The Magical Armor Update(31/12/2017)



Hello,i created a topic of a possible game, but things happened and I lost interest in that game, but I ended up trying to create a new game with a different theme, I made a synopsis in which I’ll leave here as a taste of the game. I will not make promises to update because of my work I do not have as much time as I would like to work in the game, besides English is not my mother tongue so I must check twice so that there are no mistakes.
My plan for this games is battle in turn like old rpgs and a customizable Magical armor (each part have diferent stats and effects)
Well for now that’s it, the doubts I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

Now its a demo of a demo thanks for the patience.



So it’s about magic mecha? Count me in :smile:


well if nobody make one, i will make one myself.


The title might be a bit too similar to The Technomancer?


i will change the title, thanks for the warning.


Sounds interesting but we’ll have to play to see


Well i writing the first chapter now, i hope to post that chapter soon.


magical mecha, a war between kingdoms …you certainly piked my interest


You have my attention!


I’m interested, but even if I wasn’t, I think writing turns out best when you like the subject matter. You do you, and I look forward to the demo.


Thank soon i will put a demo of a demo. :smile:


demo of a demo is out

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