The Night Hunters: First Blood [Updated 10/1/21]

@Varyn_Ashyver you’re a good writer and it’s sad to hear this news… One of the many IF that met the bad ending… Hope you’ll have better luck with the next one, G’Luck with your next project.


Ooohhh Noooo!!:scream::scream::scream:.
-Joseph Joestar

:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:… The same thing also happened to “Unwanted Warrior” by “NutellaQueen”. And it really broke my heart when I found out. And my heart once again is shattered to pieces after finding out what happened to this WIP. Just ouch, I feel like I lost someone close to me.

But anyway, NutellaQueen came back with a new WIP called “The Sword of Rhivenia.” Which is an improved version of the previous WIP but with different characters, plot and setting. And I hope the same happens thing happens to your “Comeback” WIP.

But I still really hope that you’ll find the heart to write Night Hunters again from scrap. Maybe a reboot, with totally different scenes but the same concept. Your WIP is just so interesting and so unforgettable, making it hard for readers (if not just me) to move on.

@Varyn_Ashyver, I hope you read this and consider. I don’t mean to push, but I really hope you’ll think about the idea.
I’m not an expert but I know writing is hard since I’m an aspiring writer as well. And it’s harder when you’re not a Native English Speaker writing in English. Writing an IF must be time-consuming and mind-exhausting. So I totally understand if you want to move on and focus on your next WIP.

Wish you Luck!!:wink::wink:


Remember my warning back from February?

Seriously, why is this such a common incident in this day and age? It happens not only to technophobes (which is understandable) but those familiar with smart phones and computers as well. The latter are well aware of the risks inherent to such devices and those present in the internet.

Our SPhones and computers are important to us; they contain our private information and a myriad of files we don’t want to lose. A mere 10$ flash drive can save you ton of hassle in the future and work as insurance. Heck, I don’t do anything important and I backup my personal stuff every couple of months or so.

PS: Seriously… backup your stuff on a regular basis to something portable. (Don’t rely on digital storage either! Storage like OneDrive and similar normally requires an internet connection and sometimes that’s not feasible. USB dongles or portable HDDs are your friends.)


Can’t wait full version

I don’t think there’s gonna BE a final version, are you even paying attention to Varyn’s important posts?

The files of this game are lost… So no game anymore.

Author is gonna go for another game.



I mostly spend on time lurking on the forums here that Choice of Games because I’m not really interested in engaging in forum discussions (this is the first time I actually engaged in a forum) but I couldn’t help but notice this unfortunate turn of events you’ve experienced.

I really just have one question: When you say that all of your work on Night Hunters is gone, do you mean ALL of it, including the demo code, or were you only referring to the work you’ve done since you’ve last updated your demo for Night Hunters? Given the way you’ve phrased it and how everyone is acting, am I right in assuming that it is the former?

The reason why I’m going out of my way to make a post here is because you actually can still get the code for your demo from your demo link in your top post.

If you want something to reference, this URL is pretty applicable to your situation, it works on completed games and demoes:

Please note that for whatever reason, what’s on the page I reference doesn’t quite work for your demo, but luckily, after a little troubleshooting I figured out how to make it work. I tried this out an hour ago and I was able to not only view your demo code, but I was able to copy and paste it onto a text document.

Here’s how to do it:
The URL for your demo is this:

To view the code that has all of of your scenes names and variables: simply add scenes/startup.txt to the end of it.

To view the code that is in each individual scene: replace “startup” with the name of the scene as it appears in the startup.txt

Best case scenario, you can rebuild your game from the ~7 month outdated foundation that is your demo instead of having to remake the game from scratch; which I’m sure we can all agree that is major step up.

I should warn everyone who reads my post to take this with a grain of salt. I am writing this post under the assumption that when Varyn_Ashyver said “All my Night Hunters work is gone, wiped from existence” that means that the demo code was also lost and that Varyn_Ashyver was unaware that the above method existed. I hope that my post doesn’t get people to don’t get their hopes up unnecessarily if this turn out to be a dead end or that the assumptions I made turn out to be wrong.

I hope Varyn_Ashyver luck in their all their future endeavors.


Seems Theoden King doesn’t ride alone


Hello! I don’t tend to post in this forum much but last night I played your game and liked it a lot so I came back to see if there was any post by you about an update and ran into this.

First of all I am so sorry to learn about this happening, it really is a writer’s worst nightmare! That being said, as Master_Ouroboros said, you can get all the files of the current demo! By entering to this link: DashingDon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting you get to “the index” sort to say of your game and by clicking each file you will get the code for that chapter.

I know this doesn’t bring back chapters 8 to 10 but I think it might be easier to write those again than start from zero with this or another project.

Hopefully this will be helpful! And anyway, amazing work with this one already :slight_smile:


I know there’s been a few people suggesting how to get the code back. Anyone get a response from the author?


This is so cool. Love it! :star_struck:

I have bad news for you buddy…


That is that it’s a lost project now. Cancelled cause of the lost files.

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Nooo please :sob: my heart- gosh the story was so cool .·´¯(>▂<)´¯·. Anyways thanks for telling me •́ ‿ ,•̀

Aww dang, for reals? Man, I was looking forward to flirting with the captain. My condolences to the author for losing so much of their hard work.


I think Varyn said that he’ll work on and perfect the starting version of the same story but it’s completely different.


@Empress_Nightmare has the right of it if memory serves lol but yeah it’s never a good thing but look at it this way we have something to look forward to :smiley:


I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. It would be a shame if something similar happen again.

I don’t know about anyone else, but with as many RO options as there are I could have used descriptions when forced to choose who the romance option for that playthrough.

Like the mechanic, the pilot, etc.

I haven’t played the game in a while, so I can’t comment about RO descriptions within the game but like most WIP’s these days, there are detailed descriptions about all 7 RO’s in the opening post.


it’s a damn shame what happened, but, the book so far is so good that a i still play sometimes