The Noir Curse (WIP) (Some feedback?)

Welcome back! Haven’t play yet( after I post this) but welcome back!!!

So I just checked in and it says that the thread is re-opened. Welcome back! I can finally spend more time with best boi Rhys again :two_hearts:

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@Runbunnyrun @Fay Yes! I’m sorry I was away for so long T-T a lot was happening and I really didn’t have time for this project, but I have some more free time now🙆‍♀️ I’ll be posting the next chapter real soon💜


It’s okay, a lot of people have things to deal with in real life. We’re happy that you’re back!


That’s great, take your time :smile:


This WIP is awesome. I’m so glad I found it. :heart:


Thank you so much! That means a lot!:purple_heart::purple_heart:


I just now found this and I am in love. As soon as we meet Razyel, I’m like: Oooo I’m gonna love romancing this guy. I love the type of characters with the cold or stoic exterior.

The name Rhysand just kept making me thing back to ACOTR, which is not a bad thing, in the slightest. The Night Gods fascinate me. I do hope for a slightly longer prologue, or more of a chance to establish my MC, but I still enjoyed this all the same. Playing these WIPS makes me wish I could write my own story for HG.

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This is really really good. Very excited to play more. The plot is really good, honestly like a professional novel or something.

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A really enjoyable read! I like the concept and I’m totally excited to see how the plot will progress~ All the ROs are really interesting in their own way! Plus, it’s not everyday you can find a WIP that let you romance a god… lol. But I am also really intrigued regarding the relationship between the Night Gods and the Sun God!

Overall, great work!! :heart: Looking forward to more~ xx