The Odessa Dating games

It’s not my game. But the Odessa dating games has a bug.
I don’t know if this is how or where to report it.
It said:

corrupted line 126: Invalid create instruction , value must be a number, true/false, or a quoted string: robinfredrick = “”

This is definitely not how or where to report it. Normally that would be in the thread for the game, but since the thread is closed, probably their tumblr would be the best place. That said, the tumblr also hasn’t been updated in half a year.


So the one who has to fix the error is the author? Well I don’t know why but I thought it would be the COG Staff. But in hindsight that doesn’t make any sense and now I feel incredibly dumb.

CoG staff are not responsible for coding errors at all. Even if the author is part of CoG staff, the author would be fixing it as the author and not as staff.

Yeah that makes sense and now I feel dumb

Not dumb - it’s fine to ask! For completed and published games, it’s best to email CoG, HG or HC support to make sure bugs are seen, triaged, and resolved. For unreleased (ie shared online, but not completed or published by CoG, HG or HC yet) games you’d post on the thread if applicable, or otherwise contact the author.


Last I checked, the game is also dead, anyway

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The question is fully answered, I think; there isn’t much need to speculate on what’s going on with the game