"The Luminous Underground"—Blast spirits out of a haunted subway system!

@cassandra_ryan Interesting, I’ve never had that reaction from any RO’s I chose. Maybe their stat level wasn’t high enough?

I played with the principal and the reporter so far. Though, honestly? The one playthrough where I chose not to romance anyone was my favorite out of them all. Just one less thing to stress over. Plus the romance in this game feels forced and out of place, in my opinion.

But my MC seemed to pick out the perfect gifts for them. And it’s not like we as the player, had any choice of gift. So it must really come down to stats.

Edit: I wonder if the Compassion stat might also be involved here. :thinking: Compassion vs Indifference. But these are only my guesses, I haven’t looked into the code.

Could be. I’ll try that out .

Something else that might help is to always choose the options that involve your best stats; even in simple conversation. Be as consistent as possible for good results.

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Oops… When I played the game, I was struggling with pronouncing. Turns out the character is fluids

So, when I was in the chapter 3, no matter what I do, my reputation goes down if I successfully pass the skill check. Isn’t it supposed to be if I failed my skill check?

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Don’t know why, but Trei(a) remind me of Holstman from Ghostbuster

Unfortunate that this didn’t win a Nebula award, but, honestly, no one in that category would have bested the juggernaut that is Hades, and being in the same tier as the other nominees in there is impressive in itself.


I don’t know. Thé other gammes were pretty solid too. Luminous underground, Spiritfarer or Kentucky (didn’t play the two others) were great.