Flag inappropriate ads in our games

Choice of Games uses MoPub to provide ads in our free-to-download games for iOS and Android. From time to time, users have reported to us that MoPub is providing inappropriate ads, e.g. for adult dating sites.

If you see an ad that you think is inappropriate in one of our games, you can swipe back and forth on the ad, left and right, about six times, without lifting your finger. It will create an email containing the details we need to block the ad. Note that the email is initially composed to creative-review@mopub.com, but you’ll also need to cc: support@choiceofgames.com so we can have access to your report.

We’re always on the lookout for inappropriate ads, but we can’t systematically review them all. With your help, we can remove bad actors from our ad banners, making our games better and more accessible to everyone.