The New Lord (WIP)-Minor update July 11 See Post 95/95


After the disaster that was The Chosen Guard, I decided to go for something a bit more…in my skill level. So here it is. The game will be more in a vignette style, small seperate stories that, in the end, compile into one big story. This is so I can easily incorporate this project with the paradox that is Second Semester Highschool Senior Year. Below is stuff I currently have done.

A King of renown and a humble Queen, along with their friends, a Sorcerer with Deity-like magics, an Assassin that lives in the shadows, and a Warrior with infinite Strength, brought the Kingdom into an era of peace. Eventually, Queen birthed the first heir to the throne, but with this new life…came new conflict. One day, the King fell, leaving the kingdom shocked and his loved ones to care for the child. The child of limitless potential must grow and rise to become a Lord.

Family/ Dad’s friends (NON-ROMANCEABLE):
• Atticus Reyes: He was your dad’s Personal Body Guard. A bit of a hothead and a tad bit gay, he wields the entire universe in his hands with his magic. Now he take cares of you and teaches you all he knows in the Magical arts and Literacy.

• Sapphira Thorne: She was the Royal Assassin, no one could ever pin anything on her. Sarcastic, mysterious, and an amazing keeper of secrets, she easily gets what she wants. She is stuck with her job as Head of Foreign Affairs, but it’s all good when she gets home to her lovely wife and child.

• Victor Cromwell: He was the nation’s finest Officer under the name of Sarah Cromwell. Friendly, Loyal, and childish, he is the perfect face for any Imperial Army. While he would much rather do the fighting, he does love watching his trainees get better; it makes him feel like he is making a difference.

• Corvidia Thorne: She was the other half of Otto du Croix, the deceased King. Nurturing, Fierce, and optimistic, she has enough passion for others to break even the strongest of curses. Under her rule the Monarchy underwent some structural changes.

Peers (Non-Romanceable)
• Antonius Finch: The Whimsical Fiorituran Prince. Tends to refine his more charismatic side of his personality

• Cecily Valentina: The Magical Harceleurian Princess. She uses her words to destroy those who get on her bad side.

• Gareth Rhodes: The Cheery Blacksmith-in-training. Likes to make Sculptures, Weapon Testing, and Boys.

• Remei Amador: The Thief of Women’s Hearts. An Antisocial youth with a reputation in the Council as a nuisance and a Woman’s woman.

Childhood Friends (ROMANCEABLE):
• Camille Cromwell: The Enchanting Priestess. Daughter of Victor Cromwell and, like her father, is loyal to a person and the cause.(Bi)

• Bryn Reyes: The Orphaned Soldier. Adopted son of Atticus Reyes, but he is significantly more care-free than his dad. (Pan)

• Angel Thorne: The Non-Conformist. Not much is known about Angel’s birth, they are just as mysterious as their current care taker Sapphira. (MC-Sexual)

There are three types of Magic in this world:

  • Adivinian Magic: This magic is all about giving away, because of what Adivinians are able to do. Spells and incantations are oriented around controlling and manipulating people’s bodies, minds, and souls to weaponize them, gain insight, or to inflict harm onto them.

  • Harceleuran Magic: This form of magic utilizes the powers of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire to empower soldiers by creating objects out of them or conducting powerful attacks with them.

  • Mapagmahalan Magic: A Life for a multitudes of lives. This magic uses life energy to heal and protect other people. Mapagmahalan Magic also allows for the generation of new or the revival of old plant life. Sometimes a powerful Priest or Priestess can talk to animals themselves!

*Fiorituran Magic: A wonderful crowd pleaser. This magic can materialize a person’s dreams and give form to other things as well. It’s other purposes are still unknown.

*Erudisan Magic: “it’s a special tool for later” meme

Other features (WIP):

  • Ability to chose your sex at birth (later on you can choose your gender identity and sexual orientation)

  • Hair texture and color options

Stuff I am figuring out:

  • Cohesive Conflict
  • Backstory and lore
  • Potential better Title

Fun Stuff: Post #29 contains Flags



Good names for the Hero characters. Now who are the bad guys?

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This seems interesting. Will there be any antagonists or obstacles the main character will have to face? Also, maybe there are a bit too many characters? (if you can choose to spend most of your time with a few of them, that will be good).

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I am currently undergoing World Building stuff. Right now I have an idea of the general nations and picking real world countries for the base of terrain, climate, and history. Hopefully, I can create worlds that are independent from their sources and can make sense.


The overall obstacle that I want to drive the story is what really makes a good leader. Obviously there are clear good and bad choices, but I do want to expand the grey area a bit in other important choices. Note that I am being vague about stuff as to not spoil content because I’m not even so sure what I have in mind would stay.


Seems interesting so far can’t wait to try it


We shall see my challenging friend…we shall see


I need this. I so so so so NEED to get in on this shit!!!


If you like it, I suggest writing it, interest check regardless. And with the amount of effort you’ve put into worldbuilding, it seems like your passion will give us a good product. I look forward to the first beta.


They literally raised you my guy and one of them is your LITERAL MOM. I should actually update the Character Descriptions…


Raising the stakes eh?


Ok. I’m having some trouble with posting the gosh darn thing. Whenever I try to playtest the demo, I get a 404 Error. Do anyone of you know how to fix this? I am going to leave the link to the demo here:


Problems uploading the files. Re upload then.


Thank you for the suggestion.


You are indeed a sick, sick little boy.

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Ya know I’d be offended… but you’re right…


It seems you’ve put game as ‘private’ on Dashingdon which is why we aren’t able to access it…


I made it public again, Still not working.


The content is very good l am waiting for demo

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