The Nascent Necromancer: Part 2 (update)


You’re a necromancer now. You have never been more powerful, but you have never faced more dangerous enemies. As you work to resurrect Yosif, Goro is still out there somewhere and gathering support from the Witch Hunters. Even worse, Graluk is raising an army of goblins to wipe out Tebor, and you, specifically. When your fate and the fates of everyone you care about are at stake, who and what will you sacrifice for survival, love, and revenge?

The Nascent Necromancer 2, the sequel to The Nascent Necromancer is an epic interactive fantasy novel by Samuel Young, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary. Romance males, females, both, or no one at all.
  • Romance Tozi, Lonnie, Kenda, Meylor, Tanno, or Yosif, depending on who’s still alive.
  • Prepare for war as Graluk raises an army capable of wiping out Tebor.
  • Try to topple the entire Witch Hunter organization, including Goro, to the ground.

Demo word count:

Chapter One: 18k

My other works:

The Nascent Necromancer: The Nascent Necromancer

The Mage’s Adventures: The Mage’s Adventures (

The Magician’s Burden: The Magician's Burden

Kinds of feedback I’m looking for:

  • any kind of opinions you have on the story in general, including the plot, characters, prose, and gameplay. What did you like? What didn’t you like? Did you have any reoccurring issues with stats, or with the narrative that made the game less enjoyable or logical? Were there times when you felt like you would have made a different choice than the ones given?
  • bug fixing
  • typo fixing

The save system doesn’t work.


Nice, we get part two so soon! I enjoyed the first and its a good start already. I love Necromancer stuff. Keep it up!


Thanks, that’s fixed now.

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yay! So very excited :open_mouth:


Why do I have 0 mana while creating a charecter? How do I save lonnie from poisoning if i cant use options that require mana

@Big_fan1231 Thanks for pointing that out. That’s fixed now.


I jusr finished the first book yesterday! Beatiful timing :smiley:


I love how only one day after I finished book 1, there’s now a demo for book 2 :slight_smile:


Awesome… Nicely done @Samuel_H_Young. Congratulations on starting the second part and G’Luck with the writing.

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Out of all your works, NN is my personal fave. So yeah, eagerly awaiting for the next part!


“I’m coming for you, Yosif” :heart:
You bet we are!


Ayo, wow. I rememeber trying the first one way back in public playtests. I didnt know we were getting a sequel. Time to go back and play the first again 50 times. :rofl:


Hey everyone, I’ve made the decision not to move forward with any sequels for The Nascent Necromancer. Instead, I’ll be making a big update to it. It will be at least 100k words, enough to tie up the Yosif, Goro, and Graluk plotlines and bring the story to a close. You can discuss this on my TNN thread (The Nascent Necromancer), but I’d like a moderator to close this thread, please.