The Mage's Adventures (WIP)

Sam Young has begun work on a new game The Mage’s Adventures.

You are an adventurer. In a small town like yours, normally this amounts to you and your party of arcanists, archerers, fencers, and healers tracking down lost pets or chasing off petty bandits. But when a powerful demon appears, everything changes. You’re tasked with hunting her down, but you quickly realize that she wants you for her human vessel. Will you take her down before she kills you, or worse?

Oh, yeah. You also have a demon named Zaleth living in your head.

The Mage’s Adventures is a 110,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Samuel Young, where your choices control the story. The game is text-based, with occasional vivid illustrations, and driven by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary. Romance males, females, both, or no one at all.
  • Choose between three types of magic: destruction, stealth, or light.
  • Battle powerful demons and human rivals.
  • Dozens of stats detailing your skills, knowledge, attributes, and relationships.

To play the beta, go here:

Sam’s other games include:
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Magician’s Burden



Ok I have a question about the ending

?Will there be more added or does it just lead to the next game? Also how does Melithar know the MC is a demon? Will there be more elaboration on what happens to the MC in the other parts of the trilogy?


Aren’t The Mage’s Adventures and Magician’s burden the same? Zaleth is present in both of them


I think this is a remake (beta that is)

Yeah but I liked it a lot. The ending confused me, was the old wizard right and did we play as the demon all along?

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Well. That’s certainly an ending. I think this remake is a pretty big improvement over the original work, and it certainly makes me eager to see what the sequels might look like.

If I had to make a single criticism, it’s that the companions seem a little less fleshed out than in the first version of this story? At least that’s what I felt like, perhaps it’s just me.

Anyway, thank you for your hard work, I realy enjoyed this.

I suspect he was indeed right, if only because it’d make for a far more interesting sequel than “he was just gaslighting you, you’re fine”.

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Would that mean that all the relationships the demon made were apart of a elaborate scheme to just fit or did he really love the family, cat, and team.

I’m pretty sure they were legitimate, because he didn’t know he was a demon


Did the demon purposefully take over MC’s body as a infant or accident?

I really loved MAGICIANS BURDEN, but I am not sure I understand where this falls in the timeline? A handful of these characters died in my MB game, and my RO doesnt act like we ever previously dated…? And i feel like in the last game is when we met/got to know everyone so it wouldnt make sense that this game came first…so i am delight4d to see a new game in the series but am a bit confused about the continuity with the last game. You are obviously the same MC as your family and demon is the same, in the same town with the same villagers. Is this something that would be addressed with saved games stats being added upon release?

Also, I found a few things (it was probably mentioned that the space system doesnt work) /small errors.

Other than that, Congrats to Samuel on a badass new game!

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Pretty sure it’s a reboot, and replaces Burden.

Seems to have been on purpose - it’s even mentioned the demon targeted a baby because it was the only thing that would have worked. Also, technically, the MC is the demon. The body is someone else.


I have played both the magician’s burden and now this, they are just the same story line although I’m guessing this is like an update.
What I like is the fact that Zaleth is less annoying,
The other characters have formed an adventuring team with the M.C and you actually get to use more Mana.
However I was disappointed when I saw there were no side jobs like MB e.g the farmers job, the thieves missions or the librarian, it would have given the character more time to develop instead of rushing two demon attacks back to back then making the big reveal.
Also give us an opportunity to sabotage Killian and his crew, I was really itching for a chance to get back at him; I mean 6000 coins is a LOT!! Of money to just let it drop out of the story.
Lots of improvement needed but I did enjoy revisiting the characters esp Mabelin (PS. I miss those steamy sessions with the NPCs).


" Percy, " your mother scolds. “Your sister just got back and I’m sure she {is} exhausted. Let’s let him relax and have dessert with us before you start interrogating her.”

I am playing as a female.

I’ve played the game twice so far, perhaps I’m just bad at this, but the relationship options don’t seem anywhere near balanced.

The guy relationships seem to come quite easily. If I had any interest in the male options whatsoever, I imagine I’d appreciate that.

The female love interests? I’m managed one whole hug from the captain of the guard, and zip zilch nada from the demon hunter.

Man this is Sam Young’s best work without a doubt. That ending really got me, and gave me the (villain/hero?) that I didn’t know I needed.

That being said I always liked Zaleth because I felt that he wasn’t all that bad or that there’s more to him (even if he was plain bad because “reasons” he’s just bad enought to be likeable from the start) sooooo I’m biased about him. Having a moral grey mc was a great choice in my opinion either way tho. >w<

Seeing were it will take us next makes me curious about how the relationships from this book and our hinted past will be handled (hope they won’t just be forgotten along the way) and how dreadful our “warm home” actually is.


Hello folks! Sam has updated the beta with a new chapter! Please check it out and leave any new feedback here. Thanks!


Okay I’ve got a theory that this isn’t a reboot but something connected with the time magic?

I mean the game feels short and not fleshed out almost like if we need to play the original game to understand. Maybe it’s like how time magic creates alternate universes? Maybe due to the portal we become the originals game Zareth and replace him? I don’t know. It was still fun to play.


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