The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria (Beta Testing Closed)


Hello everyone. I am the author of Life of a Wizard, Paradox Factor and Life of a Mobster.


Calling all beta testers! The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria is ready for testing!

Summary: You are the young prince/princess of Daria. On a tragic night, you witness the murder of your parents and the destruction of your kingdom. A trusted advisor helps you to escape the palace. As the lost heir, you will have the opportunity to learn many skills as you plot to avenge the deaths of your parents and eventually rebuild your stolen kingdom. Set in a world of swords and magic, this will be the first part of an exciting new trilogy where your progress will be saved from one story into the next.

I will be doing this in waves. So, if you have the time to read the story and respond within a few days, please join! Don’t worry, I’ll eventually (and happily) take everyone, but I plan to take about 10 people at a time.

So, if you can read and respond within a few days, send me an email at: mike_walter AT bell DOT net

Please be sure to give me your forum name in the email so I know who you are. I will respond with the link to the game.

Talk about the new game should be made over here:

Thanks in advance!
Mike (Lucid)


I would so love to beta test sign me up!!


Email Sent one question does it have romance?


Sounds interesting according to the other thread. I’ll pass on the beta test and leave it to the more dedicated though. How long do you feel you’ll be in beta for?


Please let me beta test please I’ve been watching this game and it sounds really cool


Same here if beta is still opening




I can reply within a few hours


I’d also like to beta test this.


I would like to beta test if there are openings.


Yes iv been waiting for this I sent a e-mail so I can’t wait.


I’d love to beta test the game!


Awesome! I have more than enough for the First Wave. I’ll start sending out emails soon. Those who missed it and would like to playtest, hold on! I’ll let you know when the Second Wave is.

@StarWarsMaster Of course! :slight_smile:


So I will get an email cuz I was the first one to post? Lol


Seems like fun, Can I join?:3


Beta Test


please may i beta test this if ya still looking for people???


Just hold on for now. I’ll be putting out the call for the next wave of testers in a week or two. :slight_smile: Thanks for all your offers!


Send me a beta test , lucid!


Please let me beta test please