The Mage's Adventures


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Just giving you all a quick update. I’m at 42k words on the last chapter so far, with lots more still to come. 10k of this chapter is on the demo so check it out if you haven’t yet



Chapter Nine was getting gigantic, so I decided to add one last chapter to split it up. I’ve completed Chapter Nine, which adds 6k words to the demo. Behind the scenes, I’ve written 45k words for Chapter Ten, but it’s nowhere close to being done. Chapter Nine ends right before you must make a decision that will branch the story in three large branches: whether to kill Killian, save him, or abandon him.


Chapter Ten of TMA is now at 66,666 words. Pretty cool, but there’s still at least another 15k words to go in my estimation. I’d like to finally submit this update to HG in March since I seem to be getting my writing mojo back.

The update will replace the last three chapters with new ones, and add about 60k words to the total length. I’ll probably post the final chapter in early March so look out for it


Yesterday, I wrote 300 words of The Mage’s Adventures and bug-fixed for four hours. After over a year of slow, painstaking work, a rewrite of the last few chapters is finally up on the beta. Chapter 10 is 72k words, and brings the total word count of the book to 166k. This means you’ll be getting a free 50k word update since the original word count was 115k. :slight_smile:

I made this update in part to complete the story as a standalone, but also to address some major issues with the original twist ending that readers have pointed out for years. Although I do think the twist was clever, and I would have been interested to explore it further, the hundreds of people who thought it was rushed and linear, were hard to ignore or disagree with.

So, I transformed this story into what it was meant to be all along, and what The Magician’s Burden meandered and beat around the bush about, but never truly nailed or finished: a deadly rivalry with Killian. This last chapter is split into three massive branches, with further branches within them, and layered with flavor text.

The only thing left to write is the consequence of using Zaleth’s powers, which will be woven into the last chapter. I’ll hopefully post that in a few days.

I hope all fans of The Magician’s Burden and The Mage’s Adventures will check this out and like it as much as I do!


Ahhh another retcon again, I thought the mc was Zaleth or is it like the mage burden lets us play as the host body while mage adventures shows a alternate perspective as Zaleth or is this a multiverse thing due to that whole two archwizards talking from the start of the mage adventures

I have to say I really admire how much effort you’re putting in to better the story of a game you released a few years ago. This game was one of the games that made me even aware of the ChoiceofGames brand, the others being The Vampire House and A Wise Use of Time, and just seeing one of the games that made me such a huge fan of choice games STILL BEING UPDATED…I don’t even know how to express it other than a smack of hype in the face. Hope this comes to Steam, would love to show my support by buying it again.

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I almost got a stroke trying to read this

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Minor update: I added 1k words of content to Chapter Ten, where Zaleth makes the first decision of the chapter for you if you used his powers in previous chapters.

Last call for feedback. I’ll be proofreading Chapter Nine and Ten and then submitting this update to Hosted Games soon.

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