The Masters Heir - Help Please!


I am currently working on a game, but am not sure if it works. I can use some pointers on what to do, and corrections I can make.

*stat_chart {

text name
percent Speed
percent Strength
percent Endurance
percent Bravery
percent Justice
percent Charm
percent Hatred
percent Confidence

stats = {

Speed: 50
,Strength: 50
,Bravery: 50
,Justice: 50
,Charm: 50
,Endurance: 50
,Hatred: 50
,Confidence: 50

nav = new SceneNavigator([
,“Chapter 1”

The date is 3/9/25: Lance’s 17th birthday.

Your dad’s screaming, “RUN! RUN!” The house is on fire, and gunshots are ringing in your ears. What do you do?

#I run away from the house like Dad told me to.
*set Bravery -5
Good decision. This situation is messed up. Lance is running beside you. Every time you try to look back, Lance pushes you forwards.
#Stay in the house and fight whatever is attacking.
*set Bravery +5
Brave kid, aren’t you. Lance pulls you back and drags you behind him.
#Stand frozen in fear.
*set Bravery -10
Lance pulls you back and drags you behind him.

Lance is calling your name. By the way, what is you name?
*input_text name

This is what I have so far. (I know, it’s not that much, but I just started)


It sounds very promising! :slight_smile: Is Lance a family member?
And looks quite good, but why don’t you put it into or dropbox to see?


Thanks, but how do I put it on webs or dropbox? I’m kinda new to this. Also, I really liked your demo!


Just a few things you should keep in mind:

  • You don’t need the {} around your stats in the *stat_chart
  • Don’t use capitals when naming your stats and scenes in mygame.js. Also, avoid spaces in your scene names.
  • There’s no need to put *choice before every option. Just before every set of options.
  • The *finish will move you to chapter 1 instead of to the part where you put in a name. Try putting *label pick_name (or something similar) after your block of choices, then replacing *finish with *goto *pick_name.

The way it is now will probably come up with a few errors, but they’re easy things to fix. Also, I’m assuming that you have everything in it’s appropriate file (not in the same one).

I’d recommend Dropbox over since it’s easier. Just put your entire “web” folder in the Dropbox “public” folder, right click on any index file in there,


What do you mean by appropriate files? And it still doesn’t work, but I sense an improvement.


I mean that the *stat_chart is in choicescript_stats.txt, the stats and scenes are in mygame.js, and the game itself is in prologue.txt. If it’s still not working, an indentation issue or typo is likely the cause. What are you using to test this?


I don’t know…


@Tailed_Angel if you want to put it onto, just make an account on there :slight_smile: in 7 days, you’ll be able to upload your choicescript file. There will be a menu bar on the website, so it’s quite self explanatory! :smiley:
If you don’t want to wait, then I heard that dropbox doesn’t have a waiting time, plus it’s apparently smoother! C:
I don’t know because I’ve never tried it, but give it a go :smiley: you probably just need to upload your files.

And aww thanks! :slight_smile: It’s hard to make it interesting c;


How do you know that it doesn’t work if you don’t know how you’re testing it? :confused:

If you try to run the game by opening index.html with Google Chrome, it’s not going to work (unless you’ve put the game online). Try opening it with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Those two will give you an error message that usually lets you know exactly where your problem is.


so, I dont think there was ever a demo, but I stared this in hopes of one. Did that ever happen or did this die in a pit of fire?