Dating ads

Hello everyone!

We need your help. Have you seen an ad for a dating website/app in our games?

We want you to Flag it if you do.

In particular, load up one of our games that you don’t own (in the omnibus or standalone GPS/AAA) and choose to “play now for free.” A full-screen ad should appear.

If it’s a dating ad, you can flag it by swiping your finger back and forth in a straight line four or five times. If you do this successfully, an email will be automatically generated with some relevant data in it. That email address is destined for MoPub, our ad provider, but if you could cc as well, that’d be super helpful.



Sorry, @tandra88. I guess the Odessa Dating Games are cancelled due to adverising a dating app.


LOL, @ admins, I swear it’s not my fault :laughing:


It’s not canceled is it ? I love the story and hopefully they don’t cancel it😭

It isn’t cancelled, I was just making a joke since the story in the game involves a dating service and has advertisements (in-world) about the service.

Believe me, if it got cancelled I’d be in the resulting riot with you!