification that its not only inspired by superman… that’s mean the reader will find something unique in your game… and the personality stats instead of skill stats check give a unique and intriguing idea, it makes me curious enough about how it will turn out (though some of the forum member already give an idea about how that will work-- especially @rose-court example of the flirting-stat-check which is hilarious :joy:)
im looking forward to your game :smiley: once again good luck!! :grin:


So I’ve been wrestling with the idea of the rebel being the right hand of the big baddie first but then after a long time trying to become used to the MC, he/she reluctantly becomes part of the team. What do you guys think about it? Is there anything you’d like to change about it?


Soo with use of our charisma and long time we “redeem” rebel boi…not gonna lie that Is one of things i really enjoy seeing


Considering that, I’d probably make the rebel one of the ROs and make it a forbidden love kind of thing like someone already asked about.


oh sheeeeeeet I love it.

Make it so!


Well it shall be done! :slight_smile: Now, I believe once I finish learning how to code, I’ll get around to get the basic plot outline and the characters worked out. That’s step two. Then step three would be writing the basic plot with the possible story branches on a notebook to see if it’ll fit. I know this is my first time doing this but my goal is to have at least 15 chapters or so. Might have to make it longer depending on how I want to write the story so that’s just the best estimate I have for now.

Also, I have the title for the first chapter (or should it be a prologue?) in mind as well.

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Another thing. I noticed that there are some games that has relationship stats and there are some that does not have any relationship stats. So here’s what I’m thinking, if you want relationship stats then that’s fine. But if you don’t want it, I could make the interactions with other characters based on your MC’s personality stats while making it possible to romance anyone easily if you’d like but that all depends on gender choice and the sexual orientation of the MC. Thoughts?

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Oof, that’s a lot to unpack.

I’m going to address my thoughts in bullet points because I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for a good ten minutes.

Personality stat dependent romances:

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any COGs that do this. Then I immediately remember why and it’s because people are more likely to complain. So, so much.
With this, it might make some people feel stifled in their roleplaying because then they might have to min-max stats so they can succeed roles but also romance their preferred partner.
On the other hand, I personally think it allows for a potentially greater depth of character, if done well

Relationship stats yes/no:

I personally prefer relationship sentences/paragraphs. It gives me a better idea of how the character feels about the MC rather than a simple numeric representation.
You could easily have both, the way Rohie has it for CotG, or you could hide relationship stats altogether and have people assume their relationships based entirely on interactions, but perhaps that’s best left for an experimental game…
Having numerical stats just seems like the tried and true method that no one would really hate in any way, not even me. I just prefer reading a description is all.

Gender restricted romances:

Ah, the Bioware method of romance options…

As with the personality based romances, this one might also get you tons of flak.
You know the drill, MCsexual ROs are the usual because it’s easier to be inclusive with a handful of character whom you can all romance, than to create a dozen characters where two or three each can cater to specific sexual orientations.
This one’s really tricky and you’ll definitely need the most feedback on this, especially from people other than me, as I can only offer the insight of a bisexual woman, an orientation that is very well catered to in COGs.

If you’ve got specific questions, I’ll try and answer to the best of my ability, but I’m also very tired so I might not get to them until tomorrow.
Good luck, Mikey!


Well I just uploaded the prologue but it’s pretty short like three pages. No choices or stats for now. But you guys should be able to get a idea of what I’m going to write though.

after looking at the demo… i suggest you to broke the wall of text into several paragraph, to avoid putting off the reader :grin:

Okay I’ll get on that in a moment.

Edited: Now updated to break it down into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

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This is awsome yaaay but what will our alien form look like

And it’s so short so irritating but it’s okay

@MichaelCrank I think it would have been better if you have pulled a darth vader on us.

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Depends on how quickly we come across Lord Kann again in the game. If it’s actually pretty early, then introducing him in the prologue is a pretty good idea.

However, if the MC isn’t supposed to meet him or know about him until later, then yeah, a Darth Vader might be better.

Edit: I hit reply before I finished, oops.


  • I like the big bad, how he looms over us without us actually meeting him
  • I like the neat little twist of Kal-El’s mom being the one to send him off so it’s not a one-to-one rehash of Superman’s origin
  • I like how Lord Kann is pretty much Freeza, what with being an intergalactic warlord. He seems to have shades of Zod but with Freeza’s level of success


  • (This is a personal opinion, not a fact) I’m personally not a fan of prophecies, I understand it’s a bit like the legend of the super saiyan buuuuut…especially in these games where the appeal is that we can choose how our character will act, having a prophecy is kind of counter-productive, or at the very least maybe put it off until later in the game?
  • You’re doing a lot of telling us what our mom is feeling and thinking as opposed to showing us

If it’s alright with you, I’d like to do a quick edit of what you have so far so I can better explain which parts are telling when they should be showing, or else this comment is gonna be hella long.